Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hubby and I are just waiting for our first 
I had to post this of my cute nephew!!
He is such a chunk!! I love it!!!

right after I posted this we got our first trick-or-treaters.
Witch-Clowns and their dad was a Giant Chicken. :)

Date Night/Decision/Saw7

So thank you to those who wrote me on my last post. I did decide next time he starts acting like that I am going to make sure he talks to a wall! LOL. He did alot better the rest of the night, which I was thankful for.


So after it all got better we took off to Chili's which I was surprised to find that I liked something there! Original ribs! YUMMY. It had a way delicious sauce on it. I also ordered my first martini, Appletini!
After that Hubby and I took off to the theater to see SAW 7 in 3D, and if you dont know me...I love all the SAW movies. I own them all and they really dont gross me out too bad, so I was really excited to see this especially in 3D.
Now I had a blogger friend ask me to do a review on this is me being blunty honest...if you dont wanna read it, I suggest you skip over the next paragraph. No worries I wont ruin the ending.

The whole movie felt like it was similar....only it was. Reminded me ALOT of another SAW movie. Like I said I am pretty into the franchise, and it just seemed way too familiar to me. Towards the end of the movie I started thinking "wow I can't wait to see if the ending is worth it"....well it was!!! It kinda left me bummed that it was the last SAW but it also ended it very good!! I would recommend it. Hopefully when I see it again it wont be as boring in the middle. Oh yes and the beginning is AMAZING.

So when we got home we turned on Freddy VS Jason, which actually bored me pretty good too, we didnt even finish it. But it such gave me a good Freddy nightmare! I woke up and grabbed onto Hubby and he freaked out! But thats ok it scared me to death! I love Halloween!!!
Anyways other then this stuff, this morning Hubby and I put up our last Halloween decorations outside. So heres what it looks like now! :)
 He wouldnt let me take our pictures in the theater so we did it at home.
Cute nerd!
 dont you love our totally wrong "X"
says: Happy Halloween

 I love my Frank! He is so cute.
We gave him a little friend.
We did have to throw away one pumpkin..
it looked terrible.
 The lights are Orange and candy corn :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hard-Knock Life

I am finding it really hard to believe that Hubby cannot surprise me anymore.
Honestly, this weekend is supposta be all about him and I spending lots of time together, doing alot of things together. I didnt even want to blog today. I didnt want to get on stupid facebook...but this morning we woke up super later after a incredible low key night and a marathon of The Biggest Loser, and what does Hubby want to do today??? TV until 6 when its time to drive to Chili's and see Saw 7...
I am doing my hardest to not complain, to let him do what he wants....but I am running out of steam.
I have always tried to make him help me with little things around the house, because I stay home I do the majority of everything, all I ask of him is to put him dirty clothes in the hamper and throw his dishes in the dishwasher...pretty simple you think....wrong!!He knows how bad I am trying to not complain, so he pushes my buttons. Let me explain...

This morning we wake up, and make the bed together. He makes himself a microwaved breakfast and I eat my favorite Pop Tarts. We lay around for a while while the first load of laundry is in the dryer and watch 'Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear', the laundry finishes....I go upstairs to fold and put away clothes and ask him to please find my Battalion t-shirt which we accidentally packed with all his "crap"...his words "Ummm I am gonna do what I want when I want" I said "Ok well do me a favor and clean out your little army storage area, underneth the stairs so I dont have to do it on Monday"......"Hell no"................"OK THEN!" I go upstairs and fold the laundry and try to not get more mad...I will make him do it anyways tomorrow...a few hours later he decides to make Grilled Chesse while I take a little nap, which I never do..
I am woken up by him asking me what I am doing?..which is a DUH question that's replied with a DUH answer.  He leaves the room leaving the door open which happens to be by the laundry machines, I get a little frustrated and try to tune it out when the BUZZ went off......I wait......nope he wont be folding one load, so I get up and fold it and throw more crap in the washer and dryer. I come down the stairs and his Grilled Cheese mess is everywhere....I do the dishes, with no words and go back up to the bedroom to try and fall asleep....doesn't work, so I come back downstairs and decided....I need advice from non-family members or friends who I know are just gonna take my side and say "oh its ok"

