Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Potty Training... Its happening!!

I never thought this day would come... after at least 10 false alarms, and Evelyn thinking she was ready, and turning out to not be ready, its really here! Last Sunday, Evelyn insisted on using the potty so I took her to the bathroom... she went, and then she went again and again and again!! Words cannot describe the joy I felt knowing this was more then likely it! I really didn't think she'd want to do it for a while, and to be honest... I was mentally preparing to fly to Germany with two kids in diapers.

Its been over a week now since I have even touched a diaper! Not including pull-ups. I know in some situations pull-ups are no no's but Evelyn does not understand getting up and using the potty at night, and until she has control of her bladder, I'm not going force it.

I'm glad that I decided to take a step back and stop trying to force her into potty training... this is a huge step for her and she should be the one to make the decision to do it, not me or her Dad. Now that she's using the potty... almost like a pro, it makes me so proud to see her have made this decision.

I'm still cleaning up messes sometimes, and of course she's having an issue pooping in the potty, but I expected that. But I know we are on our way! I couldn't be prouder of my little one.

She's thrilled to keep her Minnie Mouse and Bubble Guppie panties dry, and gladly tells me she is dry when I ask her if she is. She also gets the hint that if she does good all day she gets to pick a treat from her Halloween bucket. Best use for Halloween candy I swear!

Now that she has this new found freedom... she also has decided to learn how to take clothes off, and at this point... I don't mind. I'm glad we aren't living in Utah though so she's not freezing!


Chantal said...

That is SO cool of her! I really hope Penny does it on her own as well.

Jen said...

:) She is doing so great!!!

Lori Goodman said...

Thanks for the post. Reading the experiences of other parents is very helpful for someone starting to potty train their child.

Lori Goodman

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