Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm Back :)

Since I last left you off we traveled the 1,100 miles to Fort Bragg, North Carolina! We signed our lease for our on post housing and we have been to the Beach!

So far we LOVE Bragg! Its a beautiful area, and right now the weather is perfect! We are very thrilled to be here.

Evelyn has enjoyed being here as well! She is outside all the time! Much nicer since its not windy here. The park is a few blocks away and she's loved getting in her stroller for walks at night.

I would love to update you more but my cute daughter LOVES to pull on cords and we have not recived our HHG yet. So I will be waiting for a full update until I can sit on a couch. OOH I miss my couch!!


Morgan Neal said...

Oh so excited! Hopefully we can meet:)

Cassidy said...

Very relieved to see you and your family are safe. I hope our PCS is just as positive as yours has been so far. Honestly, I'm ready to be moved.

Jamie said...

Yay. Have fun getting all settled in!

Chantal said...

Welcome back!

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