Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Thank You.

I have been doing this blog for a year now and I have had many supporters through out this year. I've truely needed the help and the support.
Not alot of my extended family (cousins, aunts, uncles) cared about this deployment or how I was dealing with being pregnant through it. I am very grateful for those of you who have gotten my number or even my facebook account and helped me deal with this. You'll never know how much you've ment to me!

Its true what they say about when you marry someone in the Army, your friends become your family and they help you survive this. I moved home to a place where no one was in the military and I barelly had any support. We all know our family means well but they just dont understand. So thank you to those who have been there for me!

Since it has been a year for my blog I am looking into doing a giveaway soon...I am not sure how to do it either so if anyone has suggestions or ideas help me out! Oviouslly my husband is almost home so I cant do it ASAP but I plan on doing on before Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall into Fall

I am in love with Fall! Sadly I think Utah has one of the best fall's ever and I am missing out on it! I am pretty bummed Kansas does not have a its not normal one bit! The leaves change colors for a week and then fall off the branches. Some trees cant even make up their minds. Mind you its not picture worthey at all! This is a photo my Dad sent me a few weeks ago at a canyon by our home...
I absolutly love it! I wish I was there. Especially with the mountians. Damn I miss those!

But best thing about Fall is....HALLOWEEN! I am a freak because its my favorite holiday! I love getting my house decked out and seeing all the little one in their costumes! which you better believe Evelyn will be dressed up! But you wont find out what she is until Halloween! She looks adorable in her outfit!

I have always wanted my house to be decked out. Haunted House style for sure! Headstones, fog machine and all! Sadly the fog machine wont work this year since I dont have a outdoor outlet and I dont wanna buy an extention cord for one night...maybe next year. But I finally got my headstones! My husbands the best to let me go all out on the house! Heres just a peak at what the house looks like right now...I have a few things that will go out on Halloween night!

Monday, October 24, 2011

ER Visit

Well for my Twitter might have noticed this tweet on Saturday Night....

Optimistic Liz
I'm at the ER for myself. Send me some prayers! Please!!
I am here to explain what happened.
Around 9 o'clock I started having what my PMC called an allergic reaction to something. We didnt know what it was so there wasnt a way of avoiding eating or drinking whatever it was...usually the pain consisted of..
  • Major back pains (worse then contractions)
  • short of breath
  • tightness in chest
Usually when it comes on it takes around 20 minutes to hour later they were worse then ever!

I was on the floor wailing and screaming and crying. I finally txt a friend and told her I needed to go to the ER. So she rushed over...thank the lord she lived on post. She was here in 15 minutes and I was still in pain.
I got to the hospital and no one was there...but 5 minutes into it about 4 people showed up...because I was not rushed back to a room like you would assume they would do with someone could not breath...all the people there got to see me rocking my body back and forth and crying and trying to breathe. But thanksfully no one was worse then me so I got to go back to a room first.

The nurse checked me...blah de blah! A medical student came in and checked me before the doctor and wanted to check my airway...which I might add happened like 5 times the total time I was there and it sucked trying to do that. My airways were clear though so she had my lay on my back and she wanted to check my so as I laid down I screamed in pain!! Sorry neighbors. She rushed out of the room and got my doctor.
The Doctor then  procedded to to do the same thing everyone else did...check airways and heartbeat...he told me he was going to have the nurse give me a muscle relaxor and a shot to stop the pain. As soon as the doctor left, you'd think the nurse would hurry up and get me medication....nope. I sat there about 20 minutes in pain.
As soon as she arrived the shot didnt even hurt! I took my muscle relaxor and I was DONE. No more pain!! Thank goodness!! My friend brought Evelyn in and I fed her and then the doctor came in and told me it was a muscle spasum more then likely. Which was good because the allergy medication I was given, can stop my milk supply...thanks doctor!
I now have to see my PMC (which I cant stand!) and follow up on whats going on. I am 100% sure I am asking for an X-RAY! I want to be sure nothing is wrong with my spine before they treat me with anything! I am not really sure if I should ask for anything else so if you have any suggestions let me know.

