Tuesday, December 27, 2011

1st/2nd Christmas & 1st Christmas!

I bet you wonder what the hell my title means. Well this was Hubbys and Mines 1st Married Christmas spent together. Last year was our first but since he was in Iraq its hard to count it. So its our 1st/2nd married Christmas :) Oviouslly its Evelyns 1st Christmas!

So we spent our Christmas in Fort Riley, and it was a blast to have it just as us! There was no drama and no heart ache it was amazing. I couldnt have asked for a better Christmas with my little family! I am sure thankful to my family and friends who went to great lengths to make this a special day for our family. We only had one person attempt to ruin the day and I am happy to say she didnt get very far with it. Lesson Learned.

Anyways. Evelyn opened her 1st gift on Christmas Eve and got PJ's per my families tradition and Hubby and I plan to keep the tradition alive!
as you can see she loved the present and even did a good job at opening it. She got into her PJ's and so did mommy and daddy and we ate our little Christmas Eve dinner. It was a nice little thing we wanted to try since a good friend of ours was doing a big Christmas dinner the next day. After dinner it was bed time for everyone!

We did play "santa" this year. We wanted it for Evelyns scrapbook, and I was dying to do it anyways! We even made sure to include Evelyn in milk & cookies. Hubby enjoyed that part.
The next morning Evelyn woke up at 7:30 and I threw breakfast in the oven then down came Evelyn. You could tell she knew something was up. She enjoyed opening her presents and helping mommy and daddy open theirs! Evelyn got some amazing gifts from her family! She got a few toys but not so many since we're moving in 3 months there was no point in buying her big things. So we will have to buy bigger things at the time goes on or even when Easter comes around.
1) Evelyn waking up in the morning! 2) Santa came! 3) even ate his milk & cookies
4) Evelyn coming down with Daddy 5) Daddy and Evelyn checkin it out 6) ready for gifts!

Evelyn recived a ton of gifts! But the Fisher Price Dog was kinda scary for her.
She still isnt very sure on how much she likes it.

The Hubby and I got the best gifts! I was actually surpised how much we got eachother but we both needed a few things and we ended up with most of the things we needed.

We had Christmas dinner at a friends house and it was a great night! We didnt take any pictures though I wish I had took some of my Oreo Pudding Poke Cake I did. It tasted delicious! I am so glad we got the chance to celebrate this day with our Military Family. It was definitly an experience not to forget! Hopefully one day we will have the chance to go back home to Utah and spend the day with our families but us as Military Families never know what the next year will hold for us, so I am glad to have spent it with my little family.
I hope everyones Christmas was just as wonderful as our was.

Our 2nd Anniversary is on the 30th and I cant wait to get away for a night!


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