Thursday, June 28, 2012

Birthday Party!

Evelyn is going to be turning 1 on the 20th and because we knew the Hubs would be leaving for Airborne school before her birthday we wanted to throw a birthday party for her here in NC. Well it was supposta be on Saturday but the Army changed plans and we ended up having to do it yesterday. It was a pain to learn we had 24 hours to finish party planning but we knew we wanted to do it so we really really did it, and we are so glad we did! Really great memories!
These two outfit we got for Evelyn to wear on her Birthday. I know it wasn't her actual Birthday but its probably the only first birthday the Hubs will get to experience with her. So I wanted to go all out! We got the "Birthday Girl" onsie from Carters (on sale) and the Pink and Purple Dress from Zuily! The Pink and Purple dress ended up becoming a theme for the party. It turned out super good!
We had pink and purple balloons all over the house! This is just a little bit that we showed. We got so much of the decor on sale and it all worked out perfectly to fit into the theme. We got 2 different grab bags for the kids. The girls had a crown and wand in theirs and the boys had a sherrifs badge and handcuffs plus all the assorted candy from Party City.
I know your wondering "wtf why 4 cakes"...well 2 of the cakes we're for Evelyn. Cinderella we payed for but the 1 cake was free. The other 2 cakes was not supposta happen. We were only going to get the Princess cake and get it in a bigger size but we thought people would cancel since we had the change the party so suddenly but low and behold everyone said they we're still coming so we picked up and extra cake. But of course not everyone showed we ended up with a full cake left over.

Now of course we had Evelyn eat her Cinderella, it was very fun to watch her eat it. I knew she wouldn't hesitate to dig right in and eat it.
It was quite the mess! I wish we had put her out on our deck, but we bought an extra table cloth to put under the high chair so the mess on the floor wasnt bad. She got cake all over her body! Even in her toes! She made sure to flip all over too so we had cake blinds! It was all worth it. My only concern was how to bathe her!

Evelyn was lucky to get a few presents. We wanted to get her a few things from us and we were grateful some of our friends from here could get her a few. She really enjoyed opening presents and seeing all her new things! She had such a blast and made plenty of new friends!
It was such a blast to have this party for her! She'll be getting another one in Utah with my side of the family so I'm very excited to see how she does with all her cousins! We might have even got her a kiddy pool with a slide for the party!...but who knows ;)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The ABC's of Me!

haven't done a little "get to know me" thing in a while and I have gained alot of readers in the last few months! So when I saw this floating around I figured why not :)
A. Age: 23!

B. Bed size:King

C. Chore you dislike: Ewww...toilets! 

D. Dogs: None. We want a dog, but we live on post and cant have the breeds we want on post.

E. Essential start to your day: Its hard to have one of those since I had Evelyn. But I have to eat cereal in the morning.

F. Favorite colors: Red is my favorite!! 

G. Gold or silver: Silver. 

H. Height: 5’6

I. Instruments you play(ed): I cant even play the Rock Band games lol.

J. Job title: Stay-At-Home-Mom

K. Kids: Miss Evelyn! She's almost one! Hopefully no more kids for at least another year or two.

L. Live: Fort Bragg, NC

M. Mom’s name: Cindy

N. Nicknames: Lizzie, Fizz, LIZBETH!

O. Overnight hospital stays: Just Evelyn's birth!

P. Pet peeves: People breaking OPSEC is my big one. Messy houses! and I'm talking like no reason to have a messy house. People who dont appreciate the things they have.

Q. Quote from a movie: "Tigers love pepper they hate cinnamon."

R. Righty or lefty: Righty.

S. Siblings: I have 4 siblings! 1 older brother and 1 older sister, 1 younger brother and 1 younger sister.

T. Time you wake up: Usually about 7.

U. Underwear: Booty shorts!

V. Vegetables you don’t like: Umm... broccoli. Peppers. Anything hot.
W. What makes you run late: My child. I hate being late for anything.

