Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Some of you know that my Grandpa has Alzhimers. One of the very biggest reasons I am back in Utah for such a long time is to spend some time with him. He's mostly had it for about 4 years now and has never been totally confused, its just been begining stages of it.
Before we left for the cabin my Mom had told me that my Grandpa woke up one day saying he was dying and he just knew it was the end. My grandma took him to the hospital where he was diagnoised with a bladder infection. But since that day he acted way more spottier and forgetful then before.
One day he even told my Grandma he had no idea where he was when they were in their own home. Its been pretty scary for everyone.

While I was up at the cabin my mom called me to tell me they had taken him to his regular doctor. The doctor had my mom tell my Grandpa what she thought was best for him which was no more driving, and no more walks around the neighborhood. It was really hard on my Mom and Grandma..it ended up with a ton of tears.

His Doctor ended up telling my Mom that he was pretty sure that my Grandpa had, had a stoke. I'm sure there was some sort of testing involved but I wasnt there so I dont know.

The Hubs and I immediatly started packing to come down to support my mom, but my mom insisted we stayed at the cabin for our last night. But as early as we could on Saturday we took off down the mountain and back into my home town.

Its going to be a hard thing to deal with, with my Grandpa dying like he is. I already had a Grandma die last year from Dementia and that was really hard on everyone. Hopefully during the time I am here I can really support my family and especially my Grandma during this time.

Lots of prayers for us would be greatly apprecaited!

My grandparents with Evelyn

Monday, July 30, 2012

Over the Weekend

I feel like even though its been 5 days without blogging, its been 40. I must really like to blog. :)

As I said before we went to a family cabin on Wednesday with just Hubs, Evelyn and I am it was AMAZING! It was so nice for us to have some family time and do what we wanted with no one around! Shortly after Hubs gets back to Bragg he will be packing up to leave for Fort Sill for 6 weeks for ALC. Needless to say this summer kinda sucks. As much as I know a deployment is much much worse, I also find it really hard when your husband is in the states and you are seperated...although the fact that he has his phone and a computer with no service cutting out is very much a HUGE plus!

We got up there on Wednesday just after lunch and spent the day litterally doing nothing...oh and baby proofing the whole cabin from Evelyn. Pine cones as decor is not super bright with a one year old.
We also let her run through the sprinklers! Which was new for her and she didnt really enjoy it. But she kept doing it anyways...more because I think she wanted to check it out.
A few days later we went to a waterfall called Bridal Veil Falls...amazing once again!
It was a really fun relaxing weekend!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I am MIA for the next couple of days with the Hubby and Daughter in the mountains at a family cabin!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday we are getting family pictures done and I cannot wait to show you all!

Hopefully I'll have a post on Monday :)

Evelyns Birthday Day!

Hello Everyone! I know I have been absent and I'm not being the best commenter on blogs at the moment. My husband got to Utah on Saturday and he'll be here for his 2 week leave before heading back to NC, without me :( and then be heading to Fort Sill, OK for 6 weeks! Speaking of which I am planning a trip to go there! :)

Evelyns Birthday was on Friday and it was so much fun! I made sure to spoil her rotten and I must have sang to her at least 20 times! Not to mention lots of Birthday kisses, and I even gave her Birthday "Spaninkings"...it was more like a tap. I wanted to be the 1st to do it so I did!

She was born at 8:23AM on July 20, 2011 and I was awake when it had been offically a year but Evelyn was still sleeping, so I sat there and remembered the moments I had in labor and while I was pushing. It makes me really wish I had a recording/pictures of it for just myself, it was an amazing moment to bring her into the world!
Good Morning Birthday Girl!

As soon as Evelyn woke up she had her whole wheat waffles (with a little syrup), and strawberries! She gobbled it all up! We danced around to some Disney songs and since we had to babysit my sister for a little while we got ready for the day.

My main goal was to take Evelyn to Salt Lake to Target and get her some new toys and books, but I decided not to. I'm from a smaller town and we only have a walmart, and I figured it would be about the same difference, plus this way I could do errands at the same time. Evelyn got herself a  Snow White baby and a Minnies Bowtique, Minnie.

