Monday, August 29, 2011

The Long Stretch

I think you all know what I mean....
Husband/Wife/BF/GF is gone for 10 months..
You've had R&R.
You've pretty much completed the to-do list.
You know this deployment is so close to being over....
and then you hit a brick wall.

Your damn 12 month deployment is so close to being over. But have nothing else to look forward to doing, except getting your husband home.
Sure...myself personally I have to move back to Riley still..2 weeks. Unpack my house and set up my house....big woop...knowing me I'll throw myself into that so fast I'll be done unpacking, setting up, cleaning up and decorating in 2 weeks...then what!
Yeah...I've done the 12 month deployment already. I've only had my husband a total of 12 months in the 3 years I've been with him. and mind you this...3 of those months we lived in separate states. I'm pretty much beyond ready to have my husband home for at least 2 so many other lucky as hell wives.
But right now...I am in the deployment. The damn deployment. The deployment I never wanted to come...the deployment that was not supposta come till February of 2011...which came in November of 2010. Yepp...the one time you'll hear me say.."I hate the Army" is when they decide to pull bullshit like that.

Yeah I know I am complaining...but you would too. I'm really tired of this deployment.
I'm really tired of being alone and living with my parents.
I'm really tired of hearing civilians talk shit about their SO's
I'm really sick and tired of hearing military couples complain about their SO's.
I'm tired of just hearing people complain.
.............Ironic, since I am complaining.

This long stretch towards the finish line is completely inevitable. The end of the deployment is constantly on my mind. I'm ready to be a couple again. I'm ready for Paul to watch his darling daughter grow up. I long for the kisses, the hugs and the *wink *wink. I'd never wish a deployment on anyone.
I'm not counting week or days...and thank goodness this month is almost over. Because.....

Its another month down...and 2 more to go. could come alot faster.


Mary Mack... said...

Every night I go to bed and I'm like one more day closer. My to-do list is done. I keep adding BS things to it. It's SO close to being over and done with. :)

Our Little Fam said...

Yay for another month down! Keep up the great work mama! Go check out my newest blog post, a pic of me and baby Ev from lunch today! :)

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