So here I am. I need advice, because this deployment is so freaking close...and I am doing my hardest to not complain...Is it really fair for me not to? I dont get a day off to deal with his deployment, why should he get, which I should have mentioned , the last month off to be Hubby and relax. Or am I being completely selfish by wishing for him to be how he was (most of the time) before this month?
ANY answers would be nice...Put up? or Get Mad?

Unsung Heros

So the concert was amazing and Darryl Worley is amazing!! I wasnt going to get on here but I just had to post thing for my Military Wives and Husbands! He wrote a song for us!! It litterally brought tears to my eyes! It makes you feel so great. So thanks to Darryl Worley for writting this for us! This album is not out yet, but anyone in the Military can snag this! Here is the link to it!! I love this song, thanks for not forgetting about us!!

Darryl Worley - Unsung Heroes

Friday, October 29, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

So if your a new follower of mine, you should join in at Wife of a Sailor's blog where she does a MilSpouse Friday Fill-In. I do it every Friday and I love to do it! :)

1. What’s the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?

I always feel super proud when someone thanks Hubby for his service! I feel so good when another Military wife tells me how strong I am, or even people I run into. Its nice to know we are not forgotten.

2. If you are having a hard time going to sleep, what do you do to help yourself?

I honestly have not had a good nights sleep since I moved out to FR. I usually fall asleep with movies on, or if its bad enough I just sleep on the couch. I used to read to fall asleep but it turned into me staying up too late so I just turn on older movies to make my eyes tired. 

3. Name something that makes you wish you were a kid again.

Bills! Its not as bad but sometimes I just want to go get a pedicure or something and I can't go because I need to make sure we have enough money for gas and things like that. I was definitely very carefree.

4. What is something you never believed until you experienced it?

Guys who arnt doshe's. LMAO. Honestly all my ex-boyfriends are so rude and they are all self proclaimed "players" and I just never really believed I would meet a guy who wasn't a rude guy. Hubby definitely surprised me! Though he was a work in process since I was his first girlfriend! He did amazing though! He won me over!

5. What can’t you say “no” to?

Hubby!! Its hard! He is the same though, when I want us to just go out to dinner (cheap-o) he tries to tell me no and I say no to him. Its hard because we want to do so much together.

Mini Post!!

TGIF!! I am super stoked! Hubby gets a 3 day this weekend which is needed since Sunday and Monday we will be taking apart our furniture and moving it all out Thursday and Friday! Can't do it before because I got his Faux Thanksgiving Dinner on Wednesday so Tuesday is all about Preparation, sadly another week isnt even here and is about to fly by!
For those who read my Sex and The City2 post, hope I didnt offend anyone, what I ment by I am not mean is I wont force him to watch it, though he got off work at 4 instead of 5 so he got to watch a bit, and he sure smiled a bit! He also impressed me with some Arabic.
This weekend is DATE WEEKEND! Tonight we are going to a free concert by Darryl Worley, and Saturday we are going to see Saw 7! and go out to Chili's! I hate spicy food and I feel like that's all there is at Chili's, but Hubby wants it and so Hubby gets it. Plus Halloween this weekend will be fun! Though I am sad to report our pumpkins are sad looking now :(. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I'll be back with a full report on Monday....or Tuesday.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

what a day!

I had to tell you all Hubby and I are watching all the Christmas classics...
  • Frosty the Snowman (1 and 2)
  • Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  • The Little Drummer Boy
tonight was........Rudolf.
Once again...who couldn't love this!! Super stoked for Christmas now...but it still is gonna suck. When I get moved back home the parentals and my sib's are going to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra for the 4th time :) Super stoked! If you dont know who they are, heres my favorite song by them. Amazing every year!!


Can't blog today...too distracted...because I just bought.......

