Sunday, November 17, 2013

And your point is?

Lately I have been really wrapped up in sales, discounts, coupon clipping, menu planning and present wrapping! Can you blame me? Thanksgiving is coming up very soon and right after that is Christmas! I like to finish my Christmas shopping early, and it seems like every year I start earlier and earlier. I'm pretty big into getting the best deal I can. If I was brave enough you would probably find me actually in line to get into stores on Black Friday... but instead you'll find me going through online sales and finding coupons to get my family their gifts.

As you can see I get really wrapped up in giving gifts to my family. I know the season is not all about gifts, but this is the one time of year I feel it is appropriate to spoil my family!

As I was searching through my shopping apps on my phone this morning, looking at weekly deals and coupons at my favorite stores, I remembered what P said to me last year about my shopping. He told me; "If you don't stop shopping, you won't be getting anything for Christmas."... and my reaction was the same as last years... "So?" But then as I was searching some more, I started to think about why P would actually want to buy me a present... I mean, I don't need anything. I don't want much either... other then baking pans. My gift is to spoil them rotten, because I love them so much! and then there! You see it? I realized... P feels the same way! He never gets to buy me anything because if I ever need anything, I go get it. I take care of Evelyn's presents, parties and her needs as well. I do all of that. If P needs something, I make sure to grab it too. This is also his one time of year he gets to spoil his wife. He may not be so into finding the perfect gifts for Evelyn, but when he gets the chance to shop for his wife, he does take it seriously.

P treats his girls very well! He sometimes gets frustrated when I buy Evelyn a gift she doesn't need, or a cute outfit that is so not necessary, but you'll almost never hear him complain about it. He works 12+ hours a day and just wants to relax on weekends, so he really doesn't ever get the chance to go all out for anything other then Christmas and my Birthday.

So as I am going through ads and such thinking of going out and shopping this week or next, I stopped myself and decided to throw some more money into our "extra money" account. Its money we put aside for occasions such as Christmas, Birthdays and Vacations. Its money for P to use to shop for me... and money I won't touch. I still want to spoil him rotten for Christmas... and just a hint... Online Black Friday shopping is so worth it! Especially on...Video Games. But I'm glad I stopped myself and realized how important this is for him too. I hope he enjoys it... I'm sure I'll enjoy receiving it :)


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