After she had her 1st nap I ran to McDonalds and got her, her 1st Happy Meal! I know bad mommy right? But because my Dad already had plans for her Birthday Dinner I decided I needed to do something different for Lunch. She just got Chicken Nuggets and Apple Slices with Apple Juice, and she loved it!
After the day had gone by and we had dinner and talked to Daddy (who graduated Airborne School on her Birthday!) we gave her a cupcake!
I wish Hubs could have been here for her Birthday but the fact that he was there the next day was a really great thing! We had another Birthday Party for her!

I cannot believe I have a 1 year old! It flys right on by! I'm looking forward to many many more years!!

BTW...this is my nephew..and he just loves his little cousin! I just had to share this photo!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Evelyn!!

WOW!! this year has flown by so fast! I cannot believe it!! All you who think us parents make this shit up dont know the half of it! I'm scared to blink my eyes and she'll be a teenager!

As I was reading through the Birth Story I wrote last year, it still seems like yesterday! As the year has gone on I have realized how much has changed with how I felt about her birth. I wouldnt change what happened for anything, but I also decided on how different I was the next babys birth to be...if there is ever a next baby.

Her Birth Day

Over the last year I have taught Evelyn how to crawl, walk, say: Dada and Mama..and a little bit of "Ampa!" (grandpa). She's learned to even dance with me, and learned a few games. We've got her weaned off of breastmilk and now formula. She's gotten 8 teeth! She loves any type of food! She hates mushrooms and peppers. She's the biggest Daddys girl I have ever met!

My daughter is seriously the biggest blessing I've ever had in my life! She makes my world turn and shine so brightly! I love waking up and hearing her babble in her room. I love dressing her up and helping her turn into a beautiful little girl! I love that I can teach her that apperance matters by doing her hair and dressing her in a cute outfit for the day. I love that God gave me the chance to be this wonderful little girls mother! I love that my husband is wonderful enough to let me stay home and raise her the way we both want to raise her. I love how much my husband loves her! and I love that everyone around her just loves her to death!

If you'd like to read her monthly updates they are below..
1 Month, 2 Months, 3 months, 4 Months, 5 Months, 6 Months, 7 Months, 8 Months, 9 Months, 10 Months, 11 Months

and here is Evelyn's 1 year Update!!

Diapers-Size 3!

Clothes- 9 months!

Sleep- Sleep until about 5 and then go back to sleep until 8.

Food- eats whatever I eat. Mostly lots of fruits and veggies and chicken. Love corn dogs!

Teeth- 8 teeth!!

Firsts- dancing! learning to climb up and down the stairs.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Due Date.

This time last year I was a miserable pregnant woman! All I wanted was for my baby invasion to end! I wanted her out! Her Daddy had been here about 5 days and she still wouldnt come out! WHY!! We did everything! Nope she was comfy and apperently had no plans on coming out!

My MIL was on her way here and was pretty sure she was going to be in the delivery room...NO. and I wanted Evelyn out before she got here so it wouldnt be awkward to say..NO!

The Hub's didnt seem to mind having more time for the 2 of us, but I minded him not spending more time with his daughter! At the time I dont think he saw that side.

But thankfully my doctor decided to induce me! On my Due Date...so one year ago on this day I entered the hospital to finally give birth to my daughter! and I cannot believe its been a year!!

Check out tommorrow for Evelyn's 1 year update and a review of her Birth Story!

First Photo of Hubs and I with my bump!! (39 weeks 4 days!)
Last Picture before we became parents!
Right before we left for the hospital!

Last photo of me pregnant!
All ready to have her!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


So its not really a vent...its a getting a few things off my chest...ok so a vent.

I know my husband has been gone for 3 weeks...and I hate feeling like all I want to do is complain about him being gone. BUT, I have no right I feel like. I miss him duh! But I feel bad posting anything on FB or Twitter about missing him. I've done worse, we've done 2, 12 month deployments so I know that 3 weeks is no biggie! Maybe its the fact that I miss him more for Evelyn then for me, I know she doesnt understand he's at work and doing things so that we can have a better life, but even though everything is "Dada" to her, she runs around yelling "DADA!!" and it kills me! I dont know how I'm gonna do it with 6 more weeks of it! He's constantly worried she'll forget him and even though I let her talk to him on the phone and I show her pictures, I cant take that worry away for him. I have so many friends in worst positions then me with Hubs being away so I dont feel like I have the right to complain. I think all my friends know I miss him...but I think they know that I know their situations are worse then mine. So granted I have no right to whine...but I do miss him like crazy!

