Our Love Story

Hubby and I met here at FR in August 2008...I was here visiting a friend and her husband, who was about to deploy. They showed me around the post and took me up the PX where I ran into Hubby. He looked straight at me and me to him, but knowing I would never have the guts to say anything to him, I looked away...probably blushed too. Only to my surprise he came up and said "whats up" to my friends husband....they knew each other?!?! After he introduced himself and I to him, we walked away and I told my friend...'damn he was HOT'. I also later found out he checked out more then the front side of me...tee-hee.
We continued on that day, when I later found out that the boy my friends where trying to hook me up with, was roommates with Hubby. So I begged and pleaded with them to invited Hubby over. I really wanted to meet him and see him again. It took a few days but they finally invited him over.
After he came over he seemed pretty not into me, and didnt come around me like you think a guy into you would. So I did what every girl does best and acted like I didn't care, and I just did my own thing. We all went outside for the smokers and I wanted to go inside so I went inside and laid on the couch which happened to be right by the door. Hubby walked in and said "How you feeling?" I said "Oh I am fine, its just so cold, I can barelly feel my teeth."...so Hubby says "Well let me feel them for you..." BAM he kissed me!!
The first night we hung out.
gotta love the "mop"

I know stupid corney pick up line, and I totally fell for it! We hung around each other the rest of the night.
The next day, he went and got his first tattoo, and didn't really seem interested in me again! We were at the barracks with Hubby and his roommate, So I did it again...and ignored the hell out of him. I stayed in separate rooms and just didn't bother, wasn't worth my time. A few hours later my friends and I decided to leave, and then my friend left her phone in the room...so I went back to grab it and again went to walk out of the room without saying a word to him, and he grabbed me and asked for my number...again being the total girl I am, gave it to him and he texted me a few minutes later and asked me out on a date :)
Our first date was at this place called HuHot, its Mongolian BBQ, which to this day is still our favorite place to go out and eat, and we went to 31 Flavors to get ice cream too. I really only had a limited amount of time in FR before I had to go back home, and he had Guard Duty one of the last nights I was there which he invited me to go to, after reassuring me that I would not get yelled at by some big army dude. I went and spent my last night there with him.
The night we did Guard Duty together.

After I flew back home, Hubby had his R&R before deployment, so he went to California, which once again I expected him not to talk to me, which he surprised me by texting me and calling me all the time! He even asked if I would be his girlfriend, and if I would wait for him..which of course I said YES! He really wanted to see me again, and was trying to think of ways he could fly to Utah to see me, and I was so broke that I knew I couldn't go...my mom could really see the hurt in my eyes because I really thought Hubby and I were going to go some where, she said she would give me some money to go there, and I paid the rest of the way. I arrived about 6 days before he deployed, which is when we went to a carnival, and had our first huge date night!
Day I Arrived back at FR

Hubby deployed October 7, 2008 where I waited for him. He took his R&R in March, but I was having some medical issues with PTSD and Depression, and I could bare to waste his time on being home and begged him to fly to California and have fun, he didnt want to but I insisted we take a break while I delt with it. He was not happy with me and he flew home to California where we didnt talk. He was at the Fort Worth Airport when he called me to tell me he was on his way back, and how much he missed me. By this time I felt a million times better and was ready to start again. I was stable on my medication, I was seeing a therapist, and I felt completely ready to start our romance up again. We fully went into this again knowing it was going to be almost an entire year before we got to see each other again, and we knew this was our time to make it or break it. It took alot of understanding and alot of talking to make our relationship 10x's better, and you know what....I was there the day he got home from Iraq.
 The Re-Deployment Ceremony
Hubby got home from Iraq on September 18, 2009...I was so excited to see him I could hardly stand it! I couldnt find him at first, but continued to look, and then I saw him! His cute face standing out in the crowd with a giant smile on his face...the commander dismissed them and I ran for it! I jumped into his arms and we kissed for the first time in almost a whole year! It was well worth the wait!!
After he got home I was at FR for about 7 more days, and then I flew back home and waited a month for him to come to Utah to meet my family before we took a weeks vacation to Hawaii. It was amazing to have him come to my hometown and have everyone meet the man I had been raving about for a whole year! My entire family adored him!
Hawaii was AMAZING too, but he didnt propose just then. We had an amazing time, on our first vacation together, and the first time of actually being completely alone. We did all the tourist things we were told we must do! 
 Hubby and I at King Kamehaeha's Statue in Honolulu, Hawaii

After we got back to Utah, Paul had to go back to FR until Thanksgiving, which he flew back and spent with my family, then 2 weeks after that I flew to Oakland, California to meet him there to go meet his Mom for Christmas. We had 2 weeks in California which was very well spent meeting his friends and his family as well as meeting up with another Army friend, and meeting up with one of my cousins. 
 Hubby and I at Pier 39, overlooking Alcatraz in San Fransisco, California
Paul proposed to me on Christmas morning at his mothers house in Sonora, California when no one was awake. He was figiting with something and I grabbed his hand and there was my beautiful ring! I was so shocked I couldn't believe it! He whispered in my ear "Will you Marry Me?" and I whispered "YES!" he turned around and laid the ring on my finger! The ring had been in my stocking the entire time! And I even slept by it! Guess you can call it good luck!
A few days later we flew back to Utah, to see my nephew who was moving to Sweden..Wedding plans were on high talk since my brother was also engaged and about to be married the next month. Hubby and I continued to talk about when and where, but it just seemed so difficult since we were both from different states, and so many people wanted it in so many places. Hubby seemed to be getting very overwhelmed with it all, and so was I. We wouldn't be able to get married till July, and for us 7 months seemed forever away, and alot more time to be apart...Paul said he wanted to get married in the courthouse the very next day, and although thats not what I had ever planned on I agreed because it just seemed right, and we would finally be together. So we did it! We were married the very next day on December 30, 2009.
 Our Wedding Day.
Because we were on such short notice I didnt get to go buy a nicer outfit, so I decided to wear Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Something New. I wore my late sisters neckless which I also wore in our engagment/wedding photos we did the day after the wedding. I moved to FR about a month after we got married, and I honestly am so happy we did not plan a huge wedding. We will do the big wedding thing one year, but for right now we are finally together and thats all that matters to us. 

Hubby and I the day after our wedding.

 Oh yes and this is my wedding ring :)
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