Friday, October 21, 2011

3 Months

Dear Evelyn,

Yesterday you turned 3 whole months old! and let me say....I still cant believe your growing. It seems like just yesterday I had you in my arms snuggling and sleeping and now your squirming all over! I am still in awe of what a beauty you are.
Heres a few more things I hope I never forget..

right now your on a nebulizer..its super sad but your a champ and having the mask on your face.
your now grabbing things with your feet.
yours still 100% breastfed but I have been told to give you water as well.
turtles seem to be your thing.
your still dont sleep through the night and almost beg me to hold you through the night.
your getting curly hair like your nephews.
so far your eyes are blue...I hope they change to green like mommy and daddys.
i cant tell the color of your hair...its either dark red or light brown with hints of red.
everything is going into the mouth latley.

Well Evelyn next time you get a letter from me, daddy will be home! I cant wait for you to have him back, it makes me cry thinking of you getting your daddy back. Almost time!!! I love you more then words.

Love, Mommy

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Peytons Closet Giveaway!

From Mrs to Mama is having an amazing giveaway on a $20 credit to Peytons Closet! It looks amazing and concidering I deck Evelyn out constantly it would be amazing to score her somethings from there for her first Christmas!!

Click on the photo above to check out the giveaway and good luck if you enter!


So we got an email from our FRG leader the other day saying a soldier had died. It happened in a town near by so we all pretty much assumed the soldier died in a car wreck. He had obviouslly just gotten home and it was probably drunk happens right?
Yesterday I was watching The Today Show when they did the Kansas segment....the soldier was shot. Murder pops into my head...its not that great of an area that he was in.
Last night my friend was watching the news when I got this text message..

"Yeah I guess some dumb soldiers were playing russian toulette with a 9 mil and a soldier got shot"

really?? you just got back from war...they had so many attacks happen on their JSS and 6 people died. 1 of which I knew and you come home and play a game that will take your life. A stupid game at that.

I totally feel awful for the family, its a horrible thing they have to go through, especially since this soldier just barelly got home and then does something so dumb like that. But really honestly...this soldier and the others who were playing with him are retards.
My friend who died was almost married a whole year, almost ready to come home on R&R and he died. His wife is truely an amazing person! I think of her and him everyday and then she has to hear a story of people taking advantage of their lives like this. Its just not right. Life is so unfair.

Monday, October 17, 2011


This whole deployment has sucked...and not the "normal" deployment that I asume everyone has. Concidering the crap that went on this year, its finally almost over.
BUT.....this is possibly the worst part. The almost home.

Having everyone ask---When is your husband coming home? (which btw bugs the hell out of me.) Will he ever deploy again? uhh duh. Why would he stay in after everything that happend? ..Isnt it hard?

I mean really.

Lets just say this girl is so beyond ready to have her husband home!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cupcake Kitchen

Now for what you all have been waiting for! This room was inspired after I won a Cupcake Warmer (Scentsy) from Flip Flops and Combat Boots. I love this room!! It still needs some touches but I am loving it right now! PS...wait till you see the dining room.

 cupcake corner

Friday, October 14, 2011


So inbetween my posts of my house I thought I'd throw in a real update.

I have been having major chest pains which everyone thought was muscle spasums. I couldnt breathe I was on the ground crying and my chest was TIGHT, I litterally thought that something went wrong from my epideral.
I went to the doctor yesterday and he started asking me if I had asthma or a family history of it...NO.
Did I have scoliosis? NO.
Was I allergic to anything other then Sulfa? NO.
 He lifted up the back of my shirt and checked my spine, also checked my lungs, he then noticed I had a rash on my back, which I had no idea was me crazy but I dont have time to stare at my back, let alone even pluck my eyebrows. Turns out I am having an allergic reaction to something...

Crazy...I have only been allergic to Sulfa, which I break out into full body rashes for. He then asked if my diet changed...only to healthier meals I told him. Then he proceded to ask if I had any type of scabs form...yepp! I had them on my arm inbetween the move. So its confirmed...I have another allergic reaction. To what seems to be a mystery. He gave me clariton...which can dry up my milk...yeah not thrilled. I am gonna be downing food! But its better then the chest pains happening when I am driving...again.

Other then that grand ol' news...Paul is VERY VERY close to coming home. OPSEC remember? I cant reveal any information on my husbands return. But I can say its SOON. Evelyn and I are so excited for him to get here! You have no idea how much I am looking forward to an extra pair of hands!
Evelyn and I both have our homecoming outfits, her's I cannot reveal until after he gets home since my love reads my blog :)
Halloween is my FAV FAV FAV holiday ever! I have my house decked out which I will show next week!! Life is starting to get super busy! I am hoping it wil slow down for my "day off" on Sunday! No cleaning, No cooking, no nothing besides Evelyn and Me!! Looking forward to it!!