Can I just say....who couldn't love these girls!
Oh and no worry girlies, I am not making Hubby watch it in his final weeks...
I am not that mean. :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday..

Got my pictures in the mail yesterday :) and wearing my first long sleeve shirt this house is 64 degrees BRRR.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall For Me.

WOW. I miss Fall. Here at FR there are plenty of trees, but it seems like half the trees turned colors and the next day fell off the I missed out on alot and I hate it. There is still green and in my home town they are all orange red, and yellow, and they just got some of their first snow.
Can you blame me?....

I love October. The colors, the smells, and the weather. Its amazing...but maybe its only amazing (for me) in my home state. I cannot figure out why Hubby wants to end up in Nevada instead of this beautiful place.

Halloween Link Up!

 Today over at, Guinn and Bare It she's doing a Halloween link up. I love doing these! they are so much fun! I hope I can think of my own thing one day..

1) What was your favorite costume as a kid?
--I think my favorite was my princess dress. It was perfect! Huge cinderella type dress. I loved it! I only wish I had pictures since it was my last Halloween trick-or-treating.
2) Was that costume homemade?
--Nope. I actually went to a goodwill type store to get it. 
3) What are your plans this year for Halloween?
--Well since this is Hubby's and mine's first Halloween together ever!, we are sitting around and watching scary movies and handing out candy to the little ones! Its a perfect thing to do with deployment right around the corner.
4) What is your favorite Halloween Movie?
--Well my mom says its not a Halloween movie, but its The Nightmare Before Christmas, I love it! I was so excited when I bought it 2 years ago, and I have always watched it around this time of year.
5) What did you always wish you would find in your candy bag?
--I dont remember! I loved Whoppers, and Milky Ways. But I remember the different types of candy that weren't always around were awesome too!
6) If you could vote on the best costume you have ever seen what would it have been?
--Frankenstein's Bride. I always wanted to be that! But its always so expensive to do that. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Holiday, Shmaladay

So Hubby and I just got done deciding all the things we will get..oh wait let me correct that, I will get for everyone for the holidays, needless to say I really thinks he baby's his mom a lot! but that's a different story...but it sucks having to talk about it. He is just leaving so close to the Holidays, it should be like Basic, they wont take you into Basic after a certain time line, but when your not a newbie, you deploy when they say. It blows! I would have loved to of had our first Christmas and our 1st Anniversary spent together, but we have a huge thing planned for R&R.....My Family for a few days, Las Vegas for a night, L.A for 3 or 4 days (DISNEYLAND!), then his mommas house for a few days then back to my family's. Long time but full of events! At least that's the plan....
I am pretty jealous of anyone who gets to decorate their home for the holidays this year, I am moving home and its a personal choice, but it doesn't make me any less jealous. I plan on buying my tree this year and possibly decorating it. I went back and forth on ideas on what to far as traditional and non-traditional. I decided a Candy Cane Tree, and no not a tree with actual candy canes thrown on it, something like this...
I like that. Classic Colors. I found a frosted tree with bright colored lights that I love and want!
Ahh its a fools paradise I know! I shouldn't do this to myself. I should take advantage of after holiday sales and wait it out, but I am such a freak. I want this so bad. I was really looking forward to it. This is my first married deployment and its super hard thinking I wont get him. I am in my own little world of "why me" but I should be grateful next year I get my husband back and we get to do all the shopping together, with a little extra money. I am happy for the wives that get their husbands back when mine leaves. Its hard to think that way, but honestly I hope they feel for me that mine is leaving. It would be awesome if everyone thought that way...
So with Halloween this weekend.......I wonder what its like here. I am not sure if they do what they do in my home state...if Halloween falls on a Sunday, you can count on your trick-or-treaters coming on Saturday.
I have also been thinking I should do a HUGE romantic thing for Hubby before he leaves, we already have a big date night in the works for his final days of being together....but what is considered romantic for a boy? He has already done a bed covered in rose petals and champagne for me, clique but so amazing! Maybe I should throw on lingerie and grab a beer and hand it to him! HA HA HA! If you have suggestions I would love to hear them! You military wives know exactly how it is!
If I haven't said it already a friend of mine and I are have a faux Thanksgiving Dinner for our husbands and some friends, which I am super excited for! My dad, in preparation for marriage, made me cook dinner last year. Pretty much all of it! I prepped the turkey and did a lot of the fixings. I was pretty exhausted doing it but it turned out amazing! Hubby was so proud. We are doing it on the 3rd, and my friend has left me in charge of doing pretty much.......alot of it. She's got the turkey since we are doing it at her house, but I got desert's and a few sides. My favorite desert is Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake, it so delicious! Here is the recipe. Hubby really likes canned cranberrys..........ew.
So todays post is just a blah one...but thanks to Guinn and Bare It she's got a Halloween link up for tomorrow. I will be doing that tomorrow plus I will be getting my deployment pictures from my mother! I am so excited to see them and I can't wait to see what you guys think!
By the way....What is your favorite side with Thanksgiving? I'd love suggestions and ideas!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hubby and I got to do our pumpkins today with some friends! I was super excited to do this, because I am always  optimistic and never fear that my pumpkins will come out bad. Though my husband talking and talking about how bad he wanted the seeds drove me a bit insane. 3 hours felt like 30 minutes! I love that! So here's our pumpkins! I am super proud even though I messed up my words :( but its a good joke!

