Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm Backkk!

...Again. Yay clap for me!....Ok enough enough.

Disney World was amazing. I was surpised how much Evelyn could really do! While we couldnt do the bigger rides there was plenty of other things to do! We stayed in a pretty good budget and didnt over spend too much. I am the type of person who loves to buy family members gifts, and Disney is not the perfect place to buy things. Although because of Star Tours at Disney's Hollywood Studios, I did buy some gifts for my nephews.

Evelyn loved the Characters! We let her watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the mornings (on Disney Junior) and I think she might have caught the hint that these were real things. That or she thought these things were too cool!! Either way she seemed to have a blast at the parks! She really loved the carosel, she acted like she was really riding the horses.

I did really good at sticking to my diet with the acception of having a few treats. I let myself have some Diet Coke, which was horrid and tasted like Salt Water, same with the water. I had a cake pop and some ice cream. Nothing too bad, but it was Disney World and how often do you go to Disney World? Not very often at least for me. But When we actually had meals I did great!

I have to say that if your planning on a Disney World/Land Vacation get the Undercover Tourist app for your iphone! It came in handy so much! We knew what days were good days for which parks and how long the lines were.

Another recommendation I have is to go to Magic Kingdom twice! The first time we went we saw the fireworks and the parades, the next time we went during all the fireworks we rode all the rides, because no one was there! It was awesome to walk right onto rides!

Anyways heres some photos from our little adventure...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Out of Town.

We are at...


can't wait to tell you all about it!!

I hope you all have a fantasic magical week!

By the way who is your favorite Disney Princess?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lets Get Curvy!

I usually dont write about my weight. I usually think that by blogging about my weight that I should be more determined to take this weight off...well I dont. But this time its very very serious.

I have hated my body since I had Evelyn. I thought breastfeeding would help but I wasnt exactly eating very well after I had her so it didnt do much. I have pregnancy and deployment weight on me and its starting to weigh heavily on me.

Its ovious I am not happy with how I look. I'm constantly feeling self consious in almost everything I wear.

So we decided not to start anything till we got to Bragg since we wanted to be able to be flexible and hang out with out friends. It was a good thing we did because we ended up doing a ton with our friends.

I'm proud to say that since we actually moved to Bragg I cut out soda and chocolate. I have lost 7 pounds and now I am more determind then ever to lose more weight. We've been doing walks alot with Evelyn and its been so much fun! I am really hoping I can keep it up.

My plans are not too drastic, since I dont stick to strick things too well. Its a steady climb to getting to wear I want and need to be. I plan on walking to the neighborhood center gym and working out at least 30 minutes before walking back home. The neighborhood center is about 5 or 6 blocks away so its not too long of a walk, but doing cardio and weights at the gym will be a great thing for me. Hopefully I can find some friends doing that too. Althought I have boobs...and I mean I have BOOBS, I dont run, it doesnt work it wears me out and theres never good sports bras that I can find in my bra size so walking/speed-walking is my best option for now.

When I met my husband I weighed 170 and it believe it or not was a really good weight for me, It definitly could have been better but I was skinny and curvy and felt amazing all the time. My BMI scale says I should weigh 130...well thats NEVER going to happen. I am too hippy and too booby so no. Now I weight....Oh too much. I'd love to weigh 155 one day and thats a goal. But for now its all about getting started.

Since we are going to Disney World tomorrow I wont be starting anything till we get back. However I will be eating healthy and not drinking alcohol or soda. Of course there will be lots of walking but I still want to have a treat or two while I am there, but nothing too fatty.

So here we go! I am planning on you all keeping me motivated through out this process and I have made my husband swear up and down that he will keep my head in the game and that he will make me blog about it. Not to mention the friends I have that give me crap if I even think about a pepsi.

Here we go...


Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sleep Training? Pt. 2

Since writting you last time about Sleep Training, the Hubs and I have tried The Ferber Method or Cry It Out Method. It FAILED. Horribly. Now for other parents it may work, I am not hear to judge you or tell you how to sleep train. But for our side of the story.

Not only we're we up hours at a time but when we'd finally decide to give her a bottle she sucked it down. So the Hubs and I we're sorely conviced that she really is hungry at night. We tried it we really did, but it just wasnt working.

Latley we've started trying to give her more formula at night to see if this helps. We've done 6 oz before and she woke up but didnt want another bottle, it was pretty much one of those habit things. Which we will figure out with her once we get her on a good amount of formula at night.

We tried 8 oz last night and she slept till 7 am! She usually sleeps till 8 or 8:30 so we gave her a 4 oz bottle, she ate and went back to sleep.

I couldnt believe how well she slept! I am so glad I didnt try the CIO method any longer because it wasnt clearly just a habit for her to wake up at night, she really was hungry. I am glad we listened to our brains on this one. Hopefully she'll continue to sleep through the night...if not be on the look out for Part 3.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

8 Months!

Dear Evelyn,

I cant believe how fast your growing up! Only a few more months away and you'll be 1! You truley are the cutest girl in the world! You remind me so much of myself when I was little. You love attention and cant help but smile when you see yourself. Your a huge flirt too! If any boy is around you almost beg them to smile at you! Daddys not too happy about that. Your a little stinker too! You love to get into everything that you know you dont belong in. Sometimes its hilarious, other times Daddy and I wonder what we got ourselves into! All we know is your the best thing to happen to us!

