Friday, December 21, 2012

Spur of the Moment.

Since P is now offically on Christmas Eve he has been begging me to go somewhere for his leave. We have been trying to be very careful with our money which hasn't been easy with Christmas, New Years and ou Anniversary in the same month. But something must have been in the air because P's Grandpa, who never talks to us, sent us money for Christmas. Say what? So we had money to go somewhere. We knew we were cutting it close, and probably going to have to dip a little but with all the crap going on this last year with P leaving for trainings for 3 months and having late work days all the time we decided a little mini vacation would be perfect.

P has been trying to talk me into going to DC for the last few months and I have always been a little off about it. I think I am off about it because Evelyn is so little, I want to do and see everything I can, and I just don't see her being good in a Museum right now.

I suggested going to Charleston, SC. If you dont know what Charleston is you shoul google it. Its one of the top 25 citys in the states to visit. Its beautiful and full of history! And since I am a sorta history buff that stuff is right up my alley!

So one day we booked everything and the next day we left! We stayed at the Charleston AFB because of how cheap it was...and if your an Army Wives know they film on the base! We ended up not visiting the locations but the Airplane Hanger was right across the street from our hotel!

Another place we had to visit was Boone Hall Plantation. You've seen The Notebok right? They filmed bit of it there! Its a beautiful place! I was glad to see it and so much history!! Although everytime they talk about slaves I get pretty sad.

Heres just some Photos from our little vacation!

The drive up to the Plantation.
It takes 100 years for these trees to get that tall and an extra 50 to get that arching
The Boone Hall Plantation
Evelyn was having a blast running around!
P and Evelyn checking out a tree.
Cool huh?
The Slave houses.
Sorry its blurry my phone camera sucks.
The Hanger from Army Wives...I was excited!


wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

that tree is amazing!

Audrey Spence said...

So gorgeous! I'd love to visit the Carolinas some day. I've heard its beautiful back there!

Jen said...

I love that you got away for a bit. Oh and don't worry about her being crazy in the museums in DC there are always kids everywhere and people don't seem to mind. :)

Chantal said...

Awesome photos! I'd love to go there.

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