Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The questions you get when you go home.

"Is P deployed?"
"When is P deploying again?"
"He'll never leave again right?"
"When you moving home?"
"How many deployments has it been?"
"How do you handle him leaving?"
"Two kids and a deploying husband? How will you do it?"
"How long you staying?"
"Are you moving home now?"
I know we all get it... I get it every.single.time. Not that I mind, its not a normal life I live. I like my life though... and I guess this just comes with the territory... although sometimes I wonder if people think we are in a divorce when I come home without him. But no really... I'm sure that crosses peoples minds. So how do you answer these questions? Well these are my answers.

"Is P deployed?" No, and he is not scheduled for a while.
"When is P deploying again?" He is not scheduled to deploy right now.
"He'll never leave again right?" Oh I wish! But there will always be another deployment.
"When you moving home?" Not. I am not moving home anymore. I was pregnant 2 years ago, and he was gone... seemed like a good reason to move home.
"How many deployments has it been?" 2 deployments (and too many separations to count)
"How do you handle him leaving?" I do what I gotta do cause I love him. You'd do the same.
"Two kids and a deploying husband? How will you do it?" I'm not the only one who's done it, and I will be fine.
"How long you staying?" Oh just a few weeks! (no I am not divorcing my husband)
"Are you moving home now?" Nope. Hoping to move closer soon though!


Jen said...

Those questions can be so frustrating after a while!

Munchkins and the Military said...

Great answers! You're so much nicer than I am.. It gets old after a while. Especially when it's people that you've told the same thing to multiple times.

Chantal said...

That can be frustrating and old sometimes!

Audrey Spence said...

I bet those questions get old. My sister is going through her first deployment right now with her bf. He joined the Army reserves to help pay for school and you'd think being in the financial branch you'd be clear of being shipped off. Nope! He's in Afganistan for about 9 months total and I think he's only put in like 3 months. And within the first week experienced his first earthquake and attack on their armored vehicle carrying hundreds of thousands of dollars. My sister said he had never been so scared in his life as when they were getting bombed at. As far as I know that's been his only big issue. Oh and because of government "cutbacks" they have decided to stop spending money on "snacks" so they don't have access to any food in between meals. So instead of cutting back on other things like political parties and what not they should stop giving additional food to those who sacrifice their lives for our freedom. Makes sense to me... not! My sister tries to send him packages when she can with food and stuff from the states since they've been cut off from a lot from budget cuts. But can I say how thankful I am for the men and women that sacrifice so much for our freedoms and for their families that support them through the process. Our country would definitely fail without them all! :)

A Girl said...

I get tired of those questions, but I know what you me about them being part of the deal.

Sometimes it's hard to have to keep explaining your life, but at the same time I guess it's also nice to know they they care and are interested. :)

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