Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm Backkk!

...Again. Yay clap for me!....Ok enough enough.

Disney World was amazing. I was surpised how much Evelyn could really do! While we couldnt do the bigger rides there was plenty of other things to do! We stayed in a pretty good budget and didnt over spend too much. I am the type of person who loves to buy family members gifts, and Disney is not the perfect place to buy things. Although because of Star Tours at Disney's Hollywood Studios, I did buy some gifts for my nephews.

Evelyn loved the Characters! We let her watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the mornings (on Disney Junior) and I think she might have caught the hint that these were real things. That or she thought these things were too cool!! Either way she seemed to have a blast at the parks! She really loved the carosel, she acted like she was really riding the horses.

I did really good at sticking to my diet with the acception of having a few treats. I let myself have some Diet Coke, which was horrid and tasted like Salt Water, same with the water. I had a cake pop and some ice cream. Nothing too bad, but it was Disney World and how often do you go to Disney World? Not very often at least for me. But When we actually had meals I did great!

I have to say that if your planning on a Disney World/Land Vacation get the Undercover Tourist app for your iphone! It came in handy so much! We knew what days were good days for which parks and how long the lines were.

Another recommendation I have is to go to Magic Kingdom twice! The first time we went we saw the fireworks and the parades, the next time we went during all the fireworks we rode all the rides, because no one was there! It was awesome to walk right onto rides!

Anyways heres some photos from our little adventure...


Recently Roached said...

This looks like such fun! She is precious!
I've never been to Disney World. I think I had a jipped childhood or something. I'll have to make my husband take me sometime. I HAVE to meet Cinderella, after all ;)

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