Saturday, August 6, 2011

People. Suck.

I've never really been a people person. Sure in person I'm super nice, even when you irritate me...but I think Facebook has drawn out the evilness in me....especially making more and more people even suckier!
I deleted about 70 people off of my facebook after my husbands unit was attacked back in June. I felt like if these people couldn't even utter the words on a stupid computer, and a stupid social networking site just to say..."I'm Sorry" then they dont deserve to see my daughter or get info on my life, because the obviously are not friends.
A few of them emailed me after I deleted them and they said they had no idea that had happened and asked to be "friends" again. I forgave and went on. Since I have given birth I have had about 10 people add me that I had I figured well I guess I can forgive and forget....
But still not a word from them. Even on my daughter! Nothing. Freaking stalkers or spies.
I dont know. I've never been a fan of alot of these people in the first place...some I just went to High School with...but thats just a little ridiculious.
So here I go to delete more people but I hope they all enjoy my current status which says...

"I dont understand people...I delete you because you couldn't and wouldnt say anything supportive after my husbands unit was attacked..then you add me to see my daughter and STILL have nothing to say...I'm going through and deleting people again..if you wanna be apart of my life away from Utah learn to TALK"

Don't you agree? Don't people just sorta suck?


Nicole said...

I 100% agree! People need to learn that Facebook isn't just for "convenient" friends...I want people to talk to me, not just look at my pictures and crap. I've never been a people person either, once you're on my bad're there for a while! So I totally understand why those people are making you mad!

Megan said...

How could you not comment on that adorable little girl? People do suck sometimes! You don't need them! Sorry that you are having to deal with this again!

Mike and Jen said...

I agree 100%. I erased FB cause I was sick of people just adding me to see Calee.. I was like this is just dumb, haha. So make sure you post lots of pics on here so I can see little miss pretty:) I still am SUPER sorry we couldn't get together.. This trip was HELL. So freakin' busy. Come visit in Hawaii :)

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