This one on the side is Hubbys.
 This one is mine^^
 ^^this is mine "Treat" didnt come out.
 Hubby had to make a classic pumpkin!
So this is now the set up out side our house.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Obviously with this death of a solider its brought up a lot of emotions. Not only with this up coming deployment but with my sisters death as well. (dont worry I wont take up alot of time)
But sometimes I do wonder, why did god need her? Why was she needed at this time? Why couldn't she have a full life? I tell myself constantly that these questions will drive me insane.
My sister died 10 years ago, and she was 20...and I am 21. I have officially started out living her, and so far I feel like I have done amazing things. I married an amazing man! I am not stuck in out hometown, which is something she never wanted! I want to be a mommy, which she always talked about being. Though she can't do these things, I know I always have her with me. Sometimes you can just hear her laugh, or feel her around you.
I can't wait to name my first born daughter after her. I hope she come to this earth looking like my sister. Well when the day comes..
My little sister is handicapped, she is adopted which is amazing because she looks exactly like me! She's been in our lives for about 14 years now. Shes an amazing little girl, who has the teenager attitude to a T. Amazing the sweet little angel can be so mean.
So I decided to put together a little collage...its nothing big. This year has definitely been one of remembrance for me, and as much as I am aware, there isn't one picture of just us girls together. So I made just one of all of us smiling. Its really nothing big, maybe one day I will do a nicer one.
I don't mind sharing about my sisters and their lives. I love them to the ends of the earth. :)

Rooms, and A Fallen Soldier.

So I do not have children, nor am I expecting. So I can't do this one, which is a bummer on many levels...but I thought I would post this up for my new followers.
Its called show us your life at Kelly's Korner and she does alot of things. I loved being able to show off my house before its all packed up! I tried to look and see if she was going to do living rooms, but I can't find it so maybe hopefully next week she'll do that! I'd love to show you all my awesome RED couch :) Plus all my new cute Halloween decorations! If she doesnt do it I will just show you anyways!.

So other then my regular Friday posts, Hubby and I are pretty sick. It really sucks! We had a pumpkin carving party this weekend with our friends and their kids, but looks like we might have to either wait or do it alone.

I decided I should do a blog on this boy from my home town who just recently died in Afghanistan.