My Dad is really mad at me for doing "something" to his brand new computer...all I did was authorize my itunes on his itunes and download my library so he could have it for my sister. Somehow that deleted his "16,000" songs he says he had on here before...I dont remember their being 16,00 but I remember there was quite a few. The man is so furious with me he wont even speak to me unless he has to. I dont know how it was my fault and I have appoligized over and over again to him but I'm still the big pain in the ass. It makes me feel like I am 12 all over again!

I've really been missing my house alot...I miss my space and I really miss sleeping in a room without Evelyn moaning and groaning all night. I really miss my car! I feel like I got here and I havent really done anything like I thought I would be doing. But I know that going back to North Carolina isnt gonna help because it would be the same thing without all my cute nephews and niece running around. BTW can I say how weird it is to have a nephew who has a "girlfriend"...he's 13!

I'm also really missing the no one giving me opinions part of my life. My parents think I am just mean with Evelyn, I dont give her cookies or let her drink sugary drinks. Yeah I'm awful..everytime I turn around my mom's giving Evelyn a Nilla cookie...not that those are so bad, but I really try to keep Evelyn on a healthy diet with me. Lots of fruits and veggies and healthy snacks. She has teddy grams and fruit snacks for a fun snack and every once in a while I give her something a little different, but given that the Hubs is trying to keep his weight down and I am dieting I dont want Evelyn getting addicted to sugary foods at a young age. The girls in my family are always known to have a weight problem and I dont want Evelyn to have to feel like I felt in high school and like I feel like now.

But me being Optimistic I gotta say....I am loving being home. Its nice to spend alot of time with family, even though they drive me crazy, which is normal right? Plus the mountains! Are you kidding me! I missed these monsters in the sky! I'm looking forward to Hubs getting in on Saturday and us celebrating his Airborne Graduation and Evelyns Birthday! We have lots of plans and I am looking forward to it! It will be a nice break between all the training he has going on, and even though I'll still miss him I am really happy we're getting this 2 week break between these trainings so Evelyn can spend some much needed time with her Daddy. I'm hoping I can go to OK and see him while he's at training since we got so many friends there...but we'll just have to see! I hope so!!

Too Much at Once.

I started the process of weaning Evelyn off of Formula and the Bottle on Saturday. Its been going very well! I've been quite impressed that she's loving the sippy cup! We've introduced the sippy before and she was never intrested in it especially when her formula was in there, but slowly she came around to having juice, and only juice in there. But I didnt want to associate juice with her bottle so I rarelly ever put it in her bottle.

I tried both Whole Milk and Almond Milk with Evelyn and she absolutly hated Whole Milk, she spit it out if it was in her mouth and she just didnt take to it. So She's just been on Almond Milk, and she drinks that all the time!

Currently Evelyn is getting in Molars and then with all this change she has been very crabby. So although we take the bottle away when she wakes up at 5:30 hungry and tired and cranky I give her a bottle of formula. Its still a process with getting her off of it and I never planned on having her on the bottle past her Birthday but I also never anticipated her getting in some big teeth either! So thats the one time a day she has a bottle, and I am just fine with it until those teeth break through.

We were trying to take her back off the binkie but have again decided to wait since those teeth are coming in. Once we get her off it we're throwing the binkies away because I am not going to have a toddler walking around with her binkie in her mouth.

Also I need to sleep train her again...but its so hard with her in my room. I cant just close the door and drown out some of her crying, she also knows I am right there so its harder and harder crying. I almost wish I wasnt here in Utah so I could do this without everyone either giving me a million opinions or telling me I am awful for letting her CIO. note: i let her cry it out, I am not a bad mom I do go check on her and calm her down without picking her up, I dont let her scream for hours. So dont tell me I am emotionally crippling her.

Other then that news...The Hubs JUMPED! He loved it!! I'm so excited for him...and its weird he makes me want to do it too! and I am absolutly terrified of heights! Maybe one day :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Liebster Award

I was nominated for this award by Sweet Miss Mary over at This is How My Garden Grows! I've met Mary and her Husband back at Fort Riley, and she is really one of the sweetest girls who seriosuly tells it like it is! I love her she's so fun!

