Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Downer.

So since we now are in the offical moving to NC in less then a month stage, I have really REALLY started to miss home. I think we all know as MilSpouses that one of the things that sucks is living away from family...ok usually!

I do love having my own life, and not having the option to run home when things get rough. It makes mine and Hubs relationship alot stronger to be away from everyone.

I do however hate not being in my nephews lives. I miss those boys soo much! I hate that I can't be "cool aunt liz" all the time. I have been trying to find ways to make myself and the Hubs and Evelyn more apart of their lives. Ashton is almost 2 and isnt very interested in seeing me on Skype, he just loves to point to Evelyn and say "baby!" (too cute!). Mackey lives with his Mom so I almost never get to skype with him, but he is 9 and he's at that super fun age, plus Mac acts like he is 12! So he is a blast!

I guess one thing that super sucks is they will no longer be that long, boring, flat 16 hour drive away anymore. They will now be more the 33 hours away from me. Evelyn wont have her cousins in her life very much, and her uncles wont be either...and thats a hard thing to accept since I grew up with my cousins and my Aunts and Uncles. I loved it!

I'm super excited about us moving to NC, and I cannot wait for this adventure...but it does have its downs. We were hoping to get stationed closer to Utah so we could see family more often.

My optimistic side in me says it will be great and I will see my family for longer periods of time when I go home, plus who knows where the next duty station will be! It could always be worse, we could be moving to Germany or Italy, but we're staying on the Mainland and thats still closer the most familys in the Military have it. So I should be grateful about this. Hopefully when I got home for my month and a half in August I can enjoy a ton of family time and Evelyn and eat it all up!! More reason to save our money so we can go home more often!

BTW heres my cute awesome nephews!


Ashley said...

Hey Elizabeth! I love your cute blog! Our family is at Bragg right now so when you get out here and need a friend you have one in the blogging world :) And I like your positive attitude. We miss our family a lot but we could be farther away than we are.

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