Thursday, May 5, 2011

1st Pregnancy Scare

I have been very lucky to never have any problems during this pregnancy..that being said I got all cocky in head thinking nothing could ever go wrong, that it just wasnt in the cards for me. Little did I know!

I had my sugar test yesterday morning, which ended up being a piece of cake! Litterally I was shocked at how yummy that drink was! While they waited to draw my blood they took my blood pressure and such, and my blood pressure was high, for the first time in my life someone said something about those numbers. I can't recall my exact numbers, though my mom can. They said I gained 8 pounds since my last appointment, and I need to be really careful of my salt intake...which I'll be honest, I haven't been bothering with it much since I have craved bacon, I assumed my body needed it. They told me if I have any headaches that I can't shake, or if I start to feel funny I need to be seen asap, and then they brought up that glorious word....Preeclampsia. Click *here* to learn about it. To be honest...once again I didnt know what the hell that was. So after a few hours of thinking about it, I decided to research it...mistake one. It freaked me out. I am glad it scared me now though.

I took a shower...and had to shave my legs...and when your 29 weeks pregnant its not easy bending up and down...I got out of the shower still thinking about the words my nurse and doctor had said to me. I knew I had a headache before, and I refuse to take medication while I'm pregnant I try ot fight everything off naturally...and if I really need to I'll take the meds. I started feeling funny and began to burst into tears. I litterally didnt stop crying for about 2 hours...which of course made my headache worse! and my face feel even funnier. I text my mom at work and told her what was going on...and she suggested we go to the ER just to make sure. So I cry more!! My dad was home at the time and was doing his best to calm me down, and everyone just wanted me to wait and see if it would go away, but in order to do that I needed to calm down. My mom called me on her way home from work and said my Grandparents had a blood pressure thing-a-ma-bob and she was gonna grab it and see what my blood pressure was again.

My dad calmed me down and I started feeling a little better without being able to shake the headache, and my mom arrived with the machine. My dad did an EMT class for his job, so he knew about the blood pressure machine, and I let him put the sleeve on me and take it, my blood pressure decreased dramatically! So that helped me calm down more. We decided not to take me to the ER...for one thing, I didnt know if I had to go to the ER or to the Maternity Ward...which would have been an easy thing to find out, but after a little bit I was calmed down and my headache went away and I felt better.

I came to the conclusion...a hot shower and shaving my legs probably made me feel funny. Bending over like that so much is not in the cards for pregnant woman. I need to probably just use Nair or something since waxing hurts!! I realized a few things while I was scared...for one thing I knew I needed to calm down for my little girl, because I knew I was putting stress on her, and it makes me feel awful to hurt her. When I was calming down I realized that if I had of had a c-section (worse case senario) that it would have been freaking hard but I would be ready for it if it had to come to that. Another thing I was prepared to do whatever I had to do to help her stay healthy and for me to be healthy for her. I really noticed....that I am now a mom. I can only hope that my little scare wont turn into an actual emergancy in the future. I want the best for my little girl. Mommy is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure she comes into this world healthy and screaming for me and her daddy. I love her so much.


Mike and Jen said...

Im sorry you had such a bad day! Preeclampsia is scary. One of my very best friends had it. Just be super careful. Even though I know you already know that haha. Love you girl, Im here if ya need anything!

Our Little Fam said...

What a scary day! You are getting so close to the end! You are already a great mama!

Lou said...

omg i am so sorry you had a crazy day! Im praying for you and your healthy little girl!

Audrey Spence said...

They thought I might have had signs of that too because I had a weight jump but my blood pressure wasn't up so they just thought I was retaining water. But I would see these colorful spots a lot. It was weird. But yeah... be careful! So scary! Glad you're okay!

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