Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'm Back/Catch Up!

Things in our house hole have gotten alot better!! Just so you know, there was NEVER an issue of divorce, as many people like to speculate. Its an issue the Hubs and I had to deal with on our own, and I'm glad to say we're getting things together and become regular old us, with a few new changes.

Thank god for this PCS though.

Since I have last really blogged! My parents came into town and we had out St. Barbras Ball. It was a blast for the most part. I can only hope our next ball is better then this one.

(i was looking at our camera but hubs lost it so these are from my parents camera)
One thing about the ball, which NO ONE prepared me for was the empty table for our fallen soldiers. This deployment my husbands unit lost a total of 8 guys. 2 of which were his good friends. I knew one of the guy's wife, and the other wife was at the Ball. It deffinitly made everyone emotional. It was a hard situation, especially when it happened. But it was very nice to meet another one of the wives, and let the boys get more closer.

After the parents left the Hubs and I had alot of alone time and alot of time to connect again. This is one reason I am so glad we dont live near our homes anymore. Its too easy to run away when you have hard times, and this was definitly one we needed to do together. While the parents were here, we were lucky enough to have some of the time alone and have a baby sitter, but after they left we had to find that new normal.
I am lucky enough to have a husband who will really try and I will put as much effort into things as him. We both love eachother so very much, and I am so glad that even when we have hard times like these we can still find away to adjust to eachother and our needs at the moment.

Stay tuned because I do have some great giveaways coming up!!!


Cassidy said...

I agree with the empty table. No one ever prepares you for it. My husband and I were seated at the table next to the commanding two star general and his company. I was in tears.

Samantha said...

I'm glad that things are getting better! That's all we can do is get through the rough patches sometimes. Don't let the negative talkers and assumptions of other people get you down! People should really just mind their own business. Here's hoping tomorrow is even better! :)

Natalie and Remington said...

I'm glad that you two had your time together. There have been many times where I have wanted to just take a step back and delete facebook for a few days or not be on the internet at all. I can see this time coming soon for me. I'm glad to see that having your parents there left some alone time for you and your husband :)

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