Friday, September 30, 2011


After I wrote that last blog post, I got internet and cable....but I am still on the blackberry. My laptop is done! We over loaded the memory and it won't work with internet. Score! Hubby is concidering buying a ipad, cause I want one...but we'll see. I just miss blogging.
I almost feel alone by myself here constantly. I have a good friend here! And its so nice when I see her. But it would be nice to do more. Especially since little miss never ever let's me clean! I'm working on her with her toys and stuff and I guess since its just me the deep cleaning doesn't have to be done asap. So I am trying to enjoy the time with Evelyn that I have. Even when it drives me nuts how dirty the house can get. Can you say I have OCD?

Little Miss Evelyn has her 2 month appointment today! Ya I know 10 days late but its because I moved remember!!

I shall blog tomorrow and tell you how it went.

I miss your blogs!!!!!


Kaylee said...

Good luck at the doctor!

Reccewife said...

I hate it when I have computer troubles! Hope it all works out soon!

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