X. X-rays you’ve had: ...Umm my whole body pretty much. Arms, Butt, Legs, neck, spine...never broke anything though!

Y. Yummy food you make: My husband raves about my maple chicken wings. I can make almost anything except grilled cheese and mac and cheese. Dont ask why.

Z. Zoo animal you like: Lions and Elephants!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fifty Shades

I really wanted to be upfront and honest in this post. I know alot of people who think about reading this book, and I understand the resistance to read it, because I was one of those people.
I finally decided to read this book after Lyzz from Defying Gravity read the book. We sat and talked about it and I was really intrigued. I'll be honest I'm not a girl who has ever looked at pornography. There's a few members in my family addicted to pornography, and I have always been one to steer very clear away from it. But I am also one of those people...or "those girls" who jump on the bandwagon and get in on what everyone is talking about! (except twilight I read that before the hype.). So I read the sample on the kindle and really liked it, but kept my guard up about the story.
Most people know this book as "girl porn" or "the book where the girl falls for a man into S&M"...and I am here to break that.
It has sex in it...ok!! Yes there's whips and a few chains...but I'll tell you there is more "vanilla" sex then there is BDSM. Honestly. I call it "vanilla sex" because that's what Christian Grey calls it in the book. If you dont think you can get over the fact there is sex in the book...and I am not talking about "and he made love to me" kind of sex...I'm talking "pulled his tie off and wrapped it around my wrists.." and so on and so forth, then dont read the book. My husband asked me at one point how many pages do I do without a sex scene in the book...and honestly the longest is about 10 pages. At least thats how it felt. Do I wish there was less sex in the book? Sometimes...but its more because I wanted to know more of the story then the sex relationship. 
All in all the story between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele is amazing! I loved it! For those that didn't like the writing, I agree. it could definitely be better...but you know what...Twilight could have been better written too.

If you've never heard of this must be living under a rock. But just for a gist of the book...

Fifty Shades of Grey is about a woman named Anastasia Steele who meets a very rich man, that she becomes completely obsessed with...not in a bad way. He seems to be popping up everywhere she goes and they start a relationship but he hasnt told her his secret. 
It goes on about how he became the way he is and how she is dealing with him being who he is. Their relationship is very amazing to read, the way she feels about him is very beautifully written. 

Once again I'll say..if you cant get over the fact that their is some rough sex in the book, then I wouldn't recommend reading it. I however read the books in less then a week. I loved them and I was addicted to the characters and what was going on with them! 
If you have any questions about the book let me know.

Source: via Emma on Pinterest

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hallway Project

I've always seen some really cool ways to display where you've lived on pintrest. Wether it was your first house keys, blue prints to other cool things. I loved the key idea, but I don't have the key's from our houses. Blue prints...I mean we lived in apartments.
So when I started thinking about doing a project like that I remembered that Hubs and I are from different states! So I decided to display the states we lived in. Obviously I didn't live in California and he didn't live in Utah. But I wanted to display them both in our home.
After a lot of looking I found this shop called Orignaux Moose and chose their prints to hang up. I loved everything about the prints they looked fantastic and original too! After ordering them and I bought some frames from Ross to display them.
Here's how it turned out!!...

I love it!! I am currently looking for a saying to put above the frames. I was thinking of...

"Oh the places you'll go the people you'll meet and the things you'll do"

The hubs hates that...what do you think?

Have any other saying you think would work for me?

**disclaimer I was not payed to write about this shop**

Friday, June 22, 2012

A little catch up.

I know my blogs have been off in another universe lately and now that I am coming back down to earth I wanted to update you on a few things.

First off, if your friends with me on twitter or facebook, you'd know Evelyn is getting molars and the other night didn't stop crying or go to bed till 3:30 AM. I was completely exhausted and only got about 4 hours of sleep. I've never ever had a night like that with Evelyn, I'm seriously hoping I never have another one. That was the worst!

