Thursday, July 25, 2013

Evelyns Birthday!

Hey you guys! Sorry it took me so long to get to this! Evelyn got really sick on Monday and was running a high fever for a few days, and just started feeling better today.

Evelyn had such a fun Birthday! Last year P was graduating Airborne School, and I was in Utah with my family. So it was nice to all be together this year. Evelyn woke up and came straight into our room bright and early at 6am! We put her into our bed and cuddled our new little two year old. Its one of those times where life just seems to be perfect! 2 years has flown by and it feels like we just brought her home from the hospital.

P had insisted we spoil Evelyn and get her some donuts for her birthday, so off he went to get Evelyn some fresh Krispy Kream's. When P returned we gave Ev her chocolate frosted donut with Sprinkles and placed 2 candles ontop and sang Happy Birthday to her! She just really didn't understand what the heck we were doing.

After breakfast we had Evelyn open up a few presents. Lucky girl got spoiled rotten! I've mentioned before that I had been working on her toddler room...and this was that final finishing piece to her room. Her new bedding for her big girl bed! Seriously... you cannot go wrong with giving your kid bedding. Evelyn was so excited to get her Minnie Mouse bedding and on top of that, she got a Minnie Mouse pillow pet from my parents.

I'll have to do her bedroom reveal next week sometime. It looks great!

Evelyn had her party on her birthday too and we were so glad we had so many people come to her party! Evelyn loved running around with all the kids!

One of my wonderful friends made this cake for Evelyn.

It was a wonderful day!

Evelyn is the biggest blessing to us and our family. She has the sweetest spirit about her! We couldn't be more proud to be this little angels parents. She really is amazing!


Chantal said...

What a fun birthday! She's so big!

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