Thursday, August 4, 2011

Operation: Better Bod

This post is ment to be 100% honest.

Before I was pregnant, I wanted to loose weight but didnt so anything about it...I really dont know why I didnt try. I just didnt care as much I guess. When Paul was set to deploy my goal was to lose weight. I wanted my curvy skinny-self back instead of being a blob! But things change.
Now that I have given birth I am ready to start eating healthier and change some things.

Pregnancy helped me alot with cutting out Soda's. I wont deny it, I had a severe addiction to Sodas before pregnancy. I couldnt go without it, because I literally with drawled from it. One time it was so bad I was shaking and throwing up. But I knew that, that was not healthy and quit soda for a good while when I found out I was pregnant. I allowed myself a soda (sometimes two) a day towards the middle of my pregnancy from being so tired and having no energy. Now that I've had Evelyn I have been keeping up with it. Lots and Lots of water, and maybe a soda a day.

Though I cannot work out till at least 6 weeks after delivery, I am limited to what I can do now. I still have to keep up with calorie intake since I am breastfeeding, which another bonus in that is it helps burn calories! But I still make sure I eat well.

I am very uncomfortable with posting how much I actually weigh right now...but lets just say, on a BMI chart I would be considered obese. Sadly. I dont think I am obese, because I have huge boobs (G size to be exact) so I think if I had a little bit of a normal size then I would drop the weight to not be concidered that anymore.

Anyways...I just want a better body. Its going to take work, and because I am moving right after my 6 week appointment I might be a little more delayed in this, but with eating healthy I am hoping by the time Paul gets home I can loose at least 10 pounds.

So here it goes! This is what I look like right now... (my top is not off because my stretch marks are still red and its nasty to me)

hopefully I can give an update once a month


Committed said...

I think you look INCREDIBLE for having a two week old! Geeez lady! Maybe when you get here we can go on long walks together to get the workout juices flowing. Hugs!

Erin said...

You will be amazed at how fast the weight will fall off and your body will go back to before. And don't be too hard on yourself!

Kaylee said...

You look wonderful for just having a baby girl!! And I know that if you set your mind to it yuo will achieve what ever goal you wish to. And Erin is right, with Evelyn around, you will be able to do that a bit easier.

p.s. I have to say it's good to hear of someone else who would have a soda a day while pregnant because that's what I do and I was worried about it at first but I just couldn't kick it completely.

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