Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The downside to Germany... for me.

The process of us moving to a new country has only just begun. We are in the baby stages, getting the little things done, preparing for the big things. Its a huge process to move, but move to another country... its a bigger list of things to do. I am getting excited about going, and although P has his hopes up about visiting every. single. place. I am being more realistic about it.

One thing that isn't far from my mind is being away from family. You see, I am a BIG family person. I always have adored my brothers and sister, niece and nephews, and as of growing out of that teenager attitude my parents fit into that category now. I am not very happy about missing out on lives and get togethers... I have been pretty lucky since getting married, that I have been home for some good events at home. Sadly I've missed a friends funeral, and a few family emergencies... and P's and mines goal was to move closer so that I could be more included on those things, especially while he is away.

I have had to come to the realization that moving to Germany, although it will be an amazing experience and I know it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, that I will miss out on things... a lot of things.

I have a Grandpa with Alzheimer's and I am positive that if he is not gone by the end of the 3 years in Germany, that he will have no idea who I am. I have become very close to my Grandpa in the last few years, and he has opened up to me a lot about his military experience in the Korean War. Its hard to think he may pass away while I am gone, or forget who I am. I've cried about that a few times. Its inevitable.

I know that I am lucky to move... but I don't think any move is that easy for anyone. You can be so excited... but there's always going to be that one downside. This is mine.

I don't like the thought of knowing when I get back that my nephew will be graduating high school... that my niece and nephew will be in high school! I'm missing out on huge points in their lives, and although they know their Aunt Lizzy, it really bothers me to know that I'll be missing out. My youngest nephew and Evelyn just adore each other... and they won't get that cousin experience I had growing up with my own cousins... and that sucks! The baby will be 3 when Germany is done, and although I am sure I'll make a few trips home, my brothers and the grandparents will be missing out on her growing up.

Thank god for technology.

I'm so glad that P and I are getting this experience, and so are our girls. Who would have thought that a little girl from a town in Utah would be moving to Europe! I certainly didn't see this in my future, but I am excited to have the experience.

I know it will be hard to be away.. and I'll have to find some great ways to be involved in the kid's lives, and it will be the same on their end. It's no fun to miss out on huge family events and even the sad events that happen. I always want to be there for my family, but I'm so glad they have all made it so much easier on me and are so supportive of us. Its going to be really hard, but I know it will work out, and hopefully nothing really bad happens while I am away. Maybe I'll get lucky and all of them will take a vacation to see us... haha yeah right! I can dream though can't I?


Chantal said...

I'm not even a big family person, but being so far away makes me a bit sad! It's definitely okay to feel it.

Jen said...

Fingers crossed that they can come visit you! Hugs!

Mrs. Duh said...

Of course it will be a great adventure, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have downsides. It's okay to be sad. Being far from family and friends is my 100% least favorite part of military life. Many hugs!

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