Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Evelyn's Zoo Day!

I knew while I was in Utah I wanted to take Ev to the Zoo. The Zoo here isn't too big, but isn't very small so its almost perfect to try her out and see how she'll do outside, in the hot sun for a few hours. Plus Ev is a big visual learner, the first time she saw a cow up close she said "Mooo" for hours!

Ev had a blast at the Zoo and barely spent any time in her stroller. She saw Monkeys first and all she could say was "EEE's!!" and "AH AH!". But once she saw the Seaotters it was all over for her, the Zoo has the cage where you can see them underwater and Ev got the biggest kick out of watch them swim around and play!

At the Zoo this summer they have a Lego exhibit, where there are all sorts of Lego animals everywhere its pretty cool to see!
Also my nephew Ashton joined in on the fun with us, and he is just the cutest and pushed Ev all over the Zoo in her stoller when he wasn't in it.
It was a pretty great day! Now I really want to take Ev to the Zoo in NC, but we will see..its so hot there!


Jen said...

The Zoo in NC is so fun!!! :) I think she would do just fine.

Chantal said...

So fun!

Audrey Spence said...

You'll have to try the new aquarium after it opens the end of the year. I don't know when you plan to come back but it's supposed to be pretty cool and much bigger (I hope!) :)

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