Wednesday, September 21, 2011

little longer...

Well everyone....I am at Fort Riley and most of my house is unpacked. Sadly I won't have internet till maybe the 7th..maybe really freaking blows!
I've already had a few issues with my house, like let's say clogged drain and sewer water damage to my stuff. Yepp! The guys who unclogged the drain didn't even take my damaged belongings either! Made it my problem. So now I have to buy gloves to take my books and sheets and comforters to a dumpster. Yepp. Freaking gross!!! The only thing I cared about was my 20 books that are ruined. Sheets can be replaced easy! Books I got from family members and from high school...that's what I am so bummed about.
Anyways I hate that my phone won't let me read or comment on blogs. Its awful! I miss reading about you guys!
Let's hope I get internet much sooner!


Jessica said...

I am so glad that you are settling in quickly. I hope you get internet sooner. It sucks being without it. I've been there.

kelsey lauren said...

Liz! I tried adding you on facebook but there are so many women with the same name as you! it would be better for you to email me at my other email address (instead of hitting reply) since I barely go on this account and email address anymore.

hope I hear from you. x

Ashleigh said...

awww, keep your chin up girl! if you need to talk, my email is or find me on fb Ashleigh 'Henderson' Bowers

You can do it girl!

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