Thursday, December 13, 2012

Evie meeintg Santa

We took Evelyn to meet Santa on the 1st...and of course I am just getting around to posting about it.

P needed to go Christmas shopping for me, so it was really the perfect time to head to the Mall and see him, then seperate and meet for lunch. We got there at 10 when Santa was to appear and of course there was already a line! So we got in and waited...I'll tell you right now...I wish I had my stroller because Evelyn was sick of us holding her after 10 minutes.

When she first saw Santa she just smiled and was all good with it. Then a lady came to take Evelyn to Santa and Evelyn of course jumped right into her arms...because the girl has no stranger danger at all! But as soon as she started walking towards Santa, Evelyn was climbing over her shoulders trying to get out of there. So we just decided to get in the picture with her.

She looks much happier right?


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