Friday, February 10, 2012

Introducing Miss Sippy Cup!

...not what I call her Sippy just FYI. Just sounded catchy!

Anyways! I have introduced the sippy to Evelyn. She does pretty good with it. I give her apple juice and water in her sippy and that all she gets in it! No formula at all! My goal is to have her 100% off the bottle and the binkie on her 1st birthday. (i will possibly concider the binkie for teething times)
I have stuck to my parenting goals pretty well! I've only had Evelyn sleep in bed with us when need be, such as when we moved back to Fort Riley or when we were on vacation, even a few times when Hubs and I just wanted to have a family night together in bed. But Evelyn is usually in her bed. I'm pretty proud of that goal! I know that alot of parents do the co-sleeping but I just never wanted to do it because my nephews (who's now almost 2) still sleeps in bed with my brother and SIL, and I never wanted to have to break her of that habit. I almost sometimes wish I had done it but in the end I am pretty glad I didnt since we have such a good strong thing going on right now.

Evelyns always done really good at development...aside from her stubborness to not sit up and stand on her tip-toes, but as far as weaning of breastmilk and going to formula she did amazing! She's also been awesome at eating her baby foods and trying her new finger foods! (I did get my doctor to agree to trying her on finger foods since she now has teeth) So I am hopeful that she'll enjoy the sippy soon.

Right now shes just not interested. I keep the sippy on the floor so she can grab it when she wants it, and she usually will when she does. Its alot of fun this stage! I love getting her to try different foods and liquids! She does hate grape juice though and the hubs keeps drinking the damn apple just keeps disapearing.

At dinner time she eats at the table with us and she gets her juice, puffs and baby food and she just loves being a "grown up" with us.  I tell you this stage is a blast!!!


Chantal said...

How nice! Yay sippy cup!

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