This award is given to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers. Liebster is German and means sweetest, kind, lovely, endearing, and welcome.
How it works:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you and create 11 questions for bloggers you have tagged.
3. Choose up to 11 bloggers and link them to your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs.
Questions for Me:

1. What is the one hair product you can not live without?
Umm...I honestly dont put product in my hair. But I LOVE my Chi straightner. Its the only thing that will actually straighten my hair!

2. Do you like Target or Walmart?
I love Target! I hate Walmart...but I have to love those prices sometimes.

3. What is your favorite hobby?
Blogging pretty much...oh and bargin shopping!! and can I say Budgetting

4. Would you ever have plastic surgery?
Yes! I plan on getting a boob reduction when Hubs and I are done having kids.

5. Coke Pepsi?

6. Favorite grown up drink?
Wine. I havent been a big liquor drinker since I had Evelyn.

7. Favorite nail polish color?
Pinks of any sort. Also the not your normal colors like Grey.

8. Favorite time of year?
Halloween! I got all out!

9. Favorite trashy reality show?
Keeping Up With The Kardashians...lol...if you concider that Trashy.

10. Do you prefer ebooks or real books?
I love my kindle!

11. Do you believe love at first sight?

Here are my questions!

1. Which Animal Print if Your Favorite?
2. What was Your High School Mascot?
3. Are you an iPhone person or a Android user?
4. Favorite Song of all time?
5. Favorite Song at the Current Moment?
6. Best part about Summer?
7. Whats one road you never took in life?
8. Favorite Fast Food Resturant?
9. Best Childhood Toy?
10. Favorite Holdiday and Why?
11. Live anywhere in the world..money no option...where you moving to?

and I am tagging!...

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Monday, July 16, 2012

My Hubby

I gotta brag a little bit about my husband. I honestly dont do it enough! and I am lucky enough to have a really great husband! He tries so hard to give Evelyn and I an amazing life and I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else!
 Right after we met. Our Favorite Picture together

My Husband and I have had issues in our marriage, and when I thought that there was no way we could work out an issue we've always been able to!

Hubs wasnt raised in a very great enviorment, and to be honest he is very lucky to not be stuck back in his hometown and probably in and out of trouble. He saw a light at the end of the tunnel and wanted a better life then what he was raised with. He knew at a young age he wanted to enlist and he did so when he could.
Deployment #1 over with...took him to a Oakland Raiders game!

One thing you gotta know about my husband is he really doesnt complain too much. He will to me, because I whine alot and he makes me realize my problems are stupid. He loves to tell stories and loves to meet new people.

He is not your GUN HO Army Man. He is very much a person! He is picky about a few things but he is letting up on it a bit. He made his E6 at age 24! and less then 5 years in the US Army. I am very proud of him! A lot of men back at Fort Riley saw a lot of good in him after I came along and gave him the shot to be a great leader and he is doing a fantastic job at Fort Bragg! Everyone at Fort Riley really misses Hubs and often tell him so! Everyone at Fort Bragg that I have met tells me how great Hubs is at work.
Day after we got married. 

I say that he became a "good guy" after he met me, because before he met me, his plan was to stay in for his 3 year contract, get out and move back to his hometown in California...and probably go no where in life. I met him right before he deployed the 1st time back in 2008, and he wanted a future with me, and I think he knew that California wasn't a place that I would ever want to live in (DAMN RIGHT) so he re-enlisted and started working for his E5. A lot of men knew my husband as the party guy...the boy who got drunk in the barracks every weekend and made an ass of himself. He is a very good guy and I am pretty sure I brought a lot of that in him.
Deployment Day #2
Had no idea I was pregnant! Found out the very next day.

I gotta tell you a funny story though....My husband never ever dated anyone before me. Our whole 1st date he text other people. Made me feel like he didnt like me, and keep in mind...I kissed him before our first date....thats a story for another day, so I thought he took me out as a pitty date. After our first kiss and a drunk night of being losers the man couldnt even ask for my number...it litterally took me walking out the door and then having to turn around to get something I forgot for him to ask me for my number. It wasnt an easy experience for me. I had dated before and had boyfriends...Hubs was a whole new playing field for me! But I had my lessons before with dating other boys and knew not to ask him for his number...he was the 1st man I ever made work for my number...and a kiss! (Yes ladies! I may have been drunk but I didnt give that kiss away freely! he came to me! I was 19 and on vacation...give me a break! I never knew I'd meet my future husband on vacation!)

