Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

Hey everyone! I know its been another long run of no blogging... but I am still going to blame it on potty training. While things have been getting better... Evelyn still has her days of wishing we would just throw a diaper on her again... and believe me I sometimes really want to!

Anyways... I thought before I do my 35 week post and my Thanksgiving post that I would write about Black Friday.

I am a pretty big bargain shopper... you kind of have to be when you're a one income family with almost 2 kids. I'm not the type to haggle people in stores and at their yard sales.. but when I see a good deal, its a good deal!

Black Friday, its only been my thing since I had Evelyn. Do you know how expensive kids are? Then to get online and see this amazingly cute $40 dress on sale for $10?! But I will say this... I'd rather do the Black Friday thing, online. I don't really feel like dying over a pair of shoes.

But it really disappoints me to see people just rag on anyone who participates in Black Friday. I mean.. I get that it is madness! But I really honestly don't see the harm in the people who aren't going to kill you for that TV, saving some money and spoiling their families. One thing about Christmas is it is the time for giving, and I love to give my family everything, and Black Friday makes that a possibility. Sure these are material items, they will be junk in a few years, and hey maybe they will be someone elses junk, but to spend money on it, and watch my family enjoy their gifts is a huge blessing for me.

Evelyn still loves her toys she got for Christmas last year, and soon when she's over them, they will be passed on to her little sister. Its like a saving money merry go round!!

I am really grateful for times like these, when P and I can watch our money and then blow some of it on having an amazing holiday with our family! This year we wished we could be home, but its definitely not happening this year. So it will be just us 3, and I don't see any harm in making it special. I don't know what it's like to grow up away from family, and sadly my girls will have to grow up that way. I want them to always know how special these holidays are, especially when we cannot be with family. I will teach my girls that Christmas is not just about gifts. Its about Jesus, Love and Family! Black Friday will never change that view for us. I'm glad I get to spoil my family, and we've worked hard to make sure we can.

If your shopping today, be careful out there. If not, I hope you enjoy those leftovers :)


Jen said...

I agree with your thoughts on Black Friday! I don't understand why people think it's such a bad thing. If you don't go then don't worry about it.

Chantal said...

I agree! I'm going shopping today a bit.

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