Friday, March 2, 2012

Sleep training?

So I havent done that...

I have been getting really tired of waking up at 1am just so Evelyn can drink 1oz. I try to ignore her or give her a binky to help her go back to sleep, but she just screams for that 1oz. I dont mind waking up at (around) 5am to feed her a full bottle. But this 1am thing is driving me insane!

I always thought Evelyn would naturally grow out of waking up at night. So many other babys do...I assume.

I had a neighbor who's little boy is a few weeks older then Evelyn tell me that she would just get up with her boy and play and show him that he's not hungry, and then take him to bed. When they started leaving him in bed and he'd wake up they would pat his bum till he fell asleep.

I realize I should be way more patient, and I am trying to be, but one person who is NOT at all patient with this is my husband. The man hated me breastfeeding and talked me into not doing it anymore. Now he is mad I wont just get up with the baby and get her back to sleep faster. All I say is "I dont want to be getting up twice a night with a 1 year old."

I am going to really wait till we move and have the chance to "sleep in" a little more, but if I can I want to start working with her right now. I know it irritates my husband but he's not the one getting up twice a night with her. Plus he is Out Processing and is barelly ever working anymore, he shouldnt be complaining.

Her night routine is: she eats dinner with us, around 6. She has baby food and usually eats a whole container of it. Shes on stage 2 baby foods so its pretty thick. She has some Puffs, practice for finger foods. Then I bathe her with Nighttime Wash and lotion her with Nighttime Lotion. She gets to come back downstairs for a bit where we feed her and then when she looks tired we put her to bed. Usually she's immediatly tired after her bath. She gets 5 oz of formula and then its off to bed. In the crib with a Binky and her sound machine is on. (she does take 2 naps a day ranging from 40 minutes to an hour)

I would love if someone could give me suggestions or ideas! Thanks SO much!


Erin said...

I think given her age, sleep training is appropriate. Some people don't believe in it at all, but I do. I would recommend reading the Ferber Book "Solve your child's sleep problems."

Chantal said...

Check out the book I was reading, "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby." It's working for our baby! I think at this point, she isn't waking up because she's hungry, she's waking up out of habit. I'm not sure exactly how to break the habit. How soon do you go in to check on her?

And I'm sorry your husband isn't helping the situation :( It sucks he made you stop breastfeeding too!

Morgan Neal said...

I'm an army wife too and live in fort bragg! So exciting your pcs-ing soon!:)

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