I couldnt be prouder of my husband! He litterally gives me so many reasons to smile every single day! I am so glad our fights never last more then an hour, because its no fun fighting!...well unless ya know ;) I'm so glad I dont have to feel like I have to try my hardest to please him, as long as I am myself he is happy and so am I! I got lucky girls!!
Proud Daddy!!

He is really a wonderful Dad to Evelyn. He just adores her! and she adores her Daddy! It kills me to see them apart! Even while he is working, she's constantly looking for her Daddy and will walk all over saying Dada!! She'll probably always be a Daddys Girl and I love it!

Home from Deployment #2!!

At our new home in Fort Bragg, North Carolina!

My Hubby is currently at Jump School and today is the day he gets to jump for the 1st time!
Wish him luck!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Getting Curvy!

Well I have been doing Weight Watchers for over a month now, and I gotta say....its not working like I thought it would. I am the kid of girl who likes results FAST especially if I am doing it right! and thats not the case. No doubt about it I am loosing weight! I've lost...

5 pounds!

I'm not impressed. Needless to say when the hubs left I tried my hardest to eat what we had so I wasnt throwing money in the trash. It wasnt always the healthiest...but I dont think it was THAT unhealthy either.
Since I got here I started this diet...sorta with my Mom who has lost 65 pounds since January, and thats HUGE for my Mom! She is now my size, like litterally we can swap clothes which has never EVER happened! So I have been doing it with her with occasional exceptions. (sorry but I like my turkey sandwiches)
My Mom joined this thing called FA, Food Addicts, and its basically no sugar and no flour! You eat very clean! I have noticed my curves in my sides come back with this diet that I have been steadyily getting used to the last week...and I have lost....

2 pounds!

I still use WW and track my foods since I have paid for it, but its almost pointless because by the end of the day I have 13 or more points left over. Yes, that healthy! I have been eating a TON of fruit and lots of white meat, salads and of course veggies. Sounds simple right? Ya wait till your craving that candy bar! or my weakness....an ice cold Pepsi. But luckily I am living with 2 other people doing it! The Hubs even wants to do it! I'm thinking this is the way to go for me!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

so far in Utah...

Its been pretty boring. I almost feel like I could have done everything I am doing here, back in North Carolina. But that being said...

My sister had some emergancy surgery on Friday. She had had surgery in April on her intistines when they twisted up in her stomach. This surgery could have been related to the one of Friday. My sister has a shunt in her head and the shunt was plugged and apperently it was plugged for a LONG time. The surgon said when he opened her head the shunt flew out of her, it was that bad! Thankfully my parents had caught onto her low-grade fever that wouldnt ever go down and took her in to be sure! She was relased the next day from the hospital and seems to be back to being her same ol' self...but my parents have noticed her low-grade fever hasnt really broke yet. So they are keeping an eye on it and if it doesnt go down, they'll call her doctor again. But I hope for my sisters sake that she's done with surgery for a while!

My Aunt from Arizona came up and it was a nice visit. I got my niece and nephew up from Southern Utah and thats been a blast too. Its weird being an Aunt to a 13 year old! My other nephew Mac is in Maine right now with his Mom and Step-Dad so I havent seen him yet but his birthday is on the 12th! So I'm super excited to celebrate with him!!

Evelyns Birthday is coming up and so I am in party planning mode all over again...and I really hate it. This town only has a walmart for party supplies so if I want to shop for different things I must drive 30 mintues to Salt Lake City to search for them.

I've also fallen in love with this show called....Pretty Little Liars. I am almost done with Season 2 and I will probably have to download season 3 and try ot catch up on 4...anyone know where I can see Season 3 without buying it for 40 bucks on itunes?

