Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Bye 2012

This year had many great memories! I honestly think that since we got married every year has been a whirlwind! We had so much going on this year. When we entered this year we had a 5 month old, living in Fort Riley and great friends. We are ending this year with a 17 month old, living in Fort Bragg, with just us three. We wouldnt have it any other way.

We moved. We traveled. We had a Army Seperation for a few months, but we were together and thats what matters.

We are hoping that 2013 brings us to a post closer to home, a still healthy 2 year old, weight loss for me, better oppertunities for P, and maybe even another baby.

2012 its been real. Thanks :)

Be safe everyone! Happy New Years!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

3 years!

3 years ago today, I had only been engaged 5 days when I walked into a courthouse in my hometown and said "I Do" to my best friend in front of my family. Even though he had only proposed to me 5 days before we were definitly ready to be near eachother.
We Did It!!
the day after we got married.
I could not honestly be happier to have him be here for another Anniversary!
It makes up so much for him being gone on the 1st one, even if I had horrible morning sickness then.
P, your my love. Your my life. Thank you for giving me the chance to be a mother, and for standing by me. Your my rock. Without you, I would not be the same person.
Love always, Your Lizbeth.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The L Family Christmas

Well lets start with Christmas Eve. We decided to start a new tradtion this year with our family. On my side of the family, we aways opened PJ's on Christmas Eve, and on P's side he just got to open one present under the tree. Well because the wife ALWAYS knows better last year, our first together Christmas, we did the PJ's, which was fun. This year we decided to start movie nights for Christmas. We love to have movies nights so this just was made up a little different. Every year we will get PJ's, mugs, hot chocolate and a movie and just have a big picnic/sleepoverish thing in the living room and this year went quite well! We brought out Evelyn's couch and gave her a blanket and she pretty much sat in her couch. This year she got the movie Elf. P has never seen it, so it was fun to watch with him.

By the way, if you can see she has a Rudolph and Clarise :)
On Christmas morning, of course I was up early. I am such a kid, I was so excited to see Evelyn's face and see how she woud react to the presents under the tree. But I laid in bed and waited for Evelyn to wake up, but as soon as she was awake I shook P awake and started Christmas morning!

 Our tree looks so pretty this year, even with ordements only at the top.
Awake on Christmas morning!!
I have a few videos of Evelyn coming to check out her presents. Honestly I dont think she knew what to do because she wasnt heading for them, but wasnt totally freaked out.
As soon as she got into it...she really got into it!
Evelyn had a fantastic Christmas. She got puzzles, books, blanket, Cabbage Patch baby, Little People Princess Castle, Minnie Mouse ride-on toy, building blocks and of course an outfit!
P had a pretty good Christmas, the big gift I got him was all the Avenger movies! He never has any "man movies" and so I had been working on it for a few months buying him all the movies! He also got Assassins Creed 3!
I got what I needed more then anything...a stand mixer! But it wasnt just any stand was THE stand mixer! Santa is pretty fantastic! All in All I would say we had a really great Christmas. Who knows what will be next year, so I'm glad this was such an amazing Christmas.
How was your Christmas? Any plans for New Years? 

**DISCLAIMER: I am sorry if me posting our presents offends anyone...its not ment to offend anyone, seeing as this is MY blog that my family at home reads, so I post for them just as much as my other audience. Don't take offence.**

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

I hope your all pretty much staying off the blogoosphere and enjoying some time with the family! I am entertaining my family and a single soldier today. Cant wait to read your posts about your Christmas!

Everyone who's loved one is deployed on this day, you and your SO's are in my thoughts and prayers. May they make it home safely!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

5 Wishes!!

The lovley Jen over at The Adventures of Our Army Life tagged me in this post called 5 Wishes...pretty much what are my five wishes for the upcoming year. I am personally hoping 2013 is a big one for us, so I have many wishes but I'll limit them to 5 :)

1. To move closer to family: Its no secret we dont like living here at Fort Bragg, and with so many things going on with my side of the family I am definitly wishing I hadn't taken advantage of the time I had living in Kansas. 16 hour drive is way better then a 24 hour drive.

2. Lose my weight!: I have always struggled so bad with weight, and its always been a problem with the girls in my family. I have been told by my doctors not to get pregnant with baby #2 until I lose some weight since I have back problems (from big boobs), I would love to start trying for #2 towards the end of the 2013 so I have some time but the sooner I start the better!