Source: via Becky on Pinterest
  I completely seriously OWN this book. It makes me feel better.

On another hand Hubs school NCO is throwing him around. That set him to go to Airborne School in July and I was going to fly home on the 2nd. Then last week they said "oh we have a slot for you to go so your going to go on Thursday (yesterday), and it turned out the dude didn't know what he was doing, but he cancelled him school date for the one in July...So the Hubs has been told he is leaving next week, the day before Evelyns birthday party....YAY....screw that dude because its not even official...but they'll tell him on Monday if he is going...So I've decided to go ahead with planning Evelyn's party and still planning on flying home on the 2nd...because this crap is BULL!!

I always forget how completely unreliable anything the Army says to you is. From he'll be home for 12 months after deployment to hey he has been home 6 months lets prepare to leave again, to all this crap! I've always told myself its never official until like the day before it happens. I hardly listen to rumors. But this time they are not just screwing with Hubs they are screwing with my plans. I haven't been home in almost a year and I am ready to see some damn mountains damn it! Evelyn's party is easy to cancel no big deal, she's having a party in Utah anyways, but I dont want to have to pay for her cakes if the party isnt going to happen. So tell me Schools NCO...can you pull your head out of your ass and just give him his flippin official date?!?!?!

end rant.

Other then that...I started to read 50 Shades of Grey...and I'm loving it!! I'm going to review it when I finish the books...I know that everyone just knows about the sex in the book, but for me that's just in the book. I love the characters and can't wait to see what happens.

Source: via Annika on Pinterest

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

11 Months!

Dear Evelyn
 WOW where has the time gone! Your almost a year old and your Daddy and I cannot believe it! Your the funniest thing ever! You've got the best personality and we are so blessed to be your parents! This month you started WALKING! and you've really mastered it! You can walk all the way across the house and around the corner, and almost anywhere! You feel entitled to everything you can walk to know though which is honestly a pain, but you are so funny trying to run to the places you know you shouldn't be. Your such a beautiful girl, I'm so glad I am your Mommy. Best job in the world!!

Love Mommy.

Diapers-Size 3!

Clothes- Out of most 6-9 months and into your 9 months.

Sleep- Sleeping all night except latley, you got 2 more teeth coming in and its hard on you. About to start sleep training you again.

Food- Hating baby food now, so we're onto regular grown up food! Except you'll still be having baby yogart.

Teeth- You have 6 teeth!! 2 on the way!! Wish you'd get some more bottom teeth!

Firsts- WALKING! You really close to running too. You've been going to the pool alot! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just Beachy

This weekend we went to the beach! Not just any beach...Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington. It was wonderful! From Fort Bragg its about a 2 hour drive but it was well worth it. At first I was already pissed at the beach, we get to parking and parking is awful! You have to just sit and wait for someone to be done and then you can park. We had 3 people come out but either didn't leave, weren't parked there or were in handicapped parking. So I hated the beach at first. But as soon as we parked and got onto the beach it was pretty awesome!
The wind was blowing pretty good so there was some amazing waves. We took Evelyn out and she was scared to death of the waves. Hubs and I thought that she would get over it, and then she didn't so we stayed close to shore taking turns so one of us could swim out and play. Towards the end of the trip we took her out again and she enjoyed the water a lot more. 
Our friends had brought a bucket and we filled it with water and she played with it. She enjoyed the sand so much!! We're very lucky and grateful to be living near a beach, since coming from Fort Riley we didnt have anything but a lake, (a fun lake though!) so it was nice to have a change of pace and see those beautiful white sandy beaches! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

First Fathers Day

Our day started off pretty rough. Evelyn has some teeth coming through and she has been having a really hard time with them, more then she usually does. So the Hubs was going to sleep in but Evelyn screamed all morning so he woke up and helped me entertain her. After we got her calmed down we opened his gifts. He got the Weed's Season 7 DVD, a Beer Gift basket, and my parents gave him some money, and the moment he opened up the money he said he wanted Sushi. Sushi on a Sunday....ya. But we found a place and it was actually cheap and really good too. We also had to go get a cupcake or two :)

It turned out to be a really great relaxing day. Lots of family time the way we knew it should be. We grilled some steaks for dinner and I made a Weight Watchers Peach Crumble. Our day ended up with Hubs and I laying on the couch watching movies and then some True Blood. It was just perfect. I was so glad to have him home this year! Hopefully next year he'll be here too!

