Saturday, December 22, 2012

17 months?!?

I have not done a month update since Evelyn was 14 months old! I never thought I would be the Mom saying "oh she's so and so months old" after she turned one...but no you can tell shes not 2 and shes deffinitly not 1. She's ALMOST ONE AND A HALF! Can you freaking believe it?!?

Anyways since my last update, Evelyn slowed down alot on her talking. She is not interested in words anymore. Her doctor told us that its just fine, and I shouldnt worry. She babbles, she just has no intrest in making words.

Evelyn is also amazing at runnng, if she knows we are going somewhere she not allowed in by herself, she takes off running to catch up!

Evelyn has been learning her body parts too. She loves to show her "elly!" off. She lifts up her shirt and rubbs her tummy to show it. She's getting her nose down and toes as well.

Evelyn started to "pound it" we just gotta get her doing a "ka-pow!" with it!

Sadly Evelyn is totally back on her pacifier. We were done with it, and then she stopped sleeping and started crying, and I finally got to the point where I couldnt handle it anymore. I decided to wait till she is 2 to take it away. She still ONLY gets it at nap time.

She also is in love with her babys! I dont know if its a sign or what but she loves to hold her babies, feed them, and cuddle them.

Diapers-Size 3! Almost n 4's finally!

Clothes- Size 18 months!!

Sleep- Sleeping through the night, in her own bed. Has a few hard nights with her teeth that we will put her in our bed for a little bit.

Food- Back to being a vegitarian. But you'll almost eat anything else. You love your juice, milk and water!

Teeth- I think 9 with 4 coming in :)


Jen said...

She is just too cute for words!!!!! :)

wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

Awe adorable!!

AbbeyG said...

So sweet!! This makes me want to do an update on my little guy. I just keep remembering when we were pregnant at the same time, and now we have toddlers?!? What the heck?? lol.

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