Friday, December 2, 2011

Budget x2

Well I did my grocery shopping. I was actually surpised at how well it went. I picked up extras for lunches, but no junk food. I was actually really really lucky! I found that canned veggies were on sale 3 for 2! I know it may not be super healthy since its not fresh, but this works for us for dinners and its an easy fix. They had rice mixes on sale 9 for 10! So I grabbed those because they are our favorites!! I grabbed some noodle boxes and called it good on sides. I avoid all isles that had junk foods! I did amazing! I was super proud since I am such an impulse shopper! They had only 1 thing at the meat counter worth getting so I grabbed it, it was a 2 for 6 strip steak, and its one of our favorite meal nights so I figured why not!
Hyvee has a military discount, and even though its a 15 minute drive, its worth it to me to avoid crouds on payday and get those 10 for 10 deals and whatever else they have. I saved 9 bucks on the military discount and who knows how much on bundling those deals. I spent less then 200 bucks on grocerys! That includes formula and diapers!..which I will have to buy more formula later on but thats ok. I am saving my recipts and I can look online to see how much of a difference my one month will make. Because we are going on leave (gag) and we are going to be obligated to spend a little money (not give it away I hope) there wont be much saving this pay period, but hopefully we can at least save some next pay period.
I got home and spent a good 25 minutes organizing my cabinets and cleaning out the fridge. I made it all work as you will see below. I want to take a minute to answer comments on my blog from.. Cassidy who wrote this:

I've been following for a short time, but have become engrosed in your blog. That and I like to follow other military wives. I'm a ARMY wife on Ft. Hood, and my husband is deployed currently. Feel free to follow me if you'd like. I saw you're open to suggestions on saving. I hope you don't mind my input.

*Coupons at the Commissary. With my husband being home I spend no more than $100 per pay period. Set a limit.

* Saving is great: I save $500 per hubby pacheck and $500 per month of my paycheck.
* Lunchmeat, Soups and Bread I buy in bulk. I freeze the loafs of bread I don't use and soup and sandwhiches make just as good of a dinner as lunch.
* Packed lunch. I always pack a lunch for my hubby while he's home. This cuts down on gas I use to take him lunch and he doesn't eat out.
* I never eat out (maybe once a month during deployments). Save Save Save.
* Make larger dinners. Extras are great for lunches and dinners for the next day or 3. I do chili, soups w/ rice, hamburger helper with veggies added (larger), pastas with chicken and sauce, and spaghetti with meat. Those are some ideas. Roast can be great for left overs too with veggies or as a sandwhich. Stock on these.
* I drink a lot of water so I bought a Brita pitcher. No sodas, and rare on juices. This will cut down cost on extra liquids.
* Fill your gas tank up. It cost more to put 1/2 a tank after 1/2 a tank in, and yes drive only when you need to.
* Electricity: turn everything off especially during the day. I never turn lights on during the day and I have the electricty saving bulbs through out the entire house. My heater is set at 70 and I use my fireplace as much as I can when it's cold, or I bundle up. My water, I do the same.
* Water: Quick showers no more than 10 minutes. Wash all clothes in cold water. I wash 1 load per week (2 when the hubby is home). I keep them at MEDIUM load to cut down on water usage. Just think minimal usage. Same with the dishwasher.

I hope this helps. I'm a saver, especially with the hubby being deployed.

I really appreciated this! I havent thought about freezing bread, but I am going to look into doing that. I dont have a big freezer so it would be an iffy thing if I did it. I am not sure how it would work out in my freezer but I am going to keep it in mind for my next trip to the store. After I recived this comment I was already done shopping! I was pretty bummed. We live on post so we dont pay for heat or electricity right now. I did just buy a PUR pitcher because I LOVE purified water and I have already noticed a difference, plus it free's up a TON of room in the fridge. I am going to keep these in mind for when we move to Bragg, since we are possibly living off post :)

Also Kelsey my cool Candian said this:
hey lovely!! while I'm really not a good budget-er because I only have myself to look after. But.. make sure you're still eating lots of produce! I don't know how much money you would really save having your won garden.. but it woul dbe a nice hobby and you would be able to have a few fresh veggies for free every now and then! or even a herb garden. Just some food for thought :)

I cant grow a garden outside since I am "renting" on the military post, but it would be deffinitly something to look into for herbs and such. I am not sure how to really garden. I am moving in March so I'd hate to start something I cant finish here. I have been super bad at eating my fruits latley. I need to buy juice since apples and oranges are just not my thing right now.


Our Family of Three said...

We always buy extra bread to freeze. We don't have a big freezer, but I buy 2 loaves extra every time and it doesn't take up much room! We used to also freeze milk, but we can't here since we have no room in our freezer.

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