We will call him 'J'

J died last week in Afghanistan aiding another solider in combat. J was a medic, and was absolutely doing his job. He has a one month old son, who he was able to witness the birth of this son, before going to Afghanistan. I didn't know J more then just him hanging around my brother and through a lot of passing's. From what I hear and I am continuing to hear is how awesome he was! I never knew he aspired to be a doctor, he has been married as long as I have, he was his class president in high school. So many things I am learning.
We have all recently learned that the WBC will be attending his funeral to protest. I fully wish I could be there to support his family, but also know I probably wouldn't go to the actual funeral, since losing my sister I know how personal those are. My dad has informed me ALOT of people at his work will be joining the Freedom Riders and plenty of other vets to place a guard between them and the families. I honestly would love to be apart of that, though I don't think I would be rude enough to interrupt the funeral...I would definitely be punching if someone got in my face.
If you are not aware of the WBC, they are a "church", the West Burrough Baptist Church, who take FULL pride in protesting military funerals. From what I understand, they believe our soldiers died because God hates them. I know they are fundamentally apart of the God Hates Fags part in our world. I honestly cannot even consider these people christian. I choose not to research these people, because I decided a long time ago that I wouldn't give attention to people who don't deserve it. I don't know what they teach, and I do not care. I know they made a documentary on them, and I refuse to watch them bash our military and human being's.
If you haven't heard of the Patriot Riders...HERE is their website. They are the people who build a line between the families and the protesters. They are all veterans, and big bad motorcycle veterans! I have met plenty! They are awesome! I love bikers! They are such softy's!....well sometimes.
J will never be forgotten, though his death has stirred up alot of emotions in my life, he died a hero. Aiding another solider in combat, I cannot imagine what was going through his head at the time. But for anyone who reads this....his funeral is today, and I know that just by reading this so many of you will continue to have your thoughts with his family. I know today is not my day of being selfish, its not my day to think about my husband leaving me, its not my day to worry about packing...its the day to thank god for our fallen soldiers. Thank god for our military for keeping us safe. Thank god that my husband is so brave. Thank god that so many people I know are so brave. Thank you god for keeping America, The land of the free because of the brave.
Rest in Paradise J, you will have a great one. My thoughts and prayers are always with you and your family.
(I erased his last name and rank for privacy for his family. Anyone who wishes to make a donation to his son can contact me and I will give you in information.)
This photo belongs to the family and Tooele Transcript

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

Its FRIDAY again! YAY! So you all know what that means...Its MilSpouse Friday Fill-In over at Wife of a Sailor blog! Go there to link up!


1. Are you a night owl or an early bird?

I am a night owl! I hate it because Hubby loves to go to bed at 10 and hates when I don't climb in bed with him, so I usually end up in bed watching movies...but its all worth it in the end. I love the cuddling!

2. What makes you jealous?

Honestly....anyone have children. I almost cry every time a new friend tells me they are expecting, because Yes Hubby and I were trying to get pregnant before deployment and it hasn't worked yet...but we know one day we will be blessed. Also I get a little jealous with weddings...I can't wait to do our renewing ceremony! I have many ideas!!

3. Have you started Christmas/holiday shopping yet? When will you finish? (There’s only 63 days left!)

I haven't even started! Its horrible!! I have too many siblings and nephews and my niece and now my in-laws! My side of the family usually does Secret Santa's but the last few years its been alot harder to do that! I have a nephew that lives in Sweden so I should get his now at least so it gets there in time.

4. What would you have a personal chef make you tonight?

Well since Hubby and I are both way sick, I would say.....some awesome chicken noodle soup! Sounds so good!

5. Where was your first kiss? first peck I was 5 and it was with my neighbor Robert on our neighbors tramp....we all played the kissing game, ya lame I know. Robert and I have known eachother since we were in Diapers so I think that was a good pick. He is so awesome!
My first like.....slobber kiss, I was 14? It was a really pressured situation, pretty much forced us to kiss in the theater parking lot....and oh ya I knew I sucked! Never happened again.......with that boy.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

woo-hoo wala bing bang..