Evelyn is so lucky to have such a wonderful dad! He loves her to pieces and lets be honest the girl looks exactly like him! He is in such awe of her every time he is around her, I love to watch his face when they play or even the looks on his face when she learns something new. I hope she'll always know how much he loves her and he'll always be here to protect her no matter what! He just wants whats best for his girls and he certainly does his hardest to give us everything and more. I couldn't have asked for Evelyn to have a better dad!

What did you do for Fathers Day?

Evelyns decided that sitting the right way in ANY chair is not the way to do things.
Strawberry and Cream Cicle.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Daddy

My Daddys name is Mike. He is the middle kid of 5 siblings. His moment he will never ever live down is the MASSIVE afro he had at my mom and his wedding! I wish I had a photo to show you. My Dad didnt want me, he wanted a boat but he got stuck with me plus 3 more siblings! I know he is very grateful to have us and one day he will own his boat.

My Dad and I never had a super strong relationship. It's taken a long time for our relationship to really bloom. Before my teenage years I would of considered us very close. He took us and the youngest kids out on camping trips and always made sure I was involved since I was the youngest girl with 2 boys, not counting my handicapped sister. After I married Hubs and I moved away to KS, our relationship got alot better. When I moved home last year for the deployment, our relationship was stronger then ever. I could really see how much my Dad and I were alike and that's probably why our relationship was so strained and why we butted heads so much. Now that we are older we have finally found our ground to get along without pushing buttons.

My Dad has tried to give us the best life ever and he surpassed without a doubt! My life has been enriched with blessings and I have to thank my Dad for showing me that putting your heart and soul into your kids will enrich your life even more! I couldn't of asked for a better Grandpa for Evelyn, she's the only one she's got and he's the best example to her!

excuse my fattness I was 7 months pregnant

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gift Advice

So I mentioned that we are throwing Evelyn's birthday party in NC at the end of the month and the Hubs and I have bought her a few things so far. We bought her a fold out couch (she loves our furniture), Yo Gabba Gabba plush dolls and a Cinderella pillow. We have realized they are just basic gifts and we would really like to get her some more learning toys.

Since I'll be gone all summer we arnt going to buy everything right now. But we arnt sure what to really buy her. I want to buy her more things for motor skills...Hubs wants to buy her a non annoying toy. I want to buy her the biggest thing ever, hubs wants to spend minimum on toys...10 bucks. I love how we are on such different planets when it comes to Evelyn's toys.

So I am hear to ask you! What would you recommend we buy for Miss Evelyn's birthday?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Show Your Country Sweepstakes

You may know that Tim McGraw recently released some headphones with JBL these headphones have been called the best! They sound they produce is amazing and its ment to be as clear as artists want you hear their music.
I was offered by the company to try out these headphones. Of course I was definitely willing to try them out. I am a huge music fan, and obviously I love Tim McGraw. So when I recived them and Evelyn was tucked away in bed for nap time I busted the headphones out and tried them.

I of course had to test them against other headphones of mine. They are said to be completely different then regular headphones.

And so to test out the headphones, I turned on Tim McGraw's new song with Kenny Chesney, Feel Like A Rock Star! (if you haven't heard it..its pretty killer)

Of course the no comparison! Perfect sound!! I'm defiantly getting rid of my pink cheap headphones and sticking with these!

JBL is having a Sweepstakes!

