Monday, March 5, 2012

Hitting the Fan

So this is the last week before moving, and we have barelly anything to do since we are doing a Army Move. I have noticed more and more how OCD I am with it though, I hate that in 4 days we are out of the house and only our nessesitys are packed. Its driving me bonkers! Yes, I said bonkers.

Thankfully though we havent had to do anything since Evelyn has gotten super sick! I mean like flu sick. She has been throwing up since last night, and thankfully we now have food in her belly that she's keeping down for now. Just 3oz of formula for right now until we're positive she can keep her food down. She hates her pedialyte and doesnt like water too much. So we've just been trying our hardest to keep her hydrated.

The husband is also very conviced we should do everything later on. The movers arrive tomorrow to pack our things and he wants to lay on the couch because he thinks he was up with a baby throwing up on him, so he didnt get any sleep. Evelyn slept with us so she did take alot of the bed but we needed to watch her. But no it was me getting thrown up on, taking multipul showers to wash it out of my hair (I miss ponytails!) and me feeding her and checking on her. I swear this man is about to drive me mad with this move and his need to have a nap everyday...end rant.

I am also frustrated with Picerne. I love them! I am so glad their inspection is not a white glove inspection of the house, but I am a little pissed. They informed us that we cannot have ANY trash in the trash can when we leave. Trash gets picked up on Monday and we leave Friday! No one is moving in on Monday for sure! So I dont understand why they wont let us throw trash out. Its so stupid! We now have to drive to a dumpster to dump our trash. I love moving!! its so much flippin fun!!


Morgan Neal said...

So sorry your baby is sick! Thank goodness we don't live on post I'd probably be locked up for shooting someone by now! Lol. But welcome to Fort Bragg. If you need anything, new friends, shopping places, good restaurant reviews let me know. :) We love it here.

Audrey Spence said...

When we moved up here from ca it was the move from hell done in multiple trips over a period of like 5ish months. We had so much stuff and had a storage unit in logan thinking that we'd end up by my grandpa. The last two trips were the worst. Our caravan of 3 cars, 4 people, 3 snakes, 1 lizard, 1 dog and a bucketful of fish turned an 11 hour drive into a 15 hour one (made it to Tooele at 3am!)then the second one was just me and my dad in our van and it overheated so my mom and sister and dog had to drive all the way from UT to come and tow the trailer which was a 24 hr drive for my poor mom. I pray that your trip goes sooooo much smoother than ours did. At least you don't have pets. That in itself I think will help. And I really hope poor little Evelyn is feeling better before you start your trek! It would be horrible to have to drive that far when she's not feeling well. Good luck this week!

Chantal said...

They said the same about our trash can. Luckily, the move worked out well with timing, and everything else a neighbor let us use her trash can.

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