Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Finally Some Fun!

I have felt really bad the last few months. Summers in the South are seriously awful! The humidity is horrid, the heat is overpowering and unless you're getting in a body of water, its really not that great! I'll also be honest about something... I don't handle heat very well at all! I can't stand being stuck to my clothes, drinking so much water which then leads to peeing every 5 minutes. I just suck at Summer. On top of the regular summer issues, I was also pregnant this year... I've been pregnant in the summer before, but I was 7 months along by the time it started to get hot, and it didn't bother me one damn bit to not leave the house. Now I have Evelyn... so not leaving the house isn't always an option... but still, if we didn't get out early in the morning, or be going to the pool.. we didn't spend much time outside. I'm lucky she's two and doesn't really care. But still this summer wasn't a fun one.

Finally here in good ol' NC it has cooled down! I haven't seen the sun in maybe 2 weeks, and I don't care! Evelyn and I are out having fun almost every single day! Its been a blast to be out with her. I think P has been enjoying that we are getting out too.

The last few weekends we have had trips to the parks, pumpkin patches, painting pumpking, carving pumpkins... I mean really we have had fun! I'm even more so in the mood to get her doing more things indoors when I am busy cleaning or whatever else I need to do. You can definitely see a difference with Evelyn in how she feels.

I could really beat myself up about not being active this summer, but I can only do so much. Having morning sickness and chasing a toddler was ALOT! Plus keeping up on all my household duties... sometimes it just was hard enough to stay awake because I was so exhausted. I was lucky enough that P helped pick up the slack, and Evelyn was very patient in waiting for Mommy to feel better. Now that its cooler and I am feeling loads better, except for a few Braxton hicks here and there, we will be getting out lots more before baby comes and we are limited to doing too much again. I am so glad I can make things up to her as time goes on and she's just as happy as can be about it.


Jen said...

I love that picture of Evelyn. :)

Chantal said...

I'm so glad it's getting cooler!

Casey McAuiff said...

Don't take it out on yourself - you have every right to be tired! I'm sure she's having so much fun with you and all the Halloween festivities!! I'm jealous!!

MrsMcDancer said...

She looks so grown up! Glad you guys were able to get out and have some fun.

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