Anyways...so I know my blogging might get a little boring and a little....ehh not so stable anymore...but I just dont have too much going on right now.
I miss my car!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Milk or Soy

When Evelyn was about 3 months old, I had a doctors appointment and I was in a rush and didnt have time to pump a bottle for her, I hadnt ever breastfed in public and I was extremely on edge about doing so, so I had a ton of free samples of formula and I made her a bottle for my appointment. I decided it wouldnt hurt for her to have one bottle and I knew she wouldnt really eat it either but I just needed something to take the edge off for her. Hubs was deployed and I was all alone so I just did what I thought was best at the time. After my appointment Evelyn got kinda sick. She threw up a good meal, and it had to of been everything that was in her tummy, so I assumed the formula was forever a no go for her. She however continued to throw up that day and the next day. So I took her to the ER. After explaining that that has been the only change in her diet and mine he told me that she was possibly allergic to milk (the formula was milk-based), so if I ever gave her formula again to do Soy. So when the Hubs talked me out of breastfeeding we put Evelyn on Soy-Based Formula. So far she's done very well with it!

I started giving her the Yo-Baby yogart about 2 months ago and she's done great! She's had a few grilled cheese sandwhiches for lunch, however when we gave her string cheese she was not at all happy and threw up a bit from it.

Now that she is almost 1 is almost time to take her off formula and put her on cow's milk. I am however worried that she wont do well with it though. So I am debating constantly about if I should keep her on Soy or try Milk again. I havent had time to set up insurance for her yet since we got to Utah..we have to change from South to West...(which BTW TriCare is stupid...I'm grateful for it but its stupid sometimes) So I thought I would ask my readers if they have any advice on this topic.

I've heard that until their actually birthday they cannot have milk so I havent tried at all. But I do want to transition her on her birthday. Be done with Bottles and onto the Sippys and done with Formula and onto Soy or Milk.

Which would you choose and why?

Saturday, July 7, 2012


I only had to steal this from my friend Lyzz over at Defying Gravity...Check her's out right HERE
Current book:

Bossypants By: Tina Fey....and its only just hilarious!

Current playlist:

Right now I am jammin to
Drive Me Crazy by Britney Spears.
Currently in love with Somebody I Used to Know By: Gotye
(Maybe....Call Me Maybe too)

Current color:


Current food:

Sushi is my biggest craving...but really needing some Jamba Juice in my life ASAP

Current show(s):

Pretty Little Liars is my new Fav!
Army Wives
True Blood

Current needs:

My Hubs Home...I miss him. I know I'm pathetic.
Jamba Juice
Money for a new phone. Mine breaking!

Current triumph:
Diet changes. Back on track.

Banes of my existence:

My brother...Oh do I have a story when I am ready to tell it.

Current Celeb Crush:

Christian Grey....he doesnt even exsist!
Channing Tatum. Gerald Buttler.
Some of the dudes on PLL...Toby has dreamy eyes!

Current #1 blessing:

I am in Utah!!
I'm so glad to be home!
Although I do miss my own bed!

Current indulgence:

Creamies!! and if you dont know what they are...


Current outfit:

Capris, Kaki's and Tanks!

Current excitement:

Ev's Birthday on the 20th!!
Hubby graduating Airbone School on Ev's Birthday!

Current mood:

Ya I know I should be doing more.
But I'm not...I'm enjoying no house work :)

Current favorite quote/verse:

"Your Book Isn't Finished Yet..."

Current fav app:

Twitter...Oh who knew I'd be so addicted to other peoples lives.

Current favorite product:

Chapstick! This dry heat is taking it out on my pretty lips.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Teaser for Hubs.

Oh the 4th of July my cousins came up in their new Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Of course everyone got out and watch checking it out and watching them ride them around. I myself am terrifed of Motorcycles..I have my reasons. I know way too many people who have been dumb on them and not wore helmets and wrecked and almost died. So I am not a fan of them, however the Hubs is always talking about getting a Motorcycle of a Big Ram Truck. Since his car is payed off he wants a new one, but I'm making him wait until my car is payed off before we get into more then we can handle.
My cousin owns a very nice Harley and I knew my husband would be flipping out over it! So I did what any wife would do...and let Evelyn get on it. Not mobile of course. But my cousin gave me some great advice on what to do when we go look for a bike, when that time comes. So I sent the Hubs this....

Esecially giving him permission to buy a bike when the time is right.

As much as I would rather him have a truck then a bike...I have to admit there is something about bikes. And this was one hot bike. Something about riding on the back of the bike with my hubby sounds....exciting.
One day when the time is right...He will get the licence, he will get the right gear and then he can buy the hot bike he wants. Maybe one day....maybe...I'll want to ride it by myself...or worse, get my own! Hey it would be fun to ride next to eachother one day in the future right?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Red, White and Blue!