Living Room

Yeah I know I have a flippin red couch...but I finally made it work!! I love to decorate!!

 sign on the wall says: A True Love Story Never Ends

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Evelyns Bathroom.

I aboslutly love this room!! I am so jealous that she has such a girlie bathroom and shes not even old enough to enjoy it! (ps evelyn doesnt have a nursery yet...but i cant wait to do it!)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Guest Room?

Technically I do not have 3 bedrooms in my home. I made my sunroom into a guest room since we had a guest bed, plus we didnt want to buy new furniture for a room in a house we will only be in for 5 more months.
So the decision came that we should make it into a guest room. Its not so bad. Its a room that never gets used right now but it will be nice when we have guests :)

 this is the view from my living room. we have the double doors and since I took this picture we now have a white curtian hanging by the closed door, so it will be a little more private for the guests.
yes! all of Evelyns toys are in there. I dont have anywhere else for them to go. btw the black pillow doesnt belong in here its my pillow from our bedroom.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bedroom/Master Bath

So I want to now show off my new home! I am so excited and I absolutly love my house! I am a little bummed that we are leaving it in a few months but hopefully a new home in NC will be just as great as this one!
My bedroom is alot smaller then our first home, but we're ok with that. Not everything fits but its nice and cozy and its so nice having a big bed!

 this painting was done for us by a friend..I love it!

Monday, October 10, 2011


When Evelyn was just over 2 months old we took her to get her ears pierced! Yepp...I am a mean mommy. I know I know. But her ears are done and thats great!! if she wants them out when shes older then she doesnt have to wear them, but at this time she is not messing with them and she looks flipping adorable!

She screamed for a minute but after that she did super good! I was so proud of her!! heres just a peek at the ears.

and also a few more of my little beauty!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Top 100!

So excited for you all know I havent had internet for a while so I havent been able to check my blog email (optimisticarmywife at gmail dot com) well today I finally got the chance to check it and this is what I found...

Top Military Family Blogs
I am so honored to have gotten this!! I know I was voted on but the fact that someone out there thinks I am worth reading about, it really makes me feel good!!

Click HERE to check out the other 99 blogs that made the cut!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Giveaway from...

Our Family of Three...the giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight (hawaiian time) and its sooo cute!!

You can win a pillowcase dress or $12 towards anyone other purchase. Go check it out!!


Friday, October 7, 2011


who has internet? this gal does!!!

YAY. I am so happy to be back!

Its so nice being back in Kansas and I am so lucky that I have stayed so busy! My house isnt perfect and I still want to add a few touches to it but I am loving it right now!

Evelyn is not napping.....EVER!!! If she is in her carseat then she will sleep...other then that no. Before I left Utah I had a newborn who LOVED her naps. Now I am alone and she fights to sleep and fusses her brains out. Ahh man...I love her!

So I am just here to announce my return!! But I will have a blog on Monday!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

2 month appointment

Before I get started on Ev's appointment let me just say.....
HELLO OCTOBER!!! Finally you are here!
This is the month my very best friend comes home! And hopefully for longer then 12 months! Also Halloween is my favorite month!
Which btw, I got the "go ahead" to get a laptop! So hopefully by Monday I'll be up and blogging again!

Ev's appointment went so well! She's growing like a weed!
11 lbs 12 oz (34%)
22.5 inches long! (75%)
I'm really lucky to be her momma!

Her shots sucked! I was so nervous about them...I ended up having to go alone, but it made me be forced to be a big girl! I am so proud of Evelyn. Of course she screamed, but she did really good! The nurse helped a lot since she did them so fast.
Her pediatrician was amazing with her! Even with me! He's a million times better then my actual doctor! He knew I had Post-Pardom Depression and knew I wasn't taking anything for it. He understood my reasons and said that he'd recommend me to therapy! Which I've done numerous times in the past, so I was all for it! I even got to meet my therapist that day. Seriously I need to just call him when I need to get checked.
I start my therapy next friday, and the lady is super nice! I am so excited to have her as a therapist! Its always hard to connect with some therapists and she was super nice, and reminded me of my mom. So I am all for this!
I am really looking forward to getting a new laptop today! And hopefully up and blogging...and pinning, again in no time!
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