Love Mommy.

Diapers-Size 3 still.

Clothes- 6 months and a few 6-9 months.

Sleep- Latley you've only been getting up once at night. Trying to see if feeding you more at night will help you sleep more, since the Cry It Out Method is awful and I cant do that to you anymore.

Food- Since we moved you've just been practicing finger foods. You love bread! Your almost never drop food anymore! 5 oz bottles of formula still and 6 oz at night.

Teeth- You have 3 teeth now!

Firsts- You say some sort of version of "hey". You also went to the beach for the first time! You now say MMM when your hungry. You had your first ponytail. Also went swimming for the first time which you loved!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm Back :)

Since I last left you off we traveled the 1,100 miles to Fort Bragg, North Carolina! We signed our lease for our on post housing and we have been to the Beach!

So far we LOVE Bragg! Its a beautiful area, and right now the weather is perfect! We are very thrilled to be here.

Evelyn has enjoyed being here as well! She is outside all the time! Much nicer since its not windy here. The park is a few blocks away and she's loved getting in her stroller for walks at night.

I would love to update you more but my cute daughter LOVES to pull on cords and we have not recived our HHG yet. So I will be waiting for a full update until I can sit on a couch. OOH I miss my couch!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Fort Bragg or Bust!

Here we go!! Off to Fort Bragg, NC! We'll be arriving there on the 13th!! Got a few stops along the way to make. St. Louis! Charlotte, WV and then Bragg!!
Hopefully I will be back to blogging soon until then you can keep up with me on my twitter account (@optimisticarmyw) or if you'd like email me or comment below and I will add you on FB!

She's all ready to go!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hitting the Fan

So this is the last week before moving, and we have barelly anything to do since we are doing a Army Move. I have noticed more and more how OCD I am with it though, I hate that in 4 days we are out of the house and only our nessesitys are packed. Its driving me bonkers! Yes, I said bonkers.

Thankfully though we havent had to do anything since Evelyn has gotten super sick! I mean like flu sick. She has been throwing up since last night, and thankfully we now have food in her belly that she's keeping down for now. Just 3oz of formula for right now until we're positive she can keep her food down. She hates her pedialyte and doesnt like water too much. So we've just been trying our hardest to keep her hydrated.

The husband is also very conviced we should do everything later on. The movers arrive tomorrow to pack our things and he wants to lay on the couch because he thinks he was up with a baby throwing up on him, so he didnt get any sleep. Evelyn slept with us so she did take alot of the bed but we needed to watch her. But no it was me getting thrown up on, taking multipul showers to wash it out of my hair (I miss ponytails!) and me feeding her and checking on her. I swear this man is about to drive me mad with this move and his need to have a nap everyday...end rant.

I am also frustrated with Picerne. I love them! I am so glad their inspection is not a white glove inspection of the house, but I am a little pissed. They informed us that we cannot have ANY trash in the trash can when we leave. Trash gets picked up on Monday and we leave Friday! No one is moving in on Monday for sure! So I dont understand why they wont let us throw trash out. Its so stupid! We now have to drive to a dumpster to dump our trash. I love moving!! its so much flippin fun!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sleep training?

So I havent done that...

I have been getting really tired of waking up at 1am just so Evelyn can drink 1oz. I try to ignore her or give her a binky to help her go back to sleep, but she just screams for that 1oz. I dont mind waking up at (around) 5am to feed her a full bottle. But this 1am thing is driving me insane!

I always thought Evelyn would naturally grow out of waking up at night. So many other babys do...I assume.

I had a neighbor who's little boy is a few weeks older then Evelyn tell me that she would just get up with her boy and play and show him that he's not hungry, and then take him to bed. When they started leaving him in bed and he'd wake up they would pat his bum till he fell asleep.

I realize I should be way more patient, and I am trying to be, but one person who is NOT at all patient with this is my husband. The man hated me breastfeeding and talked me into not doing it anymore. Now he is mad I wont just get up with the baby and get her back to sleep faster. All I say is "I dont want to be getting up twice a night with a 1 year old."

I am going to really wait till we move and have the chance to "sleep in" a little more, but if I can I want to start working with her right now. I know it irritates my husband but he's not the one getting up twice a night with her. Plus he is Out Processing and is barelly ever working anymore, he shouldnt be complaining.

Her night routine is: she eats dinner with us, around 6. She has baby food and usually eats a whole container of it. Shes on stage 2 baby foods so its pretty thick. She has some Puffs, practice for finger foods. Then I bathe her with Nighttime Wash and lotion her with Nighttime Lotion. She gets to come back downstairs for a bit where we feed her and then when she looks tired we put her to bed. Usually she's immediatly tired after her bath. She gets 5 oz of formula and then its off to bed. In the crib with a Binky and her sound machine is on. (she does take 2 naps a day ranging from 40 minutes to an hour)

I would love if someone could give me suggestions or ideas! Thanks SO much!
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