 The prizes:

  • 38 winners (one per selected tour stop) will receive: an exclusive VIP pre-concert experience with Tim McGraw and two tickets to see Tim and Kenny Chesney at the Brothers of the Sun show later that night. McGraw will be putting on a pre-show just for a small group of fans, including each winner of the Show Your Country Sweepstakes, at most tour stops. 
  • 100 winners will receive an autographed pair of the new JBL Tim McGraw Artist Series headphones  

To enter the contest:

  • Upload photos, videos or text entries that shows Tim McGraw and JBL what country means to you 
  • Entries can be submitted through Instagram, Twitter, or through the JBL Facebook page 
  • If using Twitter or Instagram, each post needs two hashtags:  #JBLyourcountry and your state abbreviation plus the concert city you want to win tickets for e.g. example: #JBLyourcountryMA #Foxborough OR #JBLyourcountryMD #WashingtonDC

Note: Refer to sweepstakes website for full listing of concert dates (not all Brothers of the Sun tour stops are eligible)

CLICK HERE to enter!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Its Madness.

So because the Hubs is going to be gone for Evelyn's 1st Birthday (cue the suck) we're throwing Evelyn a party here in NC at the end of the month. I'm really excited to throw it and I've been thinking about doing this for MONTHS! I know sad right, I'm looking forward to that day. But I gotta admit....I'm not doing anything I thought we'd do.

I'm going to be throwing 2 party's, one here in NC and one back home in Utah. So I don't want to spend my time planning a huge birthday with balloons everywhere and games (which she obviously cannot play) and countless other things. She is turning one and she wont remember, and the more I have started looking into planning this, the more I am realizing how big the Birthday Party industry is.

Some people go way over the top...I do not have the funds to do that. And even if I did, I would much rather buy her toys and things that she'll use for more then one day.

So as this party is coming together, its going to be pretty princess and everything, but not over the top princess. Just nice decor and a pretty cake and of course her own personal cake. We've bought her some presents for her and I'm excited for her to have her own little party with our friends.

One day she'll have a big bash but until then I am just glad to celebrate a day with her and celebrate her one year on this earth! I cant wait to see her face when she gets her own cake!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Over this weekend I have learned to keep my mouth shut about The Hubs mom. You know why? Because even the slightest mention of comparison between my family and her is cause for a huge fight. All I did was say that I like to talk my my family weekly and he likes to talk to his mom once a month. Huge fight.

I am not a fan of my MIL..if you were to meet her you'd think she was just like a teenager. She dresses inappropriate for her age, she as a ton of energy, and she is in no way settled into her life. She lives with some random dude, who is a huge alcoholic (when we were in Cali he offered us wine at 7 am).

But I know that my MIL does what she has to, to survive. I can't blame her to having that one quality in her that I really like. She does know how to survive.

I wish her and I would have a better relationship. I really thought we would when I married Hubs. I had met her, we got engaged at her house on Christmas Morning. We seemed to get along was until I left California..the Hubs and I suddenly decided to get married in Utah that her and I had a struggling relationship. But nonetheless I still feel like I tried. I called her and got on the phone with her and the hubs, we even flew her to Kansas before Hub's last deployment. That's pretty much when it went down hill...

Because the Hubs was still working she had to spend all day with me, which I don't know why she didn't like that but she would sleep ALL DAY and wake up in time for me to have to go pick up Hubs. Other then that she hardly interacted with me, which I could tell upsetted my husband. He talked to her about waking up and hanging out with me but still she neglected to feel the need to get to know me. So I started going to a friends house after I'd take The Hubs to work, blow off some steam and do something else with myself then sit on the couch and wait and wait for her to wake up...and thats how the rest of her trip went.

Ever since then that's how it stayed. She ignores me and plays with Evelyn and talks to Hubs. Makes fun of my family and how they are Mormons. How we should live in Cali and stop saying we are going to live in Utah, (California is expensive!) and I just sit there and laugh and correct her when she's wrong. I try my best not to humor her.