Check out my food I made yesterday!...Gotta love PINTREST!

I realize this isnt red,white and blue but I tried!!

Fire Cracker Cookies!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

I love the 4th of July. Its my 2nd favorite holiday! and I am very happy to be in Utah celebrating it with my family!
The 4th of course means so much more to me now that I am older and my husband is serving. Last year he was deployed to Iraq, I was 3 weeks away from giving birth, we caught a bush of fire because of a default in the firework, and everyone but my Hubby was here and it was really fun.
I'm super bummed my husband wont be here this year, but he is off doing what he needs and wants to do with his career and I couldnt be prouder!

I say this alot but I am super grateful to live around those who serve our country. I feel so lucky to have some of the greatest friends and bloggy buddys who all know what we are going through. Freedom really isnt free and we all live that on a daily basis.

I couldnt be more grateful for those who fight for our country here and those who are in other places around the world. I'm lucky enough to love someone who loves his job and is proud of his job!

So thank you to those who have served and are serving! Your sacrafice never goes unnoticed!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Swap!

My Summer Swap partner was Jamie @ This is Me; Consequently. I was really excited to do this! Last time I did a swap it was a Christmas and the girl who got my package hated it and it was clear that she didnt like it. Even though I got her what she said she liked. So when I saw the Summer Swap up on Flip Flops and Combat Boots I thought I'd give it another go! and Luckily I really like Jamies blog.

Isnt it cute! Jamie did such a good job and I am really thrilled with the package! She said her summer must is Sweet Tea. Now me now living in The South I have come to realize how much I should start liking this stuff! The fact that it is in a Mason Jar is too adorable and I am looking forward to sitting on the porch drinking some Sweet Tea out of my Mason Jar, just like you see on Pintrest!
She also got Evelyn a Bow! Too sweet of her! I forgot to put it in the picture but its Yellow and Orange! And I have the perfect outfit for her to wear it with!

I love that Jamie got me this...little does she know I've been eyeing this on Etsy for a while! So I was so excited when I saw this! I cannot wait to put it on and wear it!

Thank you so much for the Summer Package Jamie! It's wonderful!!

What is your must have during the summer time?

Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm On My Way...

Finally!!! Heading to my home state Utah for a few months. The Hubs has 2 long training this summer and I'll be at home while he is doing them.

Its been a while since I have been home and as much as I miss it I wonder how much I'll miss being in my own home, cooking what I want and watching what I want. Probably will end up coming back to North Carolina sooner then everyone thinks.

I bought Miss Evelyn a few things to keep her busy on the plane and I'll let everyone know how it works out! Until then wish me luck!

And a HUGE thank you to Lyzz from Defying Gravity for taking me to the airport...she is amazing!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Leading Lady- Review and Discount!

I was contacted by Leading Lady to review 2 of their products recently. I am a very full figured woman, I had a size G when I was pregnant and it was horrible and now that I have finally come back down to my normal DD/DDD I was desperately needing new bras, and if your full figured you know how hard it is to find a cute bra in a bigger size. Leading Lady specializes in full figured bras! But I'll let you read about them for yourself...

LeadingLady is a premiere intimate apparel company dedicated to creatingcomfortably functional, remarkably affordable, stylish and easy-to-wear bras,camis and sleepwear. A family ownedand operated business, Leading Lady has been expertly tailoring nursing andfull figure bras for top brands and retailers across North America for morethan 70 years. Leading Lady’s comprehensive line of nursing and fullfigure intimates – including sexy stretch lace wire-free and underwirebras, supportive and seamless sport and yoga bras, and cozy sleep and leisurebras – can be purchased directly on 

Leading Lady is proud to celebrate“Leading Ladies” everywhere through its products, programs andphilanthropic activities. Leading Lady is committed to supporting militaryfamilies, as well as a variety of organizations and issues relevant to womenacross the country. Follow LeadingLady on Facebook,Twitter and Google+.

I got these two bras. 

They are both so comfortable like you wouldn't believe! Its a nice relief to not always feel how huge my boobs are and feel like I'm going to bounce out of my bra. I will definitely be buying from them again!

Leading Lady is here to offer you a great offer so you can try their bras out too!

The Leading Lady Military Friends & Family discount code is MBLOG20 and offers 20% off site-wide July 1-7. (The code cannot becombined with any other offer.)

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