Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two Months Old.

(schedualed post.)

Dear Evelyn,

Today you are two months old and have just made your way to your new home in Fort Riley, Kansas. As we prepare to welcome your daddy home, I stare in awe of how much you've grown.

I still cant believe I have you. I am blessed beyond words to have such an amazing little girl in my life. I never dreamed of loving someone so much! Your so tall just like your Uncle Guy, and you still look so much like your father.
I am so much in love with you and what you have taught me.

Heres a few more things I hope I never forget...

When I wake you up in the morning you smile for hours!
You have slept through the night twice.
You know who your cousin Ashton is...and you make sure to have an eye on him.
Your little dimple is so adorable!...when you show it.
You love to stare at the TV screen.
Your a pro at breastfeeding...you push my boob where you want it to go.
You moan and groan in your sleep when you try to stay asleep.
You hate your carseat but always feel better once your in the car.
You love to stare at Daddy on the computer screen.
You still love to cuddle up in anyone's nook...or as dad calls it...The Pit.
You love your Daddy Turtle and grunt trying to grab it.
You sleep with your hands in the air.

Well Evelyn..I am so beyond excited to finally have just daughter and mommy time. I cant wait for you to have your daddy back home so he can watch you grow with me. You'll never know how much your daddy misses you when he is away, but he loves you so much! Never forget why your Daddy does this.

We love you so much!! and we're so proud of the beautiful daughter we get the pleasure of raising.



(pictures were taken before we left for Kansas)


Jessica said...

Aww, she is precious! Happy 2 Months!!

Kaylee said...

Awh, Harper loves staring at the T.V. too, I hope that's not a bad sign. Lol, Happy two months Evelyn!

Audrey Spence said...

Yay! Happy 2 months to little (or not so little)Evelyn!

Ashleigh said...

This is sooo sweet!!! I miss having a tiny baby :-( You have a beautiful daughter!

Sasha said...

aww so cute!

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