Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A little update.

Since my blogging has been so up in the air I decided to give you all an update on how things in the L. household are latley.

Lets start with P. Since I last updated about him, he has going through Airborne school, or had just finished. Either way P had his first jump at Fort Bragg a few weeks ago! Since I didnt go to his Airborne Graduation I couldnt wait to watch him jump here. When I got the chance I went and boy am I glad I did. Its the coolest thing ever to see them jump! I could have watched all day!
Its kinda hard to see but he is jumper #11
Other then that he has been getting off early all day this week. Super shocking!! I never though I'd see the day. He takes Christmas leave on Monday and we cant wait to have him home for a long period of time, and it will definitly be nice to show him that I do not sit around all day again.
Now for Evie. She's doing fanstastic! We are working really hard on her speach and pointing out body far she loves to show her Belly...or in her words "ebby!". Shes still learning Toes but when I ask her to say Toes she says "ooes". So we're getting it! She is also learning her name...but since I think saying Evelyn is a little complex for her right now we have been saying "E" or "Eeee!! Me Eee!!" in her words.
She also loves to color! She's always on her doodle pad, or pointing to her crayons. We have works of art all over our fridge and her walls.
Oh and me...I am doing pretty good. I finally got my hair dyed back to its natural color, and I'm loving it. I do miss the blonde highlights but maybe some other time I'll put them back in. I have been working on getting myself onto a schedule so I can start a workout routine. I usually go off of Evelyns schedule, and while that works most days, most days I'll forget I have to clean and keep up on housework, then it will be 3 weeks later and I have so much to do in one day. So for now on I'll be taking an hour or two out of the day where Evelyn is behind the gate in her room with her music and I'll be cleaning or even just taking time to myself to read/write/blog whatever I want.
Its very typical of me to get caught up in the roles I play and lose myself. I dont want to look back in 40 years and say I was an amazing Mom and an amazing Wife, but I was not an amazing me. It will take time to balence it, but I'm going to do it. If Evelyn ever wants to be a stay at home mom I want to give her advice on stuff I actually did and stuggled with being a SAHM.
One thing I have been fond of latley is my crafting and heres just a few things I have done over the last few weeks...

I'm pretty proud of myself when I see these things!


Morgan Neal said...

Cute snowmen!!

Jen said...

Yay for your husband graduating Airborne school! I loved watching my husband jump, the best experience I had was watching him be pinned his star for 30 jumps.

Katie said...

That is way too cool that you got to see your husband jump...I just watched Saint And Soldiers Airborne Creed and that makes me feel all goosebumpy! haha and those reindeer are so cute!

Amanda said...

Love the crafts. Congratulations to your husband! P.S. best thing ever to hear you say you want to be an amazing you. So important to not forget that!

wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

awe how awesome is that to see! :) Congrats to him!!

Chantal said...

Love the update!

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