Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lets Get Curvy!

I usually dont write about my weight. I usually think that by blogging about my weight that I should be more determined to take this weight off...well I dont. But this time its very very serious.

I have hated my body since I had Evelyn. I thought breastfeeding would help but I wasnt exactly eating very well after I had her so it didnt do much. I have pregnancy and deployment weight on me and its starting to weigh heavily on me.

Its ovious I am not happy with how I look. I'm constantly feeling self consious in almost everything I wear.

So we decided not to start anything till we got to Bragg since we wanted to be able to be flexible and hang out with out friends. It was a good thing we did because we ended up doing a ton with our friends.

I'm proud to say that since we actually moved to Bragg I cut out soda and chocolate. I have lost 7 pounds and now I am more determind then ever to lose more weight. We've been doing walks alot with Evelyn and its been so much fun! I am really hoping I can keep it up.

My plans are not too drastic, since I dont stick to strick things too well. Its a steady climb to getting to wear I want and need to be. I plan on walking to the neighborhood center gym and working out at least 30 minutes before walking back home. The neighborhood center is about 5 or 6 blocks away so its not too long of a walk, but doing cardio and weights at the gym will be a great thing for me. Hopefully I can find some friends doing that too. Althought I have boobs...and I mean I have BOOBS, I dont run, it doesnt work it wears me out and theres never good sports bras that I can find in my bra size so walking/speed-walking is my best option for now.

When I met my husband I weighed 170 and it believe it or not was a really good weight for me, It definitly could have been better but I was skinny and curvy and felt amazing all the time. My BMI scale says I should weigh 130...well thats NEVER going to happen. I am too hippy and too booby so no. Now I weight....Oh too much. I'd love to weigh 155 one day and thats a goal. But for now its all about getting started.

Since we are going to Disney World tomorrow I wont be starting anything till we get back. However I will be eating healthy and not drinking alcohol or soda. Of course there will be lots of walking but I still want to have a treat or two while I am there, but nothing too fatty.

So here we go! I am planning on you all keeping me motivated through out this process and I have made my husband swear up and down that he will keep my head in the game and that he will make me blog about it. Not to mention the friends I have that give me crap if I even think about a pepsi.

Here we go...



Kelly said...

GOod luck girl!! Have a great time at Disney World, enjoy every moment! You'll do great with the weight loss. You have a great outlook... slow and steady DOES win the weight loss weight. Let's get CURVY!!!

Our Family of Four said...

Good luck! As long as you keep your head in it, you will do great:) After I had Calee, I put little post it notes on my bathroom mirrors and stuff to help keep me motivated. It worked!

Chantal said...

You can do it! I'm fighting to bring down my weight too. I'm pretty close, but I'd love to lose the extra ten pounds I had on before I got pregnant. Good job on starting to eat healthy!!

Morgan Neal said...

Good luck! Ive lost 6 since Mr. Army Man left but still want to loose more. I want be be fit. Hope it works out good for you!!

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