I know random name for a post right? Well...I am up once again, but not for the banging but because....and don't completely think I am dumb but, I think all these shots Hubby has been tetanus, anthrax and the flu...ya I am pretty sure you get a live virus injected into you for the flu one and I think now I have the flu, I am not sure though. I just don't feel good, maybe this case of strep is just really bad....ANYWAYS...I did what I said I didn't want to do...because I am a loser and needed something to do, and can't let myself be lazy.....yay for me.
But no I am glad I did it, it made me feel good to do it, it was actually kinda fun. I had to do it while watching Grey's Anatomy, and it made the time go by. So my guest bedroom is still kinda a mess, but I am trying to not complain because the longer the army gear stays there...the longer he stays here, but Hubby said he would clean it up this weekend. I am thinking the best way to do this move is to kinda arrange in my head what needs to go into storage, what needs to stay and then a good idea of whats going in the trash. So far....I am pretty confident.
So heres what it looks like right now....
 so here are the 2 boxes that are packed.
 Yepp! So this is now my cabinet!
 Doesnt the room look so much nicer?...
I threw all the crap into the corner...hehe.
 This is oviouslly where our wine glasses and shot glasses where
half of which ended up in the trash!
This area was FULL, and now its better and this is all the stuff
I must bring home with me. 
Not too bad. 

So I am sorry this is kinda a lame post...I promise my next one will be interesting! I am working on a new post with a new blogger! She has interviewed me, which makes me excited! if you want to check her out, here she is. I am pretty excited to send her my answers. I haven't yet because I still don't have my pictures Hubby and I did on leave, I hope I get them this week!!! If not then I'll give her my engagement photos. Lots of love and good night everyone!

Words-Less Wednesday

Whoever started this Wordless so much cooler then me, because everything that should be going on today...needs an explanation for why I am not doing it. Not only do I have strep throat (I know I have it because I have had it at least 30 times!) but having this makes me unusually tired! So here's a little bit of what I should be doing.
 Well this is not to be done today, but we bought our first pumpkins yesterday.
Glow sticks instead of candles.
 Hubby told me to pack up most of our 2nd bedroom...
but given that there is Army gear everywhere...I wanna pass..
Maybe tomorrow.
I promised hubby that I would pack the dishes we dont use...
aka; coffee cups, blue dishes, glasses on the top.
But....I really don't want to! 
Lazy Wednesday I guess....
or after my Desperate Housewives on Lifetime is over.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ol' Hallows Eve.

So Halloween is my favorite holiday (with Christmas close behind), its so different from all the other holidays! Today Hubby and I have an FRG meeting, and then we are going to pick out pumpkins! I am super excited because this will be our First Halloween spent together, so we will have spent every holiday together at least once!
Last year I did my own pumpkins and turns out Paul has NEVER done a pumpkin. Crazy right!?!? He was raised alot more different then I was, and he never got to do alot of traditional kids things for holidays. Its been super fun to do them with him! We did Easter eggs together too, and he loved it! We forgot the vinegar so we used pickle juice....and yes it worked! Its so much fun!
So I had a question for everyone!

Whats your favorite holiday and the tradition you love that goes along with it?

Monday, October 18, 2010

back at FR

So Hubby and I made it safely back to FR. It was a wonderful trip to get away from here, and visit some family! We had such a blast! Now that we are back, its CRUNCH TIME....BLUGALUG! Preparing sucks...I have caught myself just staring at Hubby a few times and just crying. He knows I am a strong person, but while he is here...I just want to enjoy every moment. I know every army wife can do this, well when you put your mind to it, 12 months isnt forever. He will be home before I know it.

Heres a few pictures of what Hubby and I did. I got so much to do in my house! I have no clothes! I have been in PJ's all day, but I am not complaining. Hope everyone's weekend was amazing!
 Hubbs and Our Nephew
 At the Olympic Park
At an Amusement Park
Our crickets!
We did it with our Nephew.
My two veterans!
Grandpa served in Korean War.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is it Support?

So if this blog offends anyone I do apologize right up front, but this has been on my mind the last few days...

