Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trees for Troops Cause Ends Today

New Girl On Post is promoting Trees For Troops on her blog, and I had seen it but never read it before, so since the hubby cannot come home and give me the car till after work, I thought I would read every little thing! It looks like a realy great cause! We all know us military families, especially those with loved ones gone, during the holiday season need a HUGE pick me up during the holiday seasons. So here is a little information on the cause..

"Trees for Troops helps to make the holidays a little brighter for military families - especially those who are far away from their families. The gift of real Christmas trees bring a touch of home to those who sacrifice in order to preserve our freedom. The trees serve as a token of love and appreciation... Many tell us that the gift of a tree frees up a few dollars to be used on gifts, a nice holiday meal or gas money to go visit family."

The trees are delivered for free by FedEx, and will be given out to thousands of military families at bases all over the country during the holiday season. The Pepsi funding would allow them to reach an additional 5,000 families this year, but we need more votes! Voting for the Pepsi funding ends September 30th, but donations will of course be accepted for the rest of the year."

If you want to read more up on the cause HERE is the link.


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