Friday, December 23, 2011

Vacation Part 3

Now for my favorite day!! SAN FRANCISCO! This was the day I needed to be the last day because nothing would compare to this day!
Last time we were in California we missed the boat to Alcatraz by 20 minutes! This was not going to happen again, so we bought our tickets before we went to California. I was super excited! I have been dying to go here for a long time! Even though it was 55 bucks for us 2 (baby was free) it was worth every penny! I will take Evelyn here again when shes old enough to understand what this place is all about!

You have to take a boat to get the the Island which was huge and fun! We both had not been on a boat forever so we gladly whisper the words "I am on a boat" lyrics to eachother.
As soon as we arrived we were able to explore the whole island. We took our time since there was so many people and so many things to see that we actually learned that Alcatraz was a Military station for a while! It protected San Francisco! Pretty neat to see the PX (pictured below)
When you get to the top of the island its the Cellhouse. You actually get to do an audiotour through it, which has some Old Guards and Immates from Alcatraz naurating the whole walk though. It really came in handy when Evelyn started throwing a fit. It was so much fun getting to know some more history! Heres just a few pictures of Alcatraz
Alcatraz Island
Evelyn and Hubby entering the prison
If you look in the left cornor by the floor you can see a hole where the famous escape attempt happened. there were 3 rooms that had the hole in them. Behind the wall were pipes they climbed. They never found out if they ever made it back to San Francisco or not. But bodies were never found.

Well thats the most exciting parts of my vacation! I hope you all had fun reading it :)


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