Here in my hometown, we had our first US Soldier die in Afghanistan...he was 19, almost 20. I didnt know him more then just from passing. It was in our newspaper and they talked about how he was a newlywed, he had just been home for R&R to have his wife give birth to their son, a few weeks after returning he was shot in combat, trying to save another solider. He did die a true hero, and thats something his wife and son should be very proud of. He did his job (which he was a medic) and died helping someone else, thats a real hero.

But from that has become alot of...well talk, as always. There is always alot of talk surrounding those things....but I have been wondering if some of the things people say...that are positive, are really support.

Its something that a few people have wrote on FB about this tragic incident, that make me wonder. They dont know the soldier, but are very patriotic and post things on FB about it. No harm right? But when the family member of the soldier posts a photo of the casket on american soil with the flag over it really appropriate for these people who do not know the soldier to post it as well? I am not sure. In my own personal opinion, would I want someone to do that to my husband? hell no. Its personal.

Another thing is when these people post...the soliders just need to come home, is that support? I know they should come home...but I also believe they are doing the right thing by staying...I have certainly not forgotten 9/11 at all. I support my husband and everything he does, he loves what he does, he is good at it. I want him home, but I know he needs to do his job. I want our soliders to be successful.
As military wives we know that we take the risk of our solider's going overseas and not coming home. We all know it, and we all pray it wont happen. Its a really different life, but everytime I hear someone say They Need to Come Home, I cannot help but be on the fence about it, sometimes I am even offended by it. I want them home...I would love my soldier to never have to deploy, but we all know...there will always be another deployment. I do honestly believe it would be wrong, to just up and leave Afghanistan. Bin Laden, and his followers have attacked american soil, they killed thousands of innocent people, and these people should be a daily reminder of what they are there for. Victims of 9/11 and those who have died in the war, deserve our respect for us to finish what we started.

So for my question.....Is it really any support for us to "glamorize" a death of a soldier, by non-family members to post things on any social network that should be personal? 
and...Is it support for those not in the military life, to tell us...that our soliders, who love what they do and are there for the right reasons, that we should pull out because of the danger? or should we finish what they (they being the terrorists) started?

Once again, if this offends anyone I am truly sorry.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Milspouse Friday Fill In

 So once again here we are! I am about to head back to FR and its super sad! Leave went by too fast! My hubby sure enjoyed all this time, we even ate crickets today! Hey...I am surprised as you are! So here it is! I promised I would do it! Join the fun at Wife of a Sailor's blog. See you all in a few days!

What are some things on your bucket list? (from New Girl on Post)
  Definitelyget over my fear of heights! Though I would love to go to Paris and Italy...and possibly back to Hawaii. See all 50 states!

How long have you been a MilSpouse and where have you been stationed so far? (from Raising Roscoe)
Since December! Only at Fort Riley (FR) but we will be moving after this deployment...YAY!

What is a list of songs that sums up your life so far? (from Confessions of a Sailor’s Wife)
Childhood: I hope you dance - Leanne Womak
High School - Russian Roulette - Rhianna
Meeting Hubby - Then - Brad Paisley
First Deployment - Wait For Me - Theory of a Deadman/ Far Away - Nickelback
Marriage - Love Like Crazy - Lee Brice / E.T - Katy Perry
Prepping for another Deployment -   Dear God - Avenged Sevenfold / Stay with me - Josh Gracin

What is your favorite kind of pizza? 
Well..Canadian Bacon! I am a very picky eater! 

What are three good things in your life right now?
Enjoying these last few weeks. I am enjoying them so much! I do have my thoughts, but I try my hardest to stay strong. My husband is the best thing in my life! He has helped me though so many struggles.
My family and I have a super strong relationship right now, and its amazing!
Moving back home! It terrifys me to move back, but I know how much I need it, and since the decision has been made, life is just falling into place! Its the right choice and I know it.

Show Us Your Office...Bedroom..

So at Kellys Korner they are doing offices...but I do not have an office, so because I missed the first one, the bedrooms, I decided I would do that! I love my bedroom!!!

