Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sit Up

So at Evelyn's 6 month appointment I mentioned how her doctor was not very thrilled that Evelyn was refusing to sit up and also how she doesnt like to stand flat footed. So I was asked to work as hard as I could with her on this problem and before we moved to make an appointment and see her Pediatrition on how she was doing.

Well our appointment isnt until the 24th, BUT I have been working so hard on Evelyn with her sitting up and staying flat footed. While Evelyn still struggles with staying flat footed (she likes to balence on her sides and tip-toes) she has FINALLY started sitting up!

We did buy her a Sit to Stand toy to keep her more interested in sitting up, and I am so glad we did. She sits up for a while and while we work on her balencing shes trying to touch and play with the toy, right now I just push buttons to grab her attention

She does hate to do it. She's still super stiff with her hips but she will now sit up for minutes at a time as opposed to seconds.

Round of Applapause for Evelyn!!


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