Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I admit it...

I have absolutly nothing at all to blog about.

One good thing is my husband is finally off that stupid JSS (Joint Security Station) and is now at a much safer area! He will be there at least a month before packing up to head home!!

Speaking of heading home...I am preping to go back to Kansas...I am pretty excited but I have to admit, this will be a different side of motherhood and adulthood I have yet to experience! and I get to do it all at once...lucky me :)
I hate the feeling I have to wait to move. I have been waiting to move back for so long and its litterally 6 days away and I cant wait any longer!! If no one was coming with me...I probably would have left already. But parents are making the dreaded 2 day trip with me.

My husband is already not liking the idea that we now have to spend the money we worked so hard to save up. But I dont really care...I did the moving home and not spending as much money as I could so that we would have this money, and now its time for me to SPEND IT!!!

Another thing going on, is that we get a lucky 42 days of leave! Yeah! you heard me 42!! Paul's batallion (or brigade) decided those who have deployed twice in the last 3 years get an extra 12 days of leave! Boo-ya! looks like that...sorta....ok not really paid off. I would have of rather not of had the second deployment. But this now means we are taking leave to go on a family vacation.
My husband now thinks he wants to go to California to see his family...and I am thinking....NO. We just saw his mom. I am not a fan of the area he is from, because there is nothing to do! I am not a fan of alot of his friends, because they think its so funny to get my husband drunk off his behind, when he has an alcohol problem. My husband knows how to handle his alcohol when he is not around people who are encouraging him to get wasted.
I said we should go to Arizona and Las Vegas...yeah. Las Vegas with a baby wont be alot of fun, but I know there are at least a few things to do.
But so far its looks like we are for sure going to San Diego! Mainly because it has SeaWorld...which a 5 month old would love! at least I hope. Plus the San Diego Zoo. So far on the second half of the trip we are fighting on where we are going...
Anyone have any good ideas in that area? or even more things for us to do in San Diego? Let me know...I'd love to hear anything that could keep it our own family vacation without seeing extended family. I know...I am mean. But i believe Evelyn and I deserve to have Paul all to our selfs!! dont you agree??


Sasha said...

yay 6 days!! Arizona is pretty boring I wouldn't suggest coming here. There is really nothing to do ok thats a lie. Northern Arizona is fun some fun stuff in Tuscon but nothing really in Phoenix. I would do San Diego all the way if I were you guys! Thats awesome you get 42 days!

Audrey Spence said...

Too bad you wouldn't be going in Oct. because there is this super cute town called Julian in the mtns near SD and they have the most amazing apple festival the whole month of Oct. The best pie, the best cider, the best apple everything. There is also the SD wild animal park. Here's a link to an article from the AAA travel mag: There might be some ideas in there too. SD is beautiful!

Mrs. Monty said...

San Diego is awesome for a vacation! I love it down there! Plus if you stay in San Diego, it is only like an hour and a half drive to Orange County, where you have Disneyland! Plus as you drive up there you can take the Pacific Coast Highway which is a beeeautiful drive! I miss California :(

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