3. Get better at saving!: Thats one of P's and I's main goal! We need to get better at it.

4. Do better at blogging: Its no secret on this either, I've struggled a little more since getting back from Utah. But I know the reason why I do struggle is because I have a toddler and my life cannot be set on blogging anymore.

5. Be a better cook and baker: I already rock at basics. I need to start making my own recipes! :)

I tag:
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

17 months?!?

I have not done a month update since Evelyn was 14 months old! I never thought I would be the Mom saying "oh she's so and so months old" after she turned one...but no you can tell shes not 2 and shes deffinitly not 1. She's ALMOST ONE AND A HALF! Can you freaking believe it?!?

Anyways since my last update, Evelyn slowed down alot on her talking. She is not interested in words anymore. Her doctor told us that its just fine, and I shouldnt worry. She babbles, she just has no intrest in making words.

Evelyn is also amazing at runnng, if she knows we are going somewhere she not allowed in by herself, she takes off running to catch up!

Evelyn has been learning her body parts too. She loves to show her "elly!" off. She lifts up her shirt and rubbs her tummy to show it. She's getting her nose down and toes as well.

Evelyn started to "pound it" we just gotta get her doing a "ka-pow!" with it!

Sadly Evelyn is totally back on her pacifier. We were done with it, and then she stopped sleeping and started crying, and I finally got to the point where I couldnt handle it anymore. I decided to wait till she is 2 to take it away. She still ONLY gets it at nap time.

She also is in love with her babys! I dont know if its a sign or what but she loves to hold her babies, feed them, and cuddle them.

Diapers-Size 3! Almost n 4's finally!

Clothes- Size 18 months!!

Sleep- Sleeping through the night, in her own bed. Has a few hard nights with her teeth that we will put her in our bed for a little bit.

Food- Back to being a vegitarian. But you'll almost eat anything else. You love your juice, milk and water!

Teeth- I think 9 with 4 coming in :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Spur of the Moment.

Since P is now offically on Christmas Eve he has been begging me to go somewhere for his leave. We have been trying to be very careful with our money which hasn't been easy with Christmas, New Years and ou Anniversary in the same month. But something must have been in the air because P's Grandpa, who never talks to us, sent us money for Christmas. Say what? So we had money to go somewhere. We knew we were cutting it close, and probably going to have to dip a little but with all the crap going on this last year with P leaving for trainings for 3 months and having late work days all the time we decided a little mini vacation would be perfect.

P has been trying to talk me into going to DC for the last few months and I have always been a little off about it. I think I am off about it because Evelyn is so little, I want to do and see everything I can, and I just don't see her being good in a Museum right now.

I suggested going to Charleston, SC. If you dont know what Charleston is you shoul google it. Its one of the top 25 citys in the states to visit. Its beautiful and full of history! And since I am a sorta history buff that stuff is right up my alley!

So one day we booked everything and the next day we left! We stayed at the Charleston AFB because of how cheap it was...and if your an Army Wives know they film on the base! We ended up not visiting the locations but the Airplane Hanger was right across the street from our hotel!

Another place we had to visit was Boone Hall Plantation. You've seen The Notebok right? They filmed bit of it there! Its a beautiful place! I was glad to see it and so much history!! Although everytime they talk about slaves I get pretty sad.

Heres just some Photos from our little vacation!

The drive up to the Plantation.
It takes 100 years for these trees to get that tall and an extra 50 to get that arching
The Boone Hall Plantation
Evelyn was having a blast running around!
P and Evelyn checking out a tree.
Cool huh?
The Slave houses.
Sorry its blurry my phone camera sucks.
The Hanger from Army Wives...I was excited!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Questions for Christmas

Apperently my blogger decided to unfollow Taingamala, but I had seen a link up she did floating even though I am like 2 weeks behind I decided to do it! I love these things!

When do you start decorating for Christmas?
I always start the weekend after Thanksgiving. One holidays decor goes down so the other one goes up! I love to live and breathe my holidays as long as I can.

