Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy 5 Months!

Oh my precious baby girl! Your turning into such a big girl! I can hardley believe your the same baby still. You amaze me every day.

Your 5 months old and you've changed so much from where you were a month ago! Your such a silly girl! You mommy and daddys little jumping bean! I still cannot believe how interested you are in standing up like a big girl!
Well baby girl heres a few things about you I dont want to forget.

Size 2 diapers

You can wear a few longer sized 3 months but most of those are packed away and your wearing your 3-6 months! but 3-6 month & 6 month PJS...your body is very long!

Bottle of formula every 3 hours. You were doing rice cereal but hated it, so we gave you a break since we went to California and we plan on give you a mushed banana soon and try you on real food!

Usually you only wake up once a night, which is a new development. You sleep 13 hours usually. Your in your own crib and you do love being in your own bed.

Favorite Things
You LOVE your bouncer! (which if your not a personal friend on FB check out this video) Your chewing on everything you can get your mouth on! I caught you chewing on the coffee table legs, yuck!
You got a teething blanket from Babies R Us and you love it!
Plastic Chains are your favorite toys! Also your ring rattle is a favorite!
We bought you a Sophie Giraffe for Christmas to teeth on as well as some more cool teethers so it will de interesting to see how you do with those :)

Oh girl your rolling everywhere! You dont seem interested in crawling, all you want to do is stand! So I am thinking you wont be crawling and might just jump ahead. But you have been scooting a little bit when you feel like it.
You went on your very first vacation! I know you hated it because you started pushing and straightening out your body when we put you in your carseat, believe me! never again will we do that to you.
You are holding your own bottle but you still need some help with keeping it up, you get lazy.
Your bouncing in your bouncer now! which is a blast to watch you play!

another thing I wont forget is that your such a daddys girl!!

well Miss Evelyn, you'll never know how much you mean to Daddy and I. We cant imagine our lives without your beautiful face in it. We cannot wait to see what a beautiful girl your going to grow into!

Love Mommy and Daddy


Erinn said...

this is great! She is growing up so fast.
and my sister was a roller too. She went right from rolling to walking...no crawling for that girl either :)

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