Friday, August 5, 2011

10 Day Challange

I saw this on Amateur Hour in NC's blog and thought this might be fun. I got the whole month of August to make fly by before I move back to Riley. Which by the way I am freaking stoked about..BUT I need a good project, and 10 days is perfect to help blow off some time.

10 Secrets...

1. My husband wants to name his "son" after him...I dont really want to because I cannot find a nick name for Paul. Other then that I dont mind it...its just having 2 Pauls in the house and getting them confused that worries me.
2. My husband LOVES sushi....I hate it. Too many flavors at once.
3. Even if I wanted to have a career....I honestly wouldnt have any idea on what I would do. Nursing seems great, till you deal with people. Customer service is awful. Being alone sucks. I guess thats why I am so content with being a housewife, its simple to me.
4. I was never a "clean the house and have a nice straightened house all the time" type of person until I got married and then I loved my house being straightened up.
5. I also was AWFUL with saving money...until I got married. I never ever budgeted, and I always used my parents to bail me out when I needed help. I am proud to say Paul and I only had to ask for money once or twice since we got married and it was always for a good reason! and yes...we paid them back.
6. I have one tattoo...and I'd love to have more...but I am sure with the ideas I have that I'd regret them in a few I have no idea how to pick another tattoo. I'd love to get a Harry Potter lightening bolt on my ankle...or vampire fangs on my back...but I know they are dumb ideas...also I'd love the bat symbol.
7. Our children will never EVER hear about what happened the night Paul and I first "hung out"....lets just say, I hardly remember it, and trying to keep up with a heavy drinker when your a light weight isnt so smart! Though I've been told what happened, our children just dont need to know least until they are married and I'm almost dead.
8. I have a pretty big obession with Talk Dr. Phil. I loved Oprah. But I used to be obessed with Reality its just getting alot dumber.
9. But I am a later bloomer with alot of newer shows..such as True Blood (didnt start watching it till season 3) Dexter (still waiting to watch it) Glee (started late in season 2..and still waiting to finish Season 2)....yepp late bloomer.
10. I love to read...but I suck at doing it. It takes me days to finish a book but it takes me months to even start the book! Its awful. I feel bad for my kindle. these might be a little bit more of "facts" then "secrets" but I dont really have secrets...seriously.

Tomorrow is.... 9 Loves.


Sasha said...

I love that you wrote you like Dr. Phil. I love him but I hate admitting it cause I always seem to get crap for it haha

FemminaDaVinci said...

My husband wants to name our first son after him too! I said NO WAY to that one. Mostly b/c obviously his mom picked out the name, and her and I do not under any circumstances get along. lol. We decided on using both our grandfathers names instead... maybe... I'm so indecisive. lol

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