Christmas attire, casual or dressy?
Casual! I cant stand being fancy for anything thats not super fancy. I love comfort!
Best gift you ever received?
My engament ring!! 3 years ago on Christmas! Cant you believe it?! I cant!
Worst gift you ever received?
I used to hate my moms gifts to me. She always bought me horrible clothes. Though they have the video of me when I am like 3 and I was a HUGE Little Mermaid fan, and my parents gave me The Jungle Book, I threw it to the side and walked away. What a brat I was!
Snow, love or hate?
LOVE and MISS!! I'm hoping next year I can have a white Christmas.
Favorite Christmas song? Least favorite?
Favorite: Christmas Eve/Sarajevo - Trans-Siberian Orchestra & Where are you Chritmas -Faith Hill
Least Favorite: The Little Dummer Boy....drives me freaking nuts!
Best Christmas movie? Worst?
Best: Elf, The Santa Clause, Frosty the Snowman.
Worst: The Little Drummer Boy...I'm mean.
Christmas tree, real or fake?
FAKE! One time payment and I'm done and it last longer and no clean up. My husband hates this but hey! I like not having to do more then I have to.
Do you have a favorite ornament?
No :( I wish I did. My mom go rid of all my old ones.
Family traditions?
Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve! This year we are doing a movie night, crockpot hot chocolate, marshmallows, candy, junk food, and a movie!
Also we have a big family breakfast! and have lunch at Grandmas
The easiest and hardest people to buy gifts for?
I am the hardest to buy for. I buy what I good luck getting me something. sister cause she doesnt care.
Do you open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas?
Only open PJ's on Christmas Eve. Everything else is opened on Christmas.
Clear or colored lights?
I love Clear! But Colored looks awesome on the outside of the house.
Travel or stay home?
Stay home. But I wish I was going home this year!
Themed or homey decorations?
Homey decor! I like themed trees and such, but most of my stuff has been given to me by family members. I like the idea of passing this stuff onto Evelyn one day.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Whos excited for Christmas?

ME ME ME!! I dont think I have ever had such a calm Christmas experience as I have this year. I finished the majority of Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving! Everything since then has been odd's and ends, stocking stuffers, and just good deals I find that I know my family will love! I'll admit I didnt even care if I got anything, but my husband reminded me if I keep spending money on him and Ev that he would be able to get me anything. Oooh...right!

I'm pretty bummed we are having another year not around family, but ya know, you gotta do what you gotta do. I live 2,000+ miles away from my family, so its just unrealistic to do it. Crossing my fingers for next year but you know I am up for another family Christmas!

We originally had plans to just have it be us 3 for Christmas. But P has a single soldier who cant go home this year, so he has been invited to come over after our Christmas morning. I cant let someone be alone on Christmas! Plus I have a feast to plan and the more the merrier! Every holiday since we moved here has involved someone being here for the morning and through everything, while I dont mind it so much, sometimes its a bummer. But at least I'll get Christmas morning with just my family and then have this soldier come over.

What are your plans for Christmas this year?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Evie meeintg Santa

We took Evelyn to meet Santa on the 1st...and of course I am just getting around to posting about it.

P needed to go Christmas shopping for me, so it was really the perfect time to head to the Mall and see him, then seperate and meet for lunch. We got there at 10 when Santa was to appear and of course there was already a line! So we got in and waited...I'll tell you right now...I wish I had my stroller because Evelyn was sick of us holding her after 10 minutes.

When she first saw Santa she just smiled and was all good with it. Then a lady came to take Evelyn to Santa and Evelyn of course jumped right into her arms...because the girl has no stranger danger at all! But as soon as she started walking towards Santa, Evelyn was climbing over her shoulders trying to get out of there. So we just decided to get in the picture with her.

She looks much happier right?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A little update.

Since my blogging has been so up in the air I decided to give you all an update on how things in the L. household are latley.