 We had the painting made above our bed, its one of our engagement photos.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ying Yang!

So is it just me or do your emotions already seem like they are sky rocketing before deployment?

I have been a baby at points! I cry because of a song, or I cry because I have one thought in my head. I haven't really been like this, and you know everyone has their moments...but I wonder if its because I know how soon it is coming up, if I am now overwhelmed with the fact I am about to throw my whole house into a storage space, or if I just need to cry.
I told myself not to be like this before he leaves, and so far I have done awesome...but since we have been in UT I can tell my whole entire body is on its edge. I snap when people ask me certain questions, that everyone knows I cannot answer. I just am being a little off.
The last deployment I was a girlfriend, I had only been dating Hubby for a few weeks, and so it seemed a little easier...I should have expected alot more emotions this go around.
Hubby and I bought me a glass of wine to help calm down and relax a bit. I am not a big drinker, but I do like White Ziff :) So I hope it all works out.
So leave for us has been super exciting we have gotten to do alot, but haven't had alot of down time. Its been really great! I am cooking my parents some Maple Wings, I have made them a few times and my hubby just loves them! Everyone that tries them loves them! So HERE is the recipe, if you do it let me know how you like it :)
Tomorrow Hubby and I are heading to a amusement park together, and no one is invited! Friday we are getting photos done and Saturday we'll be hanging out with our niece and nephews. I love that I have new followers! You guys are great, especially the ones supporting my page! I hope when I get back to FR and have down time I can make up my own button, I think that would be great! I havent gotten a chance to really catch up on anyone elses blogs so please bare with me for about 5 more days, looking forward to reading your posts! Happy Blogging!!
 ^^This is Hubby and I at our Family Cabin^^
^^I was super excited to find Harry Potters Wand
I am a huge Harry Fan!^^

Monday, October 11, 2010

Quick Post!

Hi everyone! I am having a super awesome good leave and had about 10 minutes to write something really quick!
I thought I'd let you all know...I am going to move home! I have such overwhelming support here and its amazing being home! Although when we went shopping for a few decorations for Thanksgiving, I cried looking at Christmas trees. It sucks looking and knowing he wont be here, but Hubby gives me all the support to tell me to buy what I think I want, so when he is home we dont have to go nuts buying stuff! Less for him to do, I think.
Leave is really awesome! I love being here! I miss my blogging a bit but I know you all get it! I need to enjoy it. I love hanging out with hubby! Its the best thing ever.
Well I will be back for sure on Friday! I was wondering...what are you all doing this week? Thanks for all your support on all my posts you guys are the best followers ever!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

On Leave!

Hello my readers, had to do this in real quick.
I am on leave with my hubby, so I wont be able to check in very much over the next week. I'll try my hardest but you all know how it is!
Thanks for all your comments and suggestions and I'll blog real soon!

Friday, October 8, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

This is one of the reasons I LOVE FRIDAYS! Really great blogs that I know my readers love to read! So back down at Wife of a Sailor here's another fill in!
1. What is the longest road trip you’ve ever taken?
The longest road trip has been driving from my home in Utah, and out here to Fort Riley. It was in January and going through Wyoming in that time of year is a HUGE PAIN! Its turned a 16 hour drive into a 20 hour one.

2. Do you collect anything? Tell us a bit about it.
No Collecting, though I would love to start, but just something simple.

3. What is your favorite part about being an adult?)
Choosing what I want to do. Having my own home also means having my own space.

4. What song brings a tear to your eye?
Wait For Me - Theory of a Deadman, also When You Say Nothing At All - Allison Krause. Obviously the First one is because of my hubby. But Allison's song was sang at my sisters funeral, and its something just super close to my heart.

5. Describe your first plane ride (how old you were, where you were heading, etc).
I was 8? or 9? My parents flew us to California! Disneyland, SeaWorld and Universal Studios! Its definitely one I can't remember very well but I remember bits and pieces!
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