Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July!

Hello everyone! We had a perfect day celebrating America's birthday! We have seriously not taken advantage of the beach too often this summer, and we decided that the 4th would be the perfect time! We headed down to Atlantic Beach and picked up P's friend who's in the USMC along the way. It was perfect!!

Evelyn loves her Uncle Preston, I mean seriously.. she thinks he's her boyfriend. Preston is happy to go along with it too. Before we went to the beach we checked into our hotel which was on the USMC Base, it was $30 a night, so no way we were passing that up! We got Evelyn down for a nap while the boys went to the grocery store and got stuff for a BBQ at a park. As hot as it was,  Evelyn didn't play too much at the park, but she had a blast running around under the covered patio. After that everyone went to their rooms and got ready to head to the beach!

We got to the beach at about 4. I was worried it was still going to be super hot, but it really was nice and cool. The water was perfect! Evelyn loved the water! I was so surprised how much she played in the water. After about an hour we all got out and decided to eat dinner, Evelyn ate fruit and made sure she got plenty of sand too. I had forgotten I can't eat lunch meat, and while I was just going to do it anyways a man selling Chick Fil A was walking around and P jumped at the chance to "save his unborn child's life" and bought me a sandwich. I wont deny it... it was pretty yummy!

We let Evelyn play in the sand while we all dried off and watched the sunset, when Evelyn wanted to go for a walk... as we walked around I noticed she was taking me straight back into the ocean... I was glad I brought an extra outfit at that moment because there was no stopping her from climbing right into the water. So I let her get soaked!
After she had ventured into the ocean again.
As soon as the sunset, we waited around for the fireworks show. It was kind of exciting, thinking about watching fireworks on the beach. I just thought about how romantic it would be! I mean sure Preston was there... but that's ok. It was everything I thought it would be!! Evelyn loved it! Perfect 4th of July!


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Sounds like a great little trip!

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