Monday, July 1, 2013

Hiring a Doula

This pregnancy has brought up a lot of different emotions for me. For one.. when you find out you're having another baby a lot of things cross your mind. For one, for me at least I thought a ton about my birth experience with Evelyn. I don't at all regret being induced, P was on leave from Iraq and after 5 days of nothing happening and no process, ya I was ok with being induced so P could spend more time with her.

One thing I have hated about my birth experience was how drugged I was. I did not what so ever think I would have a 5 hour labor. I was totally mentally prepared for 16+ hours. Yepp I was, I had a ton of movies for my room, I packed P a bunch of snacks, I had books, ipods, stuff for me to do pain management in the shower.. but I didn't get to do any of that.

I went in the night before to be induced over night. I took an ambian because I knew I needed that sleep. I took it at 11pm.. and I woke up at 4:30 or 5 and I was in active labor. By 6am I was at 6 CM dialated. By 7am I was a 8 and by 8am I was pushing out a baby. I mean it went super fast! And that ambian didn't wear off.. plus the epidural.. ya I was pretty drugged. When they broke my water and they told me it was green, I didn't even comprehend what the hell that ment!

So this go around I have had a lot of time to think, and P has had more time to tell me... "ya that's so gross I don't want to watch again".. haha his choice. I however have decided I want to see... I hope I don't regret that haha. But because P is so uncomfortable with me in pain and seeing anything down there again I have decided to look into hiring a doula.

But what do you know... one of my new church friends IS a Doula! Now I haven't fully decided if I am indeed hiring her, if I am really even going to hire one, or if I just need to really train P to buck up. But I decided that I need to start looking into it. I'd love to do a natural birth, and I am not going to pressure myself too much. But if I can do it, I would be happy to do that for my baby and myself.

Now my question to my readers is what should I ask my friend about being a doula? What do you ask someone you're hiring to help you bring a baby into the world?! How do you go about this?


Chantal said...

You should do it! No other advice lol

Mary @ This is How My Garden Grows said...!/PeacefulBirthServices?fref=ts

That's my best friend, she's a doula in MO and she is always up to answering people's questions about hiring doulas and birth in general.

Audrey Spence said...

You know your body best and know what you need so do whatever is best for you. Scott has never watched and probably never will. He wasn't in there when Jackson came out. But I did so good second time around with my epidural. It happened quick and I was even able to stand fairly quickly afterwards. The nurses were a great help for me and my mom was there too. I'm sure it will all work out whatever you do! :)

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