Sunday, December 23, 2012

5 Wishes!!

The lovley Jen over at The Adventures of Our Army Life tagged me in this post called 5 Wishes...pretty much what are my five wishes for the upcoming year. I am personally hoping 2013 is a big one for us, so I have many wishes but I'll limit them to 5 :)

1. To move closer to family: Its no secret we dont like living here at Fort Bragg, and with so many things going on with my side of the family I am definitly wishing I hadn't taken advantage of the time I had living in Kansas. 16 hour drive is way better then a 24 hour drive.

2. Lose my weight!: I have always struggled so bad with weight, and its always been a problem with the girls in my family. I have been told by my doctors not to get pregnant with baby #2 until I lose some weight since I have back problems (from big boobs), I would love to start trying for #2 towards the end of the 2013 so I have some time but the sooner I start the better!

3. Get better at saving!: Thats one of P's and I's main goal! We need to get better at it.

4. Do better at blogging: Its no secret on this either, I've struggled a little more since getting back from Utah. But I know the reason why I do struggle is because I have a toddler and my life cannot be set on blogging anymore.

5. Be a better cook and baker: I already rock at basics. I need to start making my own recipes! :)

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Chantal said...

Great ideas!

Katie F said...

I'm trying to get better at saving to! It's hard

Jen said...

Great wishes! :)

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