Tuesday, February 7, 2012

30 Day Notice.

So on Friday I turned in our 30 day notice to the housing office! Its really happening, its really going on. Its strange.

I am so glad that everything at Fort Bragg is going to be set up for us when we get there as far as housing goes! Because I cant imagine trying to find a house right now!

We are doing an Army move, but thinking maybe a partial. We have to drive both cars to Bragg so we want to fill up my Edge to the exteme with things we will need before transportation brings our things. Such as pots and pans! and dishes! Plus all the crap you need for a baby! I dont know much about any of this crap! I have our final appointment with Transporation on the 22nd and then we'll be able to find out more.

This is the Hubs and Mines first PCS so we're fuzzy on details, and we've got a million friends telling us a million different things! all I know for sure is I am going to feed my movers! It shocked me when I read a blog that said some people dont feed them or give them even water! RUDE! I dont want my stuff to get broken, so I will be feeding them and giving them water.

Other then turning in our 30 day notice, I had no idea that I might be paying out of pocket for our clean up! Even if we clean up. What the hell was the money I gave to to move in for then?

The Hubs and I have started planning our road trip to Bragg...we thought we wanted to do a longer trip since its a long drive and alot of places to see, but we know that one day we will have to move back to the West  Coast one day, and so we've decided just to do our trip in 3 days and spend the rest of the month that he has off, getting our home together and getting to know the area. We have a friend in the Marine Corps thats stationed in North Carolina and we are planning on picking him up for a weekend and going to the beach.

Its amazing how fast this snuck up on us! Its also really sad that we're the first one of our friends to leave, and I've never had a friend PCS...so its a really big sucker for our family. We have such great friends! It will be sad to leave, but hopefully I can find friends fast! Especially friends that want to go to The Hunger Games movie with me! Dying to go much?


Cassidy said...

PCS'ing is exciting and stressful at the same time. You've chosen wisely by getting there soon and taking the time to get to know the area. This is good so you won't have to stress [as much] when it comes to moving in etc. It's ridiculous how hard you clean post housing they will always find a something wrong with it no matter how well you did. [I waxed floors and cleaned everything they listed in 2006' clearing, and was told it was unacceptable and I had to pay $600 for a cleaning crew]. I hope they are good to you, and you're doing the right thing with the movers. I did the same thing with our movers in 09' when we PCS'd from New York to Texas. The movers there were great, it's the ones here that damaged all my goods.

ROXY said...

Good luck on your PCS. Our first PCS move a few months ago went well however I did lose a bouquet of money roses. I think the movers stole it since I didn't hide it. I didn't give food or water to them but I did not know any better. Definitely hold on to things you can't risk losing.

Chantal said...

Good luck! We haven't had many PCS's on the mainland, so I couldn't give you too much advice regarding that. But it's exciting!

Audrey Spence said...

Time has flown! I swear its like you just moved back and Paul was just coming home. Crazy! Good luck with your last month! Enjoy it!

the Middle Sister said...

Just came across your blog, not sure if you have packed and moved just yet. But do keep in mind if you don't want to load your car full of pots, pans, dishes, etc. Fort Bragg has a "Lending Closet" all you needs is your husbands orders and you can "check out" items for FREE http://www.fortbraggmwr.com/acs/airborne-attic/
Good luck

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