I have my reasons for not liking my MIL....ok well its not that I dont like her. I just wish I understood her more, but time after time I am faced with her ignoring me (didnt even get a Happy Birthday from her) asking only for more grandbabies and more photos since she doesn't have internet. While I sit here and don't understand her. I love that she is my husbands mother. I love that he loves his mom and wants to protect her as much as he can. She's a great grandmother to Evelyn. But she's never really tried with me and I don't feel the need to try anymore. I tried all last deployment to talk to her and update her as much as I could on my pregnancy but it turned into me calling her to update her on her son and granddaughter to me calling her and her whining to me for 30 minutes about how her life sucks...I was pregnant, living at home with 9 people and a husband in a war zone...I think my life sucked a little more. I really do hope one day her and I can see eye to eye on something, something not between Hubs and Her and I or Evelyn, her and I...just me and her. But until then I just have to keep my lip shut and understand her the way I know how to understand her. Which is exactly as I said in this post.

Friday, June 8, 2012


1. I wish the Hubs knew what he wanted to do with the Army. I hate uncertainty. I almost wish he would get out. I know we got a few years before his contract ends, but this whole I am staying in, and screw this I am getting out is annoying. But getting out scares me because what if he can't find a job? Its not like he is preparing himself for one outside the Army. Although I wish he would!

2. I want another baby, sometimes. Hubs doesn't want more kids. I want to wait till this time next year to start trying...maybe. But I'd rather give birth back home again since I loved my doctor and my hospital. Probably never going to happen. But I wish.

3. Hubs just woke up the baby....great. I was enjoying not chasing her around.

4. I feel like I fail my daughter a lot. I am trying to be a better example before she starts really looking up to me. Loose weight, stop cussing so much, maybe even education. But I feel like I am failing her in different ways.

5. I gave Evelyn her Binkie back...I am over the whole "she wont have it past one" thing. She has been waking me up twice a night for no reason I can tell. The molar isn't coming out and she's hungry and screaming and screaming. I'm over it!! I'll take the binkie away later. Until then I am over it, I need sleep now that she is running around all day, pulling my hair, pulling things she knows she shouldn't have. I swear, she's only good when Dad is around.

6. I suck at budgeting. I am trying to make sure we have cash on us for spending money, but things come up and we fail at a budget again. But we still try and that's good.

7. As much as I love Evelyn I sometimes wish I could keep her in her room all day and have time for myself. I feel like I am always the one changing diapers, making bottles, dressing her and everything else in between. I cant wait to go home to Utah on the 2nd because I really need a vacation, and even though Evelyn will be with me it will be nice to have other people besides me all day who want to play with her.

8. I'd love to read more often then I do. My brain just cant let me read lately. I miss books.

9. I enjoyed writing this was freeing in a way. Have a Good Weekend!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One Year Ago.

I was living a normal day, my husband was deployed, I was almost 8 months pregnant, and I hadn't heard from him all day. Which we know can mean something is wrong. I tried to not think anything of it and knew I would hear from him soon...until someone told me something happened.

What had happened was an attack on my husbands JSS. Water heater sized RPG's flew over their walls and we're blowing away the JSS. The damage was horrible from what I have heard.

Sadly not everyone survived. 5 guys died that day. Two of which Paul was good friends with. Over 20 people were injured and sent home. My husband is very very lucky that the RPG that landed by his room didn't go off. Sadly that wasn't the case for others.

Not everyone is so lucky. I always have these guy's families on my mind.

Today is a day for all of the boys to remember their friends, and sadly Hubs is not back in Riley to be around the other boys he was deployed with. I'm glad him and the boys got some closure when they went to the Mike Hike where they honored one of their fallen.

Keeping the boy's memory's alive. May they forever rest in peace and thank you for their sacrifice.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weight Watchers

I have officially signed up. After months and months of debating about it in my head I finally decided to take the plunge.

