Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How Do You Know?

As I was checking out my last blogs for the day I noticed my friend Jennie, responded to a blog's question which was...

How did you know that your spouse was the one for you?
And what has kept you on your toes all these years?
I know it's not always rainbows and butterflies.. So what has kept you holding on through the good times and the bad?
Jennie is a military wife..and you can check out her blog and her answers to these questions right *here*. Her answers got me thinking alot! Seriously, us MilSpouses go through a ton!  I know my personal relationship has had a ton of ups and downs! 2, 12 month deployments in 3 years! Its A LOT! Jennie is going through her first deployment and she's almost done! I am really excited for her! and her little daughter is adorable! So check out her answers as well as mine...so here I go!!

How Did You Know That Your Spouse Was The One For You?--- Well for starters....it wasn't always just that "feeling"...Hubby and I had a lot to work through. We knew each other only weeks before he deployed the first time to Iraq in 2009. The day he deployed we had not said "I Love You" yet...but the day he was to deploy I was with him, and I wanted to so badly! I had never ever had that feeling before, but I didn't want to say it and have him not say it....so he got on those damn white buses and left....after he left I grabbed my friends phone and txt him, knowing he still had his phone on him and just said it! I didn't care anymore. He text me back and said he loved me too. It was one of those relationship defining moments we both had never had, and we continued to making those throughout our entire relationship. Thats how we both knew...we never ever wanted out, we knew we had things to work through and even though we took a break at one point we always knew we were some how ment to be together.

What Has Kept You On Your Toes All These Years?---The surprises! The silliness! Our immaturity! Before Hubby deployed I did not work...every payday we would pay the bills, stock the kitchen, and put money aside for gas...after that we looked at the money as free-to-do-what-we-want-with-money, we knew how close the deployment was...so we decided to do what we wanted...which was always dinner and a movie. I loved looking at him across from a table and smiling at him, I loved holding his hand in a dark theater, I loved cuddling up on the couch with him and getting in "the pit" to be closer. Listening to his heartbeat and feeling his chest move up and down. Our relationship was so simple it was so amazing. It takes my breath away.

What Keep Us Holding On Through The Good and The Bad?--- For one thing, we didn't take our marriage lightly. You can't in the Army...when you marry into it, you marry the Army as well...you don't get to take vacations when you want, you don't get to call into work sick...you don't get so much. We have certainly had our issues, we have had our points were we both wondered if we could make it, but we always remembered to apologize when we said things we didn't mean, and more importantly we always had each others back. We always talked about everything...we kept our lives open to each other, and don't keep secrets....well unless they are surprises :)

If you choose to answer these questions as well let me know about it, so when I get home from good ol' Arizona I can read it. Plus my friends would love to read your responses.
Welp everyone I am off to bed...I got a LONG drive tomorrow. I love you all and I'll miss you!!


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