Thursday, August 25, 2011


I have to say...I am so glad my "single but married" parenting has an expiration date on it. I have been so tired! My parents are now starting to help me more, because I just can't seem to get Evelyn to calm down sometimes. She's got such bad gas and it hurts her tummy, and Gripe Water and bouncing can only do so much!
I've done really well other then that though, I just really need to stop putting pressure on myself to do everything at once. I need to remember....Everything will be ok!!

Today I took the day off of doing anything. Its been nice. I had to wake up and shower after Evelyns 6am feeding, basically because I stunk and havent had time to shower..yeah it happens. At least Paul isnt here so no one to look good for anyways! But after my shower I ate breakfast by myself, and when I realized Evelyn was planning on sleeping alot more...I decided to go back to sleep. We had a good 2 hour nap which believe me was very much needed!!

Its not an easy task for sure. But I am sure glad I have her. I just wish I could make her feel better. I am 100% breastfeeding her and I have changed my diet and started trying to do different things to help, but so far nothing but Gripe Water and hours of bouncing is helping.

Yesterday I went shopping with my mom. I needed to get a few things before the move back to Kansas...which is in pretty much 2 weeks. I got Evelyn her Halloween costume! My mom bought her a cute outfit and a cute pair of PJ's. Halloween is my favorite holiday! I knew this one I had to go all out! I even got Evelyn a sling, which will very much come in handy when her daddy gets home!!
But I also bought things for my Cupcake Theme Kitchen, I want to do! I have a few ideas as far as to not go over board....but take a look at the cuteness which is cookie jar!
ya its not a grand picture...especially with frosted flakes in the back ground. But I always wanted a really cool cookie jar! and its all mine!!
Here's just a few pictures to update you all on Evelyn and I.
Evelyns smiling only in the mornings as I mentioned in her One Month Old post! Its so hard to get a good picture of it because I only have my cell phone. So this is her little beautiful face this morning!!
Yepp still looking the same...I've dropped 10 pounds plus the baby weight since having Evelyn. I am sure these stripes dont help. I need to do anything weight update post. But I am trying to do more work outs. I get cleared for everything next week. I dont really think I should have any restrictions since during delivery I didnt tear or anything, but you never know whats going on, on the inside. I'm working on it.
This picture just makes me laugh. She hates her baby sling-a-ma-bob and I'm really trying to get her used to it. This morning I slipped her into it while I did my hair, and she did just long as I had Britney Spears, LMAFO and David Guetta on. She sure loves her clubbin' music.
Evelyns also working really hard on grabbing her toys. 25 bucks well invested. I wasnt planning on buying one of these till I got to Kansas and I thought I needed to do it. Super glad I did. She loves her playmat and is working super hard on grabbing her toys! She has touched them a few times but when does she's pretty scared of it. Oh well I think shes doing amazing!!


Lou said...

i love this post!!! im so excited for your move!!!

Audrey Spence said...

I've been married for 5 years and don't have a cookie jar yet. I want to eventually invest in one but I'm really picky and haven't found anything I like. I also haven't really looked for a while though :)It's hard when they are newborns. Charlotte was pretty fussy too and I would try and take every opportunity when she slept to sleep myself. There were times the house work and laundry really fell behind and those were the times I was so thankful our basement isn't finished. Otherwise I'd be in big trouble! Probably even more so now!

Mary Mack... said...

That's awesome that your 100% breastfeeding! I did with Ruthie for 6 months. I would recommend keeping a food journal and then marking down in it when she gets upset tummy to try and see the exact correlation. You're doing an awesome job!!

Megan said...

I'm sorry that she has had some tummy issues. I'm sure it will get better. I think you are doing a great job! She is adorable and you can tell how much you love her! I am excited for your move. I can't wait to see that cupcake themed kitchen!

Jessa said...

I'm jealous of your cookie jar. My husband says I may not have one because I never make cookies, but he doesn't know if I can that I'm taking my moms cookie monster one...if she still has it. I wish I had a suggestion or two for her tummy pain. It is so hard when you have to deal with their suffering and nothing you do seems to help. Hang in there!

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