Sunday, May 29, 2011

in refrence to my other wasnot ment to offend people who's husbands are in shorter deployments.

I even said in my post...a deployment is a deployment. I realize we all go through the worry and the fear. I wasnt at all trying to say that its not the same. Yes my husbands deployment is longer then some of deployments. But I am having a really hard time. I dont write or say negitive things to these women and men who are in shorter deployments. Its hard to explain if you not in this situation...its hard seeing ALOT (not all) of these MILspouses be completly ungrateful that at least its only a 4 month deployment. They dont look at it as I do. I'm glad and happy for you that your husband deploys only 4 to 6 to 9 months...honestly I am glad you dont have to indure deployments for as long as other people. But when I read posts about how awful it is for you to say good-bye for 4 months? and then I'm looking at it as "well at least its not 12!" Like I said a deployment is a deployment. The worry and the fear is never gone. But when your talking to a wife whose husband was gone before yours left and will still be gone when yours returns...its hard to not have jealousy issues or even a little resentment. Like I said you cant understand unless your in this situation.

I wrote that blog as a way to vent. I have been without my husband for 7 months. No R&R yet...I'm pregnant, and living at home. Most of the situations I have been in have not been easy...and I would gladly take your shorter deployment ANY DAY OF THE WEEK and never complain once about how long it is. I'd rather have the short ones. Concider yourselfs lucky! really. If your husbands gone for a 4 month or 6 month oer whatever month should always feel lucky its not longer. My grandmother always reminds me of grandfather was gone for 3 years! I'm grateful these deployments are shorter then that! Does it make it easy? No it doesn't. A deployment is a I said. The worry and the fear is there.

I'm sorry that some of you felt offended by my remarks. You can't understand unless your in my sitaution just like I cant understand your situation. I am doing my best to stay strong...and as we all know its not easy. I'm weak right now. I'm tired of having him gone. JUST LIKE YOU. I didnt say I dont support you...I didnt say I hate them for having shorter deployments. I am jealous your deployment is short! and I love all my MILspouses dearly...but right now....I need to be sad for myself, and miss my husband. I need to be jealous of your short deployments. I need to not feel bad for anyone else but it selfish all you want...but like I said....a deployment is a deployment. I deal with mine how I need to. I need to let myself be sad for myself, and not for anyone else.


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