Lets start with P. Since I last updated about him, he has going through Airborne school, or had just finished. Either way P had his first jump at Fort Bragg a few weeks ago! Since I didnt go to his Airborne Graduation I couldnt wait to watch him jump here. When I got the chance I went and boy am I glad I did. Its the coolest thing ever to see them jump! I could have watched all day!
Its kinda hard to see but he is jumper #11
Other then that he has been getting off early all day this week. Super shocking!! I never though I'd see the day. He takes Christmas leave on Monday and we cant wait to have him home for a long period of time, and it will definitly be nice to show him that I do not sit around all day again.
Now for Evie. She's doing fanstastic! We are working really hard on her speach and pointing out body far she loves to show her Belly...or in her words "ebby!". Shes still learning Toes but when I ask her to say Toes she says "ooes". So we're getting it! She is also learning her name...but since I think saying Evelyn is a little complex for her right now we have been saying "E" or "Eeee!! Me Eee!!" in her words.
She also loves to color! She's always on her doodle pad, or pointing to her crayons. We have works of art all over our fridge and her walls.
Oh and me...I am doing pretty good. I finally got my hair dyed back to its natural color, and I'm loving it. I do miss the blonde highlights but maybe some other time I'll put them back in. I have been working on getting myself onto a schedule so I can start a workout routine. I usually go off of Evelyns schedule, and while that works most days, most days I'll forget I have to clean and keep up on housework, then it will be 3 weeks later and I have so much to do in one day. So for now on I'll be taking an hour or two out of the day where Evelyn is behind the gate in her room with her music and I'll be cleaning or even just taking time to myself to read/write/blog whatever I want.
Its very typical of me to get caught up in the roles I play and lose myself. I dont want to look back in 40 years and say I was an amazing Mom and an amazing Wife, but I was not an amazing me. It will take time to balence it, but I'm going to do it. If Evelyn ever wants to be a stay at home mom I want to give her advice on stuff I actually did and stuggled with being a SAHM.
One thing I have been fond of latley is my crafting and heres just a few things I have done over the last few weeks...

I'm pretty proud of myself when I see these things!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Back and Forth.

Things have finally started to settle down here in my household. I am not crying all the time or grieving the loss of my friend. I've started getting some closure on his death, after talking to his Grandmother, and sending her a letter with memories of him in it.

I didnt think I would ever take a death this hard ever again. After you lose a sibling, losing Grandparents or anything such as that seems more like it there time. then super sad. Of course I am always sad and grieve the losses of my Grandparents who have passed, but I have always known they lived a full healthy life. But this friend was a different grief, reminded me alot of how I felt when I lost my sister. Your just so sad that a young life was lost.

Enough about my grief. I am dealing with it, and I really am glad he found the peace he has been searching for.

I have lots of things going through my brain and latley have no way of putting it out into my blogosphere. I have been finding other ways to put out feelings and such by painting and crafting. If you follow me on Instagram you've seen the photos. I am sorry I cannot show you them, Blogger apperently isnt a an of me anymore and I am going to hopefully switch to WP soon.

If you have suggestions on how to do it please let me know :)

I have started my Christmas Menu and my New Years menu and my Anniversary menu! I get way excited early! But this is a magical time of year! Although Halloween is my favorite holiday, this time of the year is filled with some much love, and joy!

Anyone got any great things coming up this month as well?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oh! Well Hello There!

Hey ya'll! Sorry I havent posted anything...this week has sure been a busy, horrible, sad, terrifying week for me, and to be honest I just havent given a damn about blogging.

To start this week it was pretty ok...nothing bad really. P had field training for a few days but latley that seems normal. The night before P went away I woke up for some reason in the middle of the night, and had an urge to look at my phone, when I learned a good friend of mine had taken his life.

Now I am not going into detail about how great of friends we were, for a while we had a great relationship, I could probably call him a best friend at one point in my life. He helped me get through a deep dark depression I was in, that he was also in too. I'm so sad that he couldnt find his light in life, and I know he was greeted by his mother in heaven. However, still I am shaken up and sad about this loss. I probably havent talked to him in about 2 years, but this doesnt make the loss any lighter on my heart. I know all to well what he had been going through, and I know how it feels to want to end it all. I can only hope he found the peace he was looking for.

Because P left for the field the morning I found out, I was alone for 2 days. I took bubble baths and wrote his Grandmother a letter. But I couldnt really get out of my funk of being sad for him and his family. I'm glad my mother has decided to go to the funeral, she was friends with his grandmother. I wish I could go too.

I'm having another hard go right now...not sure how I feel about some things but I can only hope it will get better.

I feel bad that I havent been such a hands on Mom with Evelyn the last couple of days, but she doesnt seem to mind. Usually she's pretty happy to just listen to music and watch a little TV, but I did manage to get her crafting/coloring with me.

But of course I cant show you because blogger is a POS. I do have a review coming up...and hopefully I'll be out of this funk soon. :)
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