Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is It Time Yet?

Since my husband left, and we found out about me being preggo. I couldnt wait for July to get here! July has come and gone and July was exactly what I thought it would be.
August was my month of prepping to go back to Fort Riley. Since the other day when I found out my new address and my move-in date in Fort Riley, time has seriously slowed the hell down!
I'm packing up 3 people and heading to Fort Riley on September 13th. Arrive to Riley on the 14th and sign the papers on the 15th!....but its only the 10th of August and my whole world has slowed down!
This was not suppose to happen. I've been waiting forever to move! Don't get me wrong...I loved working on my family relationships, even though this whole experience of moving home has cause a lot of problems with one of my family members.
I told myself to keep everything organized *CHECK* and make sure that I can fit all of this into one vehicle...hopefully*CHECK*. Those two were super easy long term goals!
I have been downstairs packing up everything I dont use and I am almost that only took a few hours, even with a baby! BUMMER...less stuff to do.
I now just have the car to take care of and then packing all of the last minute things.

Really...I need more things to do.

BTW this is my house :)
thats my best friends daughter
they went to check the house out for me.
I'm totally stoked...even if it is on post.

P.S heres my cute little one.
I LOVE that binkie!


Mike and Jen said...

love the house:) i cant wait till we can move into something bigger and something that looks more like a house, not an apartment haha. but time will speed up..just try not to think about it as much;) haha impossible i know.

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