It seems pretty basic, eat what you can, track your points, gain activity points and you have a few reward points for special occasions.

It will be a nice thing for me to try. We are giving it 3 months (that I paid for upfront) to see how well I do, and if I am doing fantastic then we will continue on my journey! It will be so nice since now I am chasing around a walking toddler! So when she takes naps I dont always feel up to doing my yoga or pretty much anything. BUT housework is an activity point and I do that daily!

I am really at my whits end with my weight. I feel like I fail constantly because I just feel exhausted with Evelyn and housework. I am not sure why I cannot be the wife that can maintain her weight and keep a clean house and raise an amazing kid. Maybe its lazyness but I don't know.

But I am glad the Hubs is going to start helping me a little more. Lately he has been feeling entitled to sit around and not help with anything, and when he is asked do do something a simple as washing 2 pots from dinner, he gets frustrated and mad. I understand he works and he is the bread winner, but I don't get days off and weekends should be fair play between the both of us, and not 80% me and 20% him with Evelyn.

That might be what is also contributing to me wanting to just sit, because I feel like I never can and nap times are the only times I can.

Anyways its time for me to start chasing Evelyn around. I wonder if this can be an activity point?

Wish me luck!!

Monday, June 4, 2012


Yes you heard me! Evelyn is walking!! Its so crazy!! She's been taking a step or two just to reach other objects and yesterday she suddenly took off! She at the most can take about 10 steps at a time, and usually its her trying to catch up to Hubs or I or to attack anything she know she cant have. I swear its going to be way fun toddler years for us. Oh and I totally cried!! This last year has gone by so fast!

Anyways, here's a little video from this morning!! We are so proud of her!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


So the last week and a half, I have been waking up anywhere from 4 to 5:30 am to feed Evelyn. Just when I think the girl is sleep trained she throws me for a loop. Then the last few nights she's been up at 1-2am just screaming! Last night I was on the recliner rocking her because she wouldn't lay down in her bed, if I tried to calm her down for even a moment and then put her back in bed she was screaming. So onto the recliner where I rocked her and even slept with her for the next few hours.

First off...I know I probably shouldn't pick her up. Actually I know I shouldn't. But I think we can all agree interrupted sleep doesn't make you think clearly, and I really just wanted her to go back to bed.

I guess I am about to sleep train her again. I really thought that part was over! Oh well.

She's lucky she's so cute.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Still in NC

I know I posted about coming home...but plans have changed a lot. I still feel the need to go home asap, but we found out the Hubs will only be home in June, all summer long! So Utah is going to have to wait!

We re-booked my flight for July, a few days before the Hubs takes off to Airborne School so that he can have plenty of time to sleep, pack and be lazy without Evelyn and I all up in his hair. I'll be there for almost 3 weeks before I (hopefully) get to go pick him up at Airborne School in Ft. Benning. I know its a short ceremony, but I have never ever been there for anything. All his promotions happened either before me, or he was in Iraq and the same with re-enlistments. So I have the chance to go and gosh darn it I am gonna go!

After he gets back from Airborne School he'll be going to ALC, and that's a 6 week long course, so I am going to once again head off to Utah and spend some more time with my family. I am not sure if I could handle a toddler by myself for that long of a time.

So our lives will be picked up again in October. Sadly with the Hubs being gone he is going to miss Evelyn's 1st we're gonna throw her an early birthday party. End of the month too. I am pretty excited! I always thought her birthday would be this GIANT event....and Hubs has really made me come back down to earth. She wont remember it, and while I'd love to do something big one day, its not that important when she is not going to remember it. Maybe next year she'll have a big bash!! But its important her Dad is here for her party and that's what matters!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Guest Blogger!

Hey Everyone I guest posted for Mary over at this is How My Garden Grows! She is a wifey from Fort Riley! Yes, I've met her! and she is just as funny in person as she is